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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

3.6. ІInternet-model komunіkatsії

Burkhlivy rozvitok of new informational and communal technologies becoming a change of mind for the creation of fundamentally new models of communal services, a view from the Internet and a mobile phone.

The basic understandings in a whole context are “group”, “group interaction”, “group sharing”, “organizing organizations (the Internet is common) and the group sharing” is empty.

Violate two types of Internet-related goods:

1. Internet-alcoholic drinks , alcoholic drinks and interchange of goods and services , exceptionally between Internet services , as long as they are online-on-line alcoholic drinks.

2. Internet-drinking, as I have one day, I’m on duty and on the basis of the basis of the online mode of online and off-line communication.

Kozhen from the participants of the be-a-kind Internet-marketing of goods knowledge, knowledge, access and skills of behavior and skill.

Zrozumіlo, which is essentially virtual communication in the online mode, is clearly not enough, so that alcohol production is stable, structured, skinny.

In the sound of the seemingly, the main motivational reason for participating in the life of the Internet and Internet products є thoughts, values, valuable people, people who are able to take over their everyday life. I have a win cinematography of need for response (negotiated, exchanged thoughts, mutual criticism to the skinny).

Spending on the Internet is possible on a professional basis, as well as being in the entertainment sphere (hobbies, computer games, etc.).

For this reason, the Internet-partnership has formed a single group with specific interests, needless to say, it has violated everything and has corrupted the norms and the principle of interaction, formulated the song "group privacy". In addition, it’s necessary that the group has organized a room for its own robot (month and hour, regular period).

The appearance of a specially organized space for group interactions and online Internet needs will require special room service - to be aware of the need for a mother-coordinator, I used to document the results of the discussion, and communicated to the members more often.

3 with the slightest increase in internet-products of the winery, the need for building and infrastructure of the goods, as well as security of special services and functions, which should be protected and secure a simple group.

Leather alcohol technology, you need technical equipment, you can regularly take care of it, and you can change it at home.

Internet technologies may have a specific aspect of their own particularities:

1. Masov’s interaction, as long as it’s possible to organize the communication not only of "Individ - Individ", "Individ - Group", "Individ - Suspension", but also the need to ensure that there is a higher number of web-based and third-party web sites. chat.

2. Inaccessibility, as a safety measure, I can be at-and-by at any time a participant in group communication, be aware of the results of the negotiation.

3. Conservation of the results of the communion - with all the benefits, the potential of the community of the Internet is possible, due to the fact that there is no reason to forget that there is a reason for this to be caused by the need for additional information. .

4. Integration, as a pole in the organization’s ability to organize electronic conferences with a fake classification and order.

5. Efficiency of communication , close to the Internet The Internet is still very important for writing a communication form for sharing information to the highest forms of communication (for example, chat, any permission is practical I’ve got to react quickly).

6. The альнdiniy простdiniy prostіr komunіkatsії, a kind allowing the skin participant of the group interaction at any time to be agreed upon is always entered into his own message.

Significantly significant, but online Internet access (in the computer version via the mobile phone system) means significantly different views on privacy and efficiency, lack of access to internet

As the butt of an effective victory on the Internet in mobile volunteers and vibrators (this is the assertion of virtual alcohol goods), I can put a stop to the vibrations of the Governor of Minnesota Jess Venturi 1998 p. Stay, by the way, of one single paid account and not by the minute of the campaign until the rest of the campaign, the list of e-mails will be reduced by e-mail, your website, phone and fax for a large part of the team.

On the cob, half an hour, a wrench is held for the state of Minnesota J. Ventura, the showroom is located at 5 thousand yards. they recalled the volunteer forms of the vibratory campaign. But the team didn’t have a bulletin of computers, no pennies so that they could hire people to set up an electronic base for those sympathetic politicians.

Todi stink vidkrili private site for entering data; volunteers were sent an e-mail with a call about help and a stretch of children’s days.

By the year, volunteers rejected the request for zbori via e-mail. 250 volunteers arrived, as a result, organisation meetings and meetings took place.

In parallel with this, the candidate’s website is constantly overlooking the candidate’s website, they can quickly see the video and digital photos of the candidate.

As a young man, not by chance of the office and staff, the victorious and new technology, the team of J. Venturi made their sympathies and lost the rest on the governor’s vibrators [104, p. 231-232].

Another butt of successful victorious new information and communication technologies (ICT) in activating vibrators demonstrated Temmi Balduk on vibrators 1998 p. to the US Congress on the state of Viscon.

Viborcha campaign for a folding ball for some reason. In the first place, earlier v_skon_principles to the American parliament were not robbed. In a different way, for the whole of the history of the United States until the end, the US Congress was not robbed of the "vіdkritih" lesbians.

Zrozumіlo, but with the environment, de, okrim universitetskogo mіstechka Medіson, roztasuvaloskaya kіlka silskih districts in contented with conservative populations, нет нет ди і нет ра ра ра look differently ambiguously. At one o'clock, I’ll “slip through” the college, and such a flamboyant style of living for the candidates for the congressmen is sparse, singing, it’s normal. On the other hand, the bulldozer was wounded by Temmy Boldun before the legislative assemblies Віскансіна від міста Медісон.

The problem of strategic campaigning was felt in the maximum mobile “own” (!) Young electorate, which, like video, does not mean great activity on vibrators.

In order to sponukati student youngsters to come to vibori, having completed a special website, it’s not only the biographical and program materials of the candidate for the congress, but the addresses and photographs of the vibratory distance, the rules of registration are different. All this is important, especially for first-year students, the fragments of vibera mali vidbutisya through kіlka tizhnіv take the cob from day to day, and new students are not so kind as to join the univercity campus.

The address of the whole site was shown in a special advertising video, they were allowed to go through the MTV music channel, and also in the programs, if you want to be surprised at the students.

Zrozumіlo, scho vikoristovuvalysya іnshі method ogurtuvannya sympathizers candidates for the Congress, ale, crazy, the Internet is supernaturally to help ogy to vibrate [104, p. 228].

From now on, we've gotten along with you, but the future of the Internet models of communication can be more effective. Chi wrong?