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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.


On the basis of the vacant food, you can formulate a number of propositions, such as adjusting your mind for the activities of the UTN TVO in large numbers to the main state information service on the First National Channel.

1. Reorganize the structure of the UTN TVO by securing the installation of a closed technological cycle of the program with the introduction of a hat to the warehouse

TVO "UTN" operator, sound engineer, sound engineer, video engineer and water engineer with the transfer to the balance of ownership.

2. Introduce a contract system of robots for all praxivnikіv TVO "UTN". Date of opportunity TVO "UTN" to conduct self-personnel policy with the minds of the highest number of students for the trial.

3. Improve the system of financial cooperation with the national television company. Transferring budgetary funds in full, paying for the transfer of utilities, servicing the technology and paying the payroll before the regular listing. In general, a share of the total amount of money you need is quiet, you must be free of any advertising in the TVO "UTN" programs until the other time, in order to protect you from the need for technical equipment, transport, and also to remind you of the necessary information. Analysis is possible for the TVO "UTN" subrauner.

4. Prior to the completion of the process of formation of the TVO "UTN", practice demonstrating especially important information programs in the recording in efir.

5. To shorten the number of management channels, having arranged the TVO "UTN" without interruption to the President of the National Television Company.

6. Reorganize the correspondence measure. To carry out the necessary personnel reserves, to ensure the technical re-selection of the bureaux, to keep up to the minimum deposits of the organs of government.

7. Virishiti food with benefits for TVO "UTN".

8. Suvoro touch the subordinate. All information and guilty pleas pass through the director of TVO "UTN" and the chief editor. Do not stribati over your head and don’t want to process it from below.

9. Conduct from the creative warehouse of the TVO "UTN" periodically delight, go round, round tables and catering special features of the current moment, approach to the final visibility, psychological psychology.

10. Request the confirmation of the TVO "UTN" on a periodic basis from the coordinating information policy.

11. The structure of the informational program of the direction of the material:

• Information programs of guilty of the basic principle - "positive constructivism"; negative information is guilty of being submitted so that you don’t hinder the population in the absence of behavior;

• a block of official chronicle of changes up to 30% of the rest of the air per hour for a biscuit of tidy, tidy-up wiklad on the basis of the day;

• to raise to a minimum the unplanned interview of the President of Ukraine, not to lead you to the role of commentator on the most powerful decisions; All rights reserved. Administering individuals from the Presidential Administration, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, government bodies;

• zbіlshiti kіlkіst vіdeomaterіalіv z regіonіv, pov'yazavshih ix from the main direction of the program;

• The economical bloc is guilty of the city’s first and foremost information, which will save the population in the first place;

• the international block - not only the video view of the suputnik efiru, but the first short commentary on the premises of the MZS, which have been established.

12. Leather pardon in the program, leather pajid hour, efir guilty, vidstuzhu-vatis, personfiqvati і piddavatsya seryousnuyu analysis with vidpovidnymi boshnovami organizatsіynogo that financial nature.

Propositions 1–4 of the guilty buti are brought to the first place. Treba tell me, why should I be reinsured in thi chi іnshіy mіrі anyway zdіysnyusyutsya. Ale re-creation may be a complex character and a mother of material terminology realizations.