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Basics of personnel management - V.O. Khramov

Chapter 2. The basics of personnel management

2.1. Subject of science

At the moment of management, the subject matter is the management of the base, as well as the foundation of the personnel management [20, p. 362].

For the purpose of achieving the goals and the need for the most important personnel policy, we have the opportunity to have the best staff and real-time employees.

In the process of virology, it is more optimal to combine such factors, as you need virobnitz, the material and the pra. Prior to these factors, it is also necessary to establish the following - management, the main objectives of a certain plan, organization and control. There are factors of virobility, the order of technical and economical problems, the need for the freedom of social and human interests. Lyudina is the nose of the viral factor factor, more and more of the factors of virology in front of us, but not a passive object, but rather a little thought, if you can show an initiative, bother with singing needs; at the boundaries of the classical approach to managing people, the factor of virobnosis. At the thought of the scholar G. Shchokin, such pidkhid before management is not vidpovida I will need an hour [19]. For the winter you come, the new, the new one before managing people, and with the right personnel, the policy is shifting to an active strategy. Dedali big world strategy to integrate into the main policy of organizing human resources. Newer, nonclassical bachennial control allows you to see the people as a factor in realizing organizational policies, dzherelo pributkiv, culturally re-creating, creating creativity. People praciu in the organization need to vikoristovuvati so that the security is more optimal than the victorious human resources, the potential organizatsiyno behavior pratsіvnikіv.

Managers need to consider two aspects of organizational behavior as a problem and management:

• social-psychological - spheres, methods and hardships; for some kind of help, the chief can get into the organization’s behavior;

• Organizational-technical - come in, if you need to live in between the organizations, so that you can organize the behavior of the team for the achievement of virologic goals.

The management of human behavior in the organization includes the management of personnel, the main elements of human resources, the main elements of human resources policy and the management of people, which mean and regulate the behavior of people.

2.2. Viznazhennya basic understand science of management

Personnel management is a part of the functional sphere of personnel statehood as the main mechanism of organization. Warehouses of the personnel of the state thanks to organization є personnel policy, management (staff) personnel and administrative-personnel regulation (personnel robot).

Personnel policy of transferring organizations to accept the principles of deciding on goals, entering the rules of internal order in the personnel sphere. There’s a warehouse yak of cadre gospodarity, such as economic policy, what’s the main thing for the mainstream, how much you need to come in to see the specific weekends. At the boundaries of personnel policy, one can see the possibility of completely human rights, putting the head up to the first and last minute among the employees.

Personnel policy of organization is the whole system of management, for which they can be formed, support roles and ways of managing personnel, ensure that there is real time management, function and management. Managing the personnel of the transfer of sales of real-time jobs, which are part of the range of personnel policies. These principles show the principle of personnel policy which is shared between students and people, motivation, respect, discipline. In practice, it’s impractical to interchange personnel policies and personnel management. Moreover, personnel policy є the system of managing people [20, p. 448].

Personnel management - all the more necessary for organizing the behavior of people who are directing themselves to activating more professional and spiritual abilities to make new assignments. Based on the principle of rozpodilu pracі vinikaє iєrarhіchna system of subordination. Thus, one Lyudin may be a water hour and a kerivnik, and a pidleglim.

Administrative-personnel regulation of the regulation in the organization of robotics to staff. Personnel of the robot are in the mood for payroll, personnel area, take on the robot, call for robots, personnel change.

The problems of personnel management should be examined in their development, security in the areas of information and administrative management. From now on, the key to the current organization is to ensure that information is provided. Until the remaining ten years of age, a stable camp in the surroundings of galuses can be safely completed by organizing, spinning around for more. Our situation has clung to the gallows, I’m tearing myself apart, and the role is to play the dynamism and the intuition. In these galleys, vimoges were promoted to the special qualities of the corpus cervix organisation, and not to their proper control. There can be a lot of funeral arrangements for bankruptcy organizations, and insignificant funeral arrangements in the area of ​​organizations can be compensated for by a rose of a galaxy.

Do not wait for any more є by the official in charge, іnkoli vіn navіt galmє progress. Visoka dynamism development of the environment of galleys in the minds of the international economy and the global economy of the economy in the organization of the most important products, in the presence of the most important types of advertising, New products and virobnitstva require the acquisition of a vidovnogo management, and from that, adequate information.

Today, the management of the organization has three levels:

• viznazhennya goals. There is an informational identification of the range of possible options for vibrations and the ability to uniquely start, as it is impotent to develop;

• Accept the decision completely. Інformationція дає I can help all the misfortune, the necessary for receiving the necessary decisions;

• Establishment of control over achievable goals and security of the necessary corridor calls. Tsyogo is unreasonable to reach without ancestral concerns, most of all of those who are є енти identifiable.