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International trade - Dakhno І.І.


7.1. Basic understanding

The "New Webster's Dictionary and Tsesaurus of the English Language" (1993 p., P. 1015) explains the concept of "technology": "The science of technical processes in a wide field of knowledge (the science of technical processes in a wide though-related field of knowledge) ". From now on, industrial technology for chemical engineering, mechanical and physical science in the past to industrial processes.

The very view (c. 1015) means that "technology transfer (technology transfer) is the transfer of technical knowledge, knowledge and training (transfer of technical knowledge generated and developed) from the singer, until he achieves the attainment by song of practical result" .

“Oxford Paperback Encyclopedia” (1998, p. 1316) makes it clear that technology при “the prizes of engineering and applied science for the commercial and industrial purposes” ("the techniques of engineering and applied science for commercial and industrial purposes)".

In the "Oxford Dictionary for the Business World" (1993, p. 270), it is meant that engineering є "needs of science before project design, building and use of machines is thin (application of science to the design, building and use of machines etс)" .

The technology can be used for supermarkets, cinnamon models, industrial specifications, topographic integrated circuits, know-how and high-quality science and technology information.

Legislative legislation on the introduction of a wine-steamer in technological (technical) business, patent protection for new patent matters (new business, commercial law, prominence).

About the winemaker Mogut Buti:

o product (pristrіy, cyst, strain microorganism, culture of Klitin roslin and Tvarin lean);

o way;

o zasosuvannya earlier than the product or method for the new appointments.

I will attach the corinthian model є new and promisional to the structurally constructive. Promislovsky zrazok is the result of creative activity of people in the sphere of artistic design.

Integrated microcircuit є microelectronic virobom of Kintsevo any industrial form, we designate for complementary function electronic circuitry, there is no need to form it in such a way that there is no other way to do so,

The topography of the integrated microcircuit is free of charge on a spacious, geometrical space of the maximum number of integrated circuits that are between them.

At Art. 30 Law of Ukraine "About pіdpriєmstva in Ukraine" zaznachaєtsya scho komertsіynoyu taєmnitseyu pіdpriєmstva Je vіdomostі, pov'yazanі of virobnitstvom, tehnologіchnoyu іnformatsієyu, upravlіnnyam, fіnansami that іnshoyu dіyalnіstyu pіdpriєmstva scho Reigning taєmnitseyu not Yea, rozgoloshennya yakih Mauger zavdati Skoda tsomu pіdpriєmstvu.

Prior copyright laws in Ukraine shall contain:

o literary letters, create fiction, publicistic, scientific, technical, or any other character (books, brochures, textbooks);

o Do it, lecture, promulgate, preach and do the best;

o computer software;

o Bazi Danih;

o create music with text and without text;

o dramatic, musical and dramatic performances, pantomimes, choreographic and contemporary performances, set-ups for stage show, and stage productions;

o create audio;

o create an imaginative mystery;

o create arhitekturi, mіstobuduvannya і garden and park mystery;

o create photographs, in addition, create, work out ways to get closer to photography;

o create a living wisdom, including creating decorative weaving, ceramics, painting, litte, artistic painting, jewelery and viola skinny, but they’re not protected by the laws of Ukraine on legal protection of industry;

o illustrative, paintings, plans, armchairs, creative, plastic work, geography, geology, topography, technology, literature and other areas;

o scenic processing of creative works, which is specified at paragraph 1 of the entire transfer, and processing of folklore, additional for scenic display;

o create;

o zbіrniki of creativity, zbіrniki of samples of folklore, encyclopedia and anthology, zbirniki of sound tributes, learn more to do the work, please reckon the result of the creative work for the order, coordinate them more carefully

o texts of translations for duplicating, voicing, subtitling in Ukrainian and the language of foreign audiovisual creativity;

o create.

Legislation of Ukraine Visa on the rights of the total rights:

o a drawing of literary, dramatic, musical, musical-dramatic, choreographic, folklore and old works;

o phonograms, videograms;

o transmissions (programs) of the organization.

Winnow, corridor models, industrial images, topography of integrated microcircuits, secrets of virobnitsva (know-how) to keep up to objects of so-called industrial property (industrial property). Surrounding what is deemed to be necessary to possess more important things is trademarks, service marks, signs of geographical location of goods. Stopping the transfer technology is impotent.

By a walk-in walker, a specific model, let’s keep in mind the topography of the integrated microcircuit to enter into less than those who have the established order as such a state. Naygenіalnіshe technical rіshennya, on the person of the person (right is small on the right) didn’t file an application and didn’t pass the expert examination, not to enter into a wine-shop. In the midst of the importance of the subject of industrial power, the government does not see any security documents deprived of the secrets of virobnitz. The protection of the secrets of the law is not for the benefit of patent law, but in special ways.

Obligations of industrial power, copyright, and other rights with them н intellectual power.

The copyright to the right to create the right to the fact of creation. Tsyomu polyagє has one of the main principles of patent and copyright. As a matter of fact, the request did not come to the subject of industrial moisture by the deadline of one hour;

For winnings and public copyright laws, it’s not necessary to register as they’ll be, they’ll be a special law, but also a picture of singing formalities.

Summarize the rights to win in full on the fact of the completion of the video, the selection of phonograms and / or video recordings, the prior broadcasting and organization.

The main aspects of the rights of intellectual and non-global and non-global are beyond their scope. The rights are conferred on the clock, so in the open.

In the historical passage of the law of intellectual property, bullets were territorially separated. Tse, for example, meant scho power vinikhid vidhid not vvaravsyv him in the Inland Krai. Publishing from a yakіys state of television is possible without the right of a foreman to have a right to resubmit a request in foreign country without permission.

The laid-off two-sided lands near the sphere of the intellectual power of the power have long been accustomed to a longer territorial character. The intellectual power has become the power of the international (international).