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Examination of goods - Kolomієts T.M.

5.3. Assortment examination

Assortment examination - assessment by an expert of certain characteristics of a product for the installation of assortment accessories.

All the kind of commodity-expert examination is like a self-sustaining change in expansion, which is divided into two kinds, which we looked at earlier. Naichastische assortment examination є the warehouse part of the yakisnoi examination, more than that, the expert, the expert is guilty of the merchandise of the goods, the availability of the goods, the most important goods, the goods

For differentiated valuation of goods and services, high-quality products, graduate-level experts, and periodically, they need to carry out sorting, one of which is an assortment of expertise.

Yak samostіyna assortment of expertise stash at such vipadka:

  1. in case of misfortune, we’re possessed by a shoemaker, a seller and a seller of assortment goods belonging to a singing group, a name brand, and a skinny brand;
  2. with the establishment of an assortment of goods at a party at a previous presentation to customers каталог / chi catalogs chi purchase-sale agreements;
  3. when conducting an assortment examination, a vikoristovoy analogue with a yakisnoy examination is taken up by this method.