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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

Addition 6.2.6. About information the presence of Ukraine at the capital of the Russian Federation



Independently at the Embassy’s non-recurrent purchase before the end of the establishment that organization, don’t be deprived of the unresolved problem of our informational presence in the capital of Russia.

1. Repairing 04/23/92 (our No. 334 to the Presidential Administration L. M. Kravchuk) with a stretch of the fastest hour, the Embassy of Bagato Razіv informed about the unplanned camp.

Sokrema, we have honored respect, which is a huge increase in nationality. We will deny information about the progress in Ukraine through the Moscow ZMI and the mass-media-Moscow sound system.

I’ll explain the decilcoma due to more active causes, middle of the head - as follows:

- Rosvinen Mas-Media Infrastructure at Moscow.

The function of decoding the sound system, the transmission systems of electronic information and the latest issues of newspapers at the regional level are suitable for the editorial, television and radio newspapers, as well as the majority of the local newspapers.

Found corporations, firmly attached to technical concerns of mass media, were controlled by a stretch of the remaining twenty-thirty roks, were reformed, technically attached to the happy systems, we went through federal laws.

From its side, with a stretch of 70 - 80s of the 80s, Moscow was bored with the need to use the technical base of the ZMI, including the Ostankino and Shabolovki complexes, and with the help of the Yamskoye Pole, ІТАР-Тсснс, After the fact, I’ll squeeze the virobiotic base polygraph.

- Moscow зв, it’s notorious, by the great politician and science and technology center, who have respected the representative of ZMI.

- The Russian government has a policy to conduct a policy with the galaxy of mass information, which, in order to achieve great value for the sovereign budget.

- A protracted apartment at Moscow formed a tight-fitting apparatus of public relations for mass information and propaganda, a kind of bulletin from the Soviet Union of Socialist Republics.

The building of foreign foreign mineral wards in Ukraine was characterized by a more perfect form of “stringers”, so as to transmit their own domain, as a rule, on the basis of the main Moscow building. Practitioners of the bureaucratic office, who can test, get ready to go to another stringer, try to use “informative firing” on the side of the rooted ZMI, and you cannot adequately hang in.

All of the activities of the active presence of Ukrainian ZMI at the "Moscow information market". Prote, unfortunately, our information today, the presence here is almost zero.

One of the main reasons for this is the availability of financial resources at the editorial offices of Ukrainian ZMI at the business department at Moscow.

2. The infection at the press center of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation may have less than ten of our ZMIs, members of the parliament, the State Television and Radio Company of Ukraine, the newspapers Pravda Ukrainy, Golos Ukrainy, Molod Ukrainy. Schob to protect the work of the journal journal of the past and the first, the necessary note for the correspondent points. If you want to pay more attention to the situation through the Office service for servicing the diplomatic corps, I’ll install the commerce at the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Roses for rent (USD $ 106 per square meter per square) is unbearable for editors. To that (after consultation with the department of information of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and the editorial office of the Russian Ministry of Health and Social Development), the Embassy has spoken with two of them. For example, the All-Russian State Television Company has a plan to meet its correspondent points in Ukraine. At the same time, on a non-currency basis, with a bargain in common, the service provider is ready to see the benefits, the sound system for customers of the Ukrainian State Television and Radio Company in the territory of the Russian Federation. About such a variant, before the speech, the Embassy repeatedly informed the front office of the State Television and Radio Company of Ukraine (M.F. Okhmakevich), but no sign of rukhiv from the side of the left was not blown.

Because of the situation with the Ukrainian state bureau at Moscow, then there is a need to relocate to the pit station (the process was also not one-time at a time the Embassy informed the Ukrainian government of the organization). Legally, such a unit is not hired. By extending the deceitful month to the winter correspondent, the Ukrtelebechenny will not deny wages, there is no small public transport, the bureau is on the other hand, there is no reason to keep our family, be an hour. Also not marvelous, but the Moscow correspondent V. Yurchenko has little remembrance on UT screens.

3. The first Ukrainian State Television and Radio Company, the third largest state-owned company (Ukrinform, the Voice of Ukraine newspaper and the Government Kurdzher newspaper) were not able to make provisions for their right to express their consent to them. more documents.

“It’s possible for people to rule out” what you can do better. Ukrinform, a kind of, formable as a national information service, a water hour of good creative work and technical sound of ITAR-TARS, so I can tell you more about it Corps office at ambushless ambushes, to conduct immediately with Russian partners commercial projects to distribute informative information in third countries.

4. Immediately with the occasional lack of information in the presence of Ukrainian ZMI in Russia, there is more and more excuse for the old practice of the participation of the great groups of our journals at the supervisor of official delegations. Don't ask for any kind of information (the Embassy reported on all the efforts to protect the robots of our correspondents for half an hour here), as many as possible. Yak to make this analysis publicly available, these journals, the efficiency of robots in Moscow are not worth the hassle. However, there’s nothing wondrous, it’s impossible to have a good time for one or two to read, read, hear, listen to Ukraine for information on the other hand, in addition, the Russian side cannot physically save all the journalism, we can talk to them in advance. at the "buliv’ door. From the first step, representatives of our press are welcome to send one or two hvlini at the talks.

5. In a whole context, from our point of view, at the same time, the nutrition about laying down the Russian side of special cooperation about mutual information about our country is becoming relevant. Enemy, which has been pleasing for a long time already been laid by Ukraine, say, from the United States of America, but on the right, there’s no way for Russia to go, although I want to talk about the necessary things repeatedly from Moscow.

Everything is primarily intended, and besides that, our “principle” is to not participate in the activities of the international ZMI of the CIS SNR (for example, the International Broadcasting Company “Mir”), and those of the international journalistic organizations (for example, the Confederation of self-supporting organizations).

6. On September 13, 94, for the sake of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, the new rules for transferring and accrediting foreign journals to the territory of Russia were approved. Pіdpadaє pіd tsі rules and dyalnіst journalіstіv kraї SND, for those not to be afraid to "relax". Also, the function of the offices of our ZMI is even more problematic.


1). I’m grateful for your docility to speed up the development of the project for the benefit of Ukraine and the Russian Federation about mutual acceptance of information about our country.

2). Let’s say that we will consider the whole document of the basic principle of noncommercial exchange of information, the provision of correspondent points of our country in the territory of our partners, which have extended respect for currency-denominated exchanges.

3). To ask for more urgent, even at the same time, think over the helmets of the most basic principles of conceptual approaches to equipping, functioning and function of the busy Ukrainian Information and Culture Center in Moscow, some of them are ready to go to business every day. culture of Ukraine, as if it’s unlikely that you could pull such a great project.

4). Є the end of the necessary viroblennya and hardening to the highest level (for example, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine) The provision on the back office of the Ukrainian (state-owned) interests in mass information.

5). I will need a non-violent version of the problem with the Moscow office of the State Television and Radio Bureau of Ukraine, for the most part it is necessary to have our latest television magazines.

6). Actual is the confirmation of the “Rules of accreditation and reassignment of foreign correspondents to the territory of Ukraine”;

The rules will be adopted by the Russian Federation at once according to the Permanent Law of the Russian Federation on September 13, 94.

7). We will be happy to arrange at the Information Services of the Embassy of the non-large polygraphic center (as a result, it has been transferred to the Regulations on the Information Service of the Out-of-Office diplomatic service of Ukraine, to confirm the regular availability of public health services, and to ensure that they are regularly open to the public; in Ukraine, and the number of diplomatic posts at Moscow is over 140, the Russian ZMI and the foreign ZMI bureau are five thousand.

From the side of the Information Service, the Embassy’s service is ready to take an active part in the work of the robot,

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