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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

6.2. Informational and analitical care of robots

The function of the be-organization organization (government, business and political structures) directly and seamlessly lay down the entire system of collection, processing and analysis of information.

From one side, the interests of an efficient work organization require the provision of information about their functions based on the recognition of information and the availability of information regarding the need for appropriate information.

From the other side, in order to process and internal processes , you can allow the robots of the “healthy” organisation station from the point of view of the organisation's efficient function.

From now on, an hour of organizing robots of a be-a-kind structure of a win-win without problems, due to prompt information flows, so that you can "lock" your guesses into a guessing center. When there was Bajano vrahuvati, who is informing, say, the president of such a case, so that he would repudiate the justifiable information in robots necessary for robots. Ale a water hour cannot be tolerated, so that you could "get caught up" in the flows of uninformed information.

Zbirannya, ubblennya and the interpretation of the information - find the way, the bits of the information and the information to lay down the nature of the decision, and the way the efficiency is.

I will be able to inform and control the system of management, in front of the requirement for a rebate about the social and social information, to adequately depend on the process, I will be able to enter into these spheres of life. For example, at the scale of the state, it is imperative to establish a system of informing myself on the side of the bodies of sovereign statistics, economy, social welfare, industry, so-called state structures, science and budget, and so on.

Surroundings (official) information technology, also public relations, social and psychological information, analysis of public relations, more and more information

For more information and information, it is necessary to go to the center to take the decision (for example, president, government, parliament, governor, measure) mother and father more than independent dzherel information (no less than three). As a result, I can expand the information and food bank, I’ll take a look, I can formulate more and more representations of alternative projects and, moreover, I will appreciate the appropriate situations.

A private delivery of management information to the public, which, along with other informational and analytical resources, bazhano vikoristovuvati takozh (clearly) independent informational-analytical center.

On the international vernacular victory:

1. Professional Professionals (Association for Computing Machinery, IEEE Communications Society).

2. Prior laboratories (Bell Laboratories, National Laboratory L Berkeley, Laboratory A. Lincoln).

3. Outrageous Organizations (Greenstar Foundation).

4. Science and Technology Center at the University of Universities (Georgetown University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

5. Analytical centers of great corporations (Electronic Industries Alliance, SkNY, Coca-Cola);

6. Informational-analytical center for the thinking of “think tanks” (Atlantichna Rada SILA, European Politics Policy Center in Brussels, Advocate Institute of Human Resources and Science).

Zrozumіlo, since you can’t stand the whole world to reckon with the more independent ones, but there’s more of an alternative project, more of an alternative project, more than that, there’s more room for the best.

One hundred percent of the "independence" of such centers, such as, say, the RANK Corporation, is more than just a guess, because I have an analytic center for building with the method of reaching the urgent problems of the international security forces with 19 government structures. Ninya in nyomu pratsyu ponad 600 analitikov, 80% of those may have a little understanding of the steps.

Most recently, before the replacement of the Headquarters of the Repeated Forces of the SILA Fakhivtsi RANK, they split the Persian system into a communal system, since it could function as a result of a nuclear strike. Tsya komunіkatsііna mezhezha became the prototype of the Internet. Recovering from the 50s of the 19th century Visagadan corporation imposed a measure of rozvіdvalnyh bootutnikov, and there are no more problems of secrecy and information security of the United States [3].

But let’s turn to the goal and the goal, the main information and analytical system of organization.

The informational-analytical system has three realizable values:

• analytically-intermittently (in order to go beyond the interminable “trivial signal”);

• sanctuary (to submit necessary facts at once with a competent and competent assessment, which can be done);

• forecasting (you’ll get to know about the opportunity to appear; forecast forecasting of these changes to the situation).

Kozna Posadova is a person, the right to praise the authorities, the right to praise, the information, and the information, so far come to her. Say, US President L. Johnson vimagav, that for some reason I saw all the details of the problem, I looked at it, and R. Reagan didn’t show such fuss. I’m more likely to be more involved here than the representatives of the administration with an uninterrupted isolation, having marked their own point of renewal for an hour, and for selecting information for people who need to be informed.

And the information obligations can be more fantastic. For example, informational measures of the structures of the national security of the United States, almost 500 thousand povdomlenlen. At the whole ocean of information, justice can easily be drowned. There is only one way - encryption is the hour of the forefront of information processing. Such a method, readable by telegrams with the stamps "bliskavka", "terminovo", "flow-through", even at the front of this way you can rob the visitor about the information, which is necessary. For example, the symbol for the "threat" to bring the entire system of national security of the United States at the combat readiness camp.

Through the "filter" of the White House of Shodnya, almost three yards pass. please send and analyze the so-called situation of the so-called president’s admirer for the help of the computer, the program for the protection of some people, so I can take care of it, but please be aware of the following:

All in all, information is required to be accessed by closed, service channels. Ale can’t forget about such a Dzherela, because I want to get into the mass community. It’s not for good that you can maintain a wide range of services, but 90% of the strategic nature can be taken from the magazine: newspapers, magazines, television, radio, computer measures.

For example, informational obligations, the word "etching" Households on the right of the press and informationalways, no less hostile, lower in the higher structures of the government of SILA. Schrodenny oath of materials, a kind of analysis, to become close to 3 million words, or 10 thousand. side typewritten text 23 ma movami svіtu.

Zagalom to analyze more than 25 information agencies (DPA, AP, REUTER, AFP, ITAR-TARS, Sinhua tosho), 90 radio programs, 32 television programs, 90 newspapers and magazines.

About approximate structural and functional scheme of incitement of information and service, say the president’s administrative office, I can bring it to the pic. eleven.

Structural-functional scheme of information and service of the government structure

Today, the service is available today in Gotuvati, a standard package of information about the needs of the mass community for their clients. All of the new products were submitted to the most successful candidate without banknotes at the highest rank of the official of the administration, the clerk of the request for internal censorship can not pay attention to the correct and accurate delivery of the goods.

For example, “The New News for the White House” for the President of the United States (more often than not, R. Nixon and Donin) with an 18-20-side obligation are prepared on the basis of 7 information programs, US television programs, 7 newspapers, 500 newspapers, 350 foreign visions and 75 main foreign televisions and radio stations under the heading "Reactions of foreign interests of the mass community". This weekly news is prepared to be done at least once a day: from 7.00, 11.30, 15.00 and 17.30 (three remaining upgrades to the main week, as well as an extra night for the president of the information and information service admin).

As a matter of fact, he is the president of a retirement trip, the best news is to publish a title entitled "News of the Presidential Literature".

The speed of preparation of these materials, such as a journalist, a kind of supervisor of the president, you can read a summary of your article, yakin giving my newspaper and yakoya a nice bit of light (so that the digest is transmitted on board the presidential letter).

Kerivnik Viddomstva at the right of the press office (abbreviated BPA) of the federal order of Nimechchini, for which the water quality of the river boat was put on a certain water hour, I could report to the Federal Chancellor about the most respected report, reports And as a rule, you’ll be able to convince non-gay politicians, the river engineer will be able to reassure the additional chancellor at any hour of the day or night.

Pidssumovuychi, once more dearly, scho information can be transmitted without spoilage. As a matter of fact, it’s not possible to call a novelty positive, since all one thing is needed before the digest. Selling the remaining fate of the presidency of R. Nixon, one of the "Pishovs" with the Watergate titles so bad (criminal on the right, broken by the name of the anti-constitutional dynasty of the great administrator), for the history of one of the best friend, The editor of the digest, having persuaded to fix the second issue, the president and the head of the administrative administration O. Haig, however, reprimanded and imposed robots on the production price. R. Reagan Pishov The yogi "Revue on Pyatyatnitsy" was lucky for sixty and more caricatures, deyaki from them blasphemed to finish with evil and idioms.

It is also possible once more to confirm the importance of recognizing the correct truthful information, as the basis for the adoption of adequate government decisions.

From now on, one of the most important information functions of the press service is the permanent monitoring of the ZMK about the effectiveness of the politics and economy, as well as the fact that there is a chance to get more information about them.