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Dodatok 6.1.6 REGULATIONS about the press center of the Transcarpathian region For the sake of the people's deputies


Rishennyam Transcarpathian Oblvikonky

від 05.28.91 № 97

POSITION about the press center of the Transcarpathian regional For the sake of the people's deputies

The press-center praciuі pid without an uninterrupted head and protector of the head for the sake of people's deputies. Functions pres-center:

- preparation of operational information for the press, television and radio about the activities of the regional Radi, ик ик ик ик орган орган орган орган; hid realizatsii in the field of the most respectable solution for the sake of Radiocom; comments on current nutrition of economic, social and cultural development; analysis vivchennyya huge thoughts. Whenever you’re victorious, there’s more information and information about the huge number of times: please state and official statements to the press center of any representative (clerk), to the Internet, looking to send news, television,

- I helped people in need of mass information at work robots sessions, attendance to the committee, important important visits, as well as conduct a meeting of the Parliament and the Commissary;

- coordination of the representatives of the regional, regional, radiocommunication, viscous committees, the management of the regional committee, the latest regional organizations in the regional newspapers, by television and radio;

- held a press conference, briefing of deputies, representatives of the highest praxies and state bodies, representatives of the largest number of people living in the oblast;

- interaction with pres-centers, pres-groups of the Radyansky, professional members, party and organ organizations;

- with official organization and information about the moral and psychological situation in cities and districts of the region;

- Hello to the editors of the newspapers "Noviny Zakarpattya" and "Karpatі igaz so";

- the requested journalist come in, as if conducted by the regional Council, the viconious committee.

Representative of the pres-center take care of the robot session. For the sake of meeting the visitor’s committee, in the last visits, you should take care of the necessary materials.

Відповідну інформацію і materials and materials to the pres-center to submit a request to the regional committee. Material and technical care (computer, audio and sound recording and technical, more and more materials) are welcomed by the most prominent people. Masovі come in to the press center to spend time in the congregation hall.