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International trade - Dakhno І.І.

7.2. International Trade and Non-Commercial Technology Transfer

We have the transfer of technology from one region to the other, but we can offer it commercially, but not commercially.

Non-commercial methods of transfer technology such as:

o vіyskovo-politіchny shpigunstvo;

o promislov (commercial) shpigunstvo;

o foreign patent patent of winemakers, cinnamon models, industrial specifications;

o publications about science and technology achievement in science and technology journals;

o go to the international symposiums, conferences, gadgets, seminars to thin;

o Paste.

Before commercial methods of transmission and information include:

o approval of the business;

o pribannya foreign hi-tech high-tech enterprises in the future, but the pribannya part of their shares;

o international trade in high-tech goods;

o consulting;

o Budіvnitstvo for the cordon ob'єktіv "pіd key";

o sales licensed.

There is technology in place, protein is not regularly organized, as in the markets of green materials (lard, lard, but in Africa lard). Syrovin is a whole commodity, as well as the characteristics of something in the world cannot be changed, for the benefit of the population and the offer. Strictly well technology, then I will look at their original order and it’s impotent to organize trading in them.

Wines, corridor models, industrial specifications and topographic integrated microcircuits are less technical and design ideas until that hour, so long as you don’t get stuck on goods, so they’re on the market, It seems like a zagalom, comrade, in certain implications of industrial power, with the latest goods of international markets.

About the possibility of introducing new products with winters, cinnamon models, industrial games, topographies of integrated microcircuits, there are lots of things to be known, as a rule, it’s too late, we’ve got a lot of marketing, so much more Patent information is required for the third edition of the patent, which is mainly for the papermakers, and so for the most recent ones.

Dalіy zupinimosya on licensed bargaining on intellectual property rights (scho, yak vidomo, ohoplyu і promislovu power).

Oskіlki secrets of virobnitztva not piddlyagayut neither national, nor international registration, then sell licenses for them patent-free. Prior to speech, among patented wine-makers and non-patented know-how, there is a bit of a "Chinese style". Yakby at the 19th century on a Coca-Cola bulo you could see a US patent for recipe for recipe, then you would have forgotten about this patent a long time ago, and you would fill it with the status of suspension suspension. In real life, the Coca-Coli recipe has the advantage of being commercially viable for many hundreds of years, I don’t have to know the full amount of the recipe completely.

Licenses for winemakers, cinnamon models, industrial applications, topographic integrated circuits can be patented and patentless. Diya to the patent (as a national, so regional) is territorially separated. Mostly technical technology is patented in singing country And not patented in it, then in Ukraine it is patent for patent rights to this country, and not right for transferring rights to price in Ukraine.

As the owner of a patented license from the country A, we will arrange a license from a special country of B, and then, by the price of a special agreement from a country of B, you will be entitled to such a license on a patent-free basis. Victoria is special in the Republic of Belarus In the territory of the country And you may want to be based on a patent license.

Zabruzhne patentsuvannya vikoristovuetsya as well as zadydedy zahist industrial tax to vіdpovіdnyh kraі і yak incentive to conclude a license agreement with foreign pidprimtsyami.

Sales of security documents for vinogoda, corridor models, industrial specifications, topographic integrated circuits are also available at international trade, but they are not often used. Significantly broader recognition of the right (exclusive or non-exclusive) to the patented property of industrial property. Licensing with permission, a kind of licensing nadaценз licensing. Yakbi wasn’t bullied, then the license of the patented patent was respected if the rule of law was violated.

In such a form of payment of the license: lump-sum payment (one-time), royalty (periodic payment), payment and insurance.

On the private market of trading licenses in the home, on the cob of the 20th century In the 50s, the oath is the oath of the international licensed operations by overtaking the oath of the internal licensed trading. Until the cob of the 60s of the rock, the licensing of the bargain was 40 yew. license for the amount of 1.5 billion dollars. The pace of growth of licensed bargaining in-between and overtime overdid the pace of growth of international bargaining in a row. Zustrichaetsya information about those who are ignorant of the need to economically excuse the sale of licenses for $ 1.2 billion. at 1960 p. up to 3.5 billion dollars. in 1970 p., 12.5 billion dollars. in 1980 p., 15.2 billion dollars. at 1985 p. i 35 billion dollars at 1995 p.

When you get a license, I’m able to get the vitrate to the highest scientific level, so you can spend an hour at the competitive time. A number of lands (for example, FRN and Japan) were aligned with a number of promises and we will add licenses to them.

Most of the licensed land is managed between companies with industry-specific recommendations. The international trade license is also the same as the previous one with the excuse of the land. In the third part of the seizure, 99% of private export and 85% of private export are licensed. Domicile in the export license of the United States, as well as 55% of the total liability is required for licensed trade. A friend is obligated to export Swiss licenses, one third is Great Britain, one fourth is Italy. Naibіlshі іmporteri license Япон Japan і Italy, Italy, FRN, France.

International trade license is most active among maternal and subsidiary companies. Zmіst і directovanіst price †‹вЂ‹ bargaining is signaled by the transfer of the interests of transnational corporations. I re-distribute a portion of internal corporation 60% of the total liability of the licensed industry. In the United States, it is necessary to sell licensed sports companies becoming approximately 80% of their foreign bonds, in the United Kingdom it is about 50%.

As a rule, for winnings of exclusive rights to winemakers, corridor models, industrial specifications, topographic integrated microcircuits, it’s necessary to protect documents, then to protect copyright laws and rights thereto, all rights reserved.

From now on, most of the rights of the св parties to international legal acts in these spheres (as well as the new principle of national law, the transfer of rights to foreign countries to such rights as the other countries) total rights є right, as a rule, on a licensed basis.

In Ukraine, agree on the transfer of rights to victorian works to be settled in writing forms. In the standard form, we can conclude a treaty on victorious publishing in periodicals (newspapers and magazines).

To the author that special person, the copyright is the right to assign the right to impose additional rights on the author to be the same in one way or the other by all means on the copyright agreement. Authorship agreement may be subject to transfer of the exclusive or non-exclusive right.

The following should be noted, the most significant oversight has been accumulated by the international trade in counterfeit (so illegally licensed) copyright laws and intellectual property rights, especially on non-legal information media. It’s difficult to counterfeit dosagє of such a scale, which can lead to a sharp increase in international business. For example, the 80s - on the cob of the 90s rockіv XX century. USA Mali gray claims to China, to Poland. Ukraine as well Bula is outraged by reacting to American criticism. Zokrem, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine by the decree of 28 april 2001 p. No. 412, approving the "Regulation on the procedure for registration and movement through the Mitniy cordon of Ukraine goods, which can be avenged about intellectual property".

To the new Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on September 7, 2001 No. 1149 approved "The procedure for completing and controlling the rights to intellectual property rights in the process of exporting, exporting, and importing discs for laser reading systems."

At 2001 p. Ukraine has been affiliated with the following international legal acts:

o International Convention on the Protection of the Interests of the Vikings, the Lawyer of the Phonogram and Organizational Movement (located at Rome 26 Zhovtnya, 1961);

o Agreement of the All-Union Organization of Intellectual Authority on copyright (place of residence in Geneva, 20 thirties 1996 p.);

o Agreement of the All-Russian Organization of Intellectual Property about the Weekend and Phonograms (in Geneva, on the 20th day of 1996).

More early Ukraine has been recognized to such international legal acts:

o Convention on the Protection of Interests and Violations of the Phonogram of Illegal Vidtvorennya phonograms (laid down at Geneva on 29 July 1971);

o The All-Union Convention on copyright (placed at Geneva 6th Sunday 1952 p.);

o Bernese Convention on the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (9th spring of 1886).

I Ukraine did not come to the Convention about the widespread signaling, what to carry the program, as it is transmitted through the satellite, laid on Brussels 21 grass 1974 p.