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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

Addendum 6.2.5 Analysis of statistics of written beasts of the population before television programs of the National TV company of Ukraine for 1996


On dobranich, children - 11919

Good wound, "Ukrainian"! - 2041 UTN - 1893

Law є Law - 437

Vіkna. Novini - 50

Periodicity 2-5 times per week

Agricultural store - 926

Noon - 614

Reality of the Unworthy - 482

School screen - 158

Good evening - 146


Lego express


Parliamentary Newsletter

- 350


- 5645

Rіdna mov

- 324

Football vid UTN

- 3417

Pyatiyut Kut

- 255

Show of selfless bachelor

- 1848

TV magazine "Law"

- 241

Serving the people of Ukraine

- 1618

The order of sound

- 153

Discussion Leaders

- 1106


- 134

I wish you good health

- 1015

Evening ropes for overgrown

- 80


- 743

Ukraine today

- 79

Vulik Pan Savki

- 695

Carousel and cabbage

- 66


- 685

Village and people

- 63


- 432

Power up - vіdpovіdaєmo

- 425

Periodicity 2-3 times per month

Forgotten Names - 142

Football Plus - 57


Animation movie - 2576

Nadvechіr'ya - 609

Zvoni Chornobil - 1577

Block Note - 447

Fant Lotto "Nadiya" - 1127

Oranta - 103

Without steel periodicity

Likar hour - 72

Vilny peasant - 56

Primitka. They didn’t see the program before the transfer, they won less than 50 beasts for a rik.

Statistics statistics of lists to the National Television Company of Ukraine for the period 1-30 of the 12th month of 1996


since 01.01

per period

Directorate UT-1



Directorate UT-2






TVO "Gromada"



TVO "Studio 8.8"



TVO "Mystetsvo"



TVO "Right"



TVO "Science"



TVO "Telefilm"



Directorate of Foreign Relations



TVO "Monitor"



TVO "Sport"






Commercial programs UT-1



Commercial programs UT-2



State Television of Ukraine






Zvorotny zv'yazok (1 sichnya - 31 chestnuts 1996 p.)

For the period of view of the National Television Tower of Ukraine won 301,378 beast.

"Nine, thank God, our telebacion has gone all the way to good programs, to send good messages to the leading ones, уже even better than you could forgive movies. We’ve written to you for great work." All the cue from the sheet is a televiewer, a nadіishov u sichnі. And the axis is the rows from the chest sheet of G. Berezino (metro Khust, Zakarpattya): "I want to say, even better - our Ukrainian television" got on its feet "... Now that’s why they all gave me the GRT pass."

A stretch of rock of such leaves was needed. Without a doubt, blasphemy and negative evaluations of the robots of television, listening to respect and affection, as a whole were more important, more and more recognition of Ukrainian TB, more and more read and write.

Have you seen the televisions in your atrocities, have you praised our add-ons, boules, so much more popular, more popular? We are happy to convey, our country lived in such a way, all the people agreed on the Constitution of Ukraine and adopted by the Verkhovna Rada, the fate of Ukrainian athletes in the Olympics in Atlanta, 5th anniversary of the independence of our country.

In the middle of this television show, the TV channels reacted on the most lively and closed channels — having fired at Khreshchatyk, 26 and that’s the next one to watch on the third TV channel. Ale chi doesn’t deceit atrocity with a red thread to go through the care of people by the power of the state in the native land, a different kind of social problems and real difficulties. Particularly bagato of such lists of people who look at old-age, pensioners.

In zvernennyah, addressing kerіvnitstvu Derzhteleradіo Ukraine, Natsіonalnoї telekompanії, direktsіyam telekanalіv, okrіm zagalnih otsіnok nashoї robot glyadachі naychastіshe pіdnіmali movne power (dvomovnіst telebachennya that trash Znannya rіdnoї MTIE deyakimi pratsіvnikami TB), and takozh kritikuvali show on TV nadmіrnoї kіlkostі nevisokoyakіsnoї zahіdnoї produktsії - film, video-advertising, advertisements. In addition, to win for the end, the need for getting out is much greater than the transfers, as well as having a positive role in the violated generation of generation.

“It’s irreplaceable that you can go to the country, be guilty of optimism for people, instill hope in the country, good faith and order,” wrote G. Kovalchuk from the village of Rivne. It’s important that you don’t have enough time. And the axis is rows from the chest sheet of Y. Kostin from m. Borichev in Ternopilshchyna: "I marvel at the program for the week. Films and telefiles are tiled for foreigners. And what about ours? Why, we have a lot of history, a lot of happiness, a little bit of May For the sake of marriageє on the television screen Gostrich and truthful publicistic programs about the year, Ukrainian history and mystery, as well as the program, as if they had violated young patriotism, high moral standards.

Most of the time, it’s been right now that I’ve got to know from Channel 1 of the channel “Pislyamovi”, as though I thought it over, “was like patriotism, a broad, truthful view of the longest flow of time.” The contagion of glances is hanging up on my satisfaction with the turnings of UT-I.

With the latest information programs, the program “Kindly wound, Ukraine!” Broadcasted on a steady stretch of rock. I look at the meaning of з з м м м,,,,, р р,,,,,,,,, проф май, ес ном май май ... май вед О. О. О. O. Korzh, L. Khariv, K. Zhuri ... If you have more information, then, of course, the most important hours are left (information is available, professional time is lower), televisions can be kept up to date, and there are no other problems:

Okremі glyadachi gave a pass to informational newsletters "Vіkna" and "Vіkna v svіt", as well as entered on the channel UT-2, I’m more important, because there are more people there and I’m more informative.

Among the huge political programs, the most popular among glamorous were the programs of “Discourses of Leaders”, “I Serve the People of Ukraine” and “Accents”. After an hour of negotiation and adoption of the Constitution of Ukraine, the post office was read at the Parliamentary News programs.

As a rule, the political position of the authors on the program for the Discourse Leaders is very safe, but all the same you need to be careful that you can (please). With all the additional words, I mean "vitrіmіk order and order", "professionalism and tolerance" leading B. Grivachevsky.

In zagaglich at bagatokh otsіnkah of programs it is easy to catch a shilnost of glyadach і to ob'єktivnostі і pomіrkovanostі participants of transfers і especially conducting. So, with all the different evaluations of telecasts, the program "Accent" is like, but the veteran V. Lapikur should often criticize for "losing your life in order to make people respectful."

All the same, I don’t have the most popular program “Piyatiy Kut”: “Look at me, your program is the most popular program of public utilities. Thank you,” write V. Axelrud iz p. Karolino-Bugaz Odessa region I, at the same time, didn’t have a skinny other correspondent hanging around critically acclaimed at the address of journalist V. Pikhovshek, Mayuyu in a respectable manner, leading the demon, above the "ambitious and non-existent". The pose was not gone by the respect of the glimpses and new large-scale political programs - "Zvitu Zvitu", "Zora Point", "Accent of the Day" ...

Its specialty is small by the program "Monitor", fragments in the transmission, in turn, are complete and reliable. Tom you look, zvoryadyuchsya to

"Monitor", disrupt the nutrition, it’s practical and usable by the programs of the National Television Tower. Both of them are atrocious for Maybutn and that bachanni bachichi National TB TB is fully Ukrainian.

A series of igrovyh bargain programs with rock-out bullet “Lego-express”, “Fant-lotto” Nadiya and “Vibriki.” Look at how much you’ve got, how many programs have become available, we wondered, we’ve got to hear about them The program is conducted by the leading ones. Maizhe has a leather sheet, which has been addressed, repaired with slips.

Sorry, in the remaining months of rock the program “For good, children” has significantly changed, since I’ve been waiting for the ball to be the leader in the middle of children's programs. 7749 leaves at sichnі, and over 28 - at the leaf fall. Obviously, the statistics are guilty of sponukati to a serious robot to the creative group.

Close to tsііі a picture with a post of mystical programs. In the remaining months of life, they shuddle, vidchuvatsya, but people have come to grips with one and the same food, the stinks were angry at the last of their bestiality. (And they stoned the “Americanization” TV tower, the reduction of respect to the national mystery and literature, to the prominent Ukrainian talents of the past and the year, to the national creativity.) I’m sorry to say so: “I would like to give a little grace for the program cycle, like bullets having been awarded 65th day of the day of the birth of Grigor Tyutyunnik. In the midst of the thrilling thrillers, advertisements of the low part, the sound sounded right now, clean, calm, I wish you to go all the way. ) Close to the zmist sheet, they sent him the drive of the same motherland Tomakhiv and Strikiv z Kiev.

And in the middle of the glorious proclamations of Wart, respect for the Bula Taka, you can catch up with "an author’s television show, that’s why it’s popular with people in Ukraine."

Gladachi to ask for the question of expanding the national repertoire of the National Television Tower for the handcuffs of the most popular films and even the utter directorate UT-2, so that you can listen to it.

Help "coup" in the estimates of the channel UT-I vvdbuvsya zavdyaki "Studio 1 + 1." For the greater part of them, the programs “Studio 1 + 1” were used to replace the heavy load to GRT. "Great and acceptable lack of support" used to be on the UT-1 "Studio 1 + 1", - write televisions. Dyakuyut for the ability to marvel at the number of films, such as "knowing how to do it and not knowing what is good".

Look at the eyes of the zerblenny "Studio" cross over movies, rejoice radios, Ukrainian films sound like movies. "Infections, at the 5th stage of the establishment of the Ukrainian state, I, my country, as well as the majority of the Ukrainian people, can almost always have the best of the art. Voichuk, metro station Novodnistrovsk of Chernivtsi region). "Vitaєmo you for your praciu, such a necessary state and people," - write A. Kornєv s m. Kramatorska.

But if you want to - and finish often - sheets, in our kind of televised tricks you should ask respectfully to get a movie program, a narcotic to "fill" movie movies, erotic films. "We got tired of the fact that the demo of" Studio 1 + 1 "... Potential pictures, as if given to us before life. Whom do I vihovuєmo? "- write gladachi.

Our add-ons respectfully and painstakingly run after us on television channels, eagerly react to the appearance of new programs and randomly hang up their position to them. Say, you’ve known your henchman’s show, such as “Koliskova for mature”, “Telemaniya”, “Noon”.

As for the new Football Vid UTN programs, since appearing on television, it immediately became popular, it seemed that they wanted to get involved, it was born to itself very stupid idiots, with which they stranded themselves to the television companies. I added that, "so that the broadcast has become" firm ", Ukrainian, original and in no way did the Russian analogue end up". Our television viewers have already given such an action to the National TB, as an endorsement of the creative and viral education “Right”. Program the whole ob' мdnannyayu may vagomiy zvoryotnogo zvjazok ". To mess with glances to a similar manner to the leading, the most professional journalism and legal consultants.

In the case of bizarre programs, they also had their own henchmen, ale in the whole of them they want to respect those who are not very lucky with the television channels. Dopisuvachі vskuyut on primіtіvіzm, non-originality of these programs. Navigate this way to get popular, like “Hit-rick”, “Show of a self-made bachelor” and even the “Lego-express” show, decals look like a displeased look.

And the video guides to the “Show of the Dongos” with a big stretch in the majority - take a look at the negative: “My love and knowledge will show you a little more, take the nonsense of the Ukrainian people”, - write to M. Ostapenko from m. Chernivtsiv. Obviously, here є before the rest of the hands of the virobi teleproducts.

Sprayed by new programs, our visions respectfully shake up our beloved “old” programs, and for them. Tse і "Nadvechіr'ya", a program, a yak, to the thought of gladachiv, "give me strength, I’ll inspire and inspire hope in the face". Це "Рідна мова", "Свічадо", "Reality of the Unworthy" that ін.

With a stretch of rock, the UT-2 channel was growing in popularity. “UT-2 is our channel of love”, - write to the group of teleglyadchiv zi Lvivschini. When adding to the catalog of the greatest categories from the other regions of Ukraine, I mean far off the thematic spectrum of the channel, thought over the current number of broadcast programs, and the dynamic rhythm. Television visitors celebrated the emergence of new romances for the themes and genres of programs, as well as the more comfortable way and forms are already known. "I don’t know, I’m the thought of the Іnshekh, - write T. Chorn from m. Volnovakhi - ale, in my opinion, maybutn behind the tsim channel." We have too little to surrender to this respect.

Pidssumovuyu tsey short ichnogo glyadatskogo glyadatsko send, requiring the same meaning.

The tone of the leaf is irrevocably lousy. People delight in singing positive feedback on the television, and watch the next transmission.

Ale Nehai doesn’t add up to hostility about the “prosperity” of our society, about the one-way seizure of the television broadcasting company.

Dopisuvachі gostro criticize the low professional level of broadcasts, the dominance of low-grade advertisements and the unacceptable quality of movies.

"Mi, it’s great, I’m glad that T.G. Shevchenko will learn how to do something else, but don’t blame him," you write a group of television viewers from Poltavi. The very unpretentious pull of people to their own, national - history, mystery, literature, high moral values, like wait for bullies to the Ukrainian people, demanding that I mean the main thought of the glorious 1996 rock.

It’s important to have a chance to find out more about creative divisions, since our editorial team was very interested in doing so, but we didn’t have to hang out one more at all in the second week, but do not forget to let us know material, whirl like a bunch of special features-guides, robust and reluctant transmissions. Come to the grave through the haul! " It’s important that you don’t have enough time for this.

The head of the editorial on robot in sheets and sounds with a huge V. Derkach