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Aesthetics - Levchuk L.T.


Surrealism ( vіd fr. Surreealisme - nadrealism) іsnu even ponad pіvvіk і siogodnі to lay down to the popular and vplivvih currents. Theoretical program surrealism was formulated with the immediate participation of 3. Freud. Vіdomі listuvannya Freud z A. Breton - the de facto bosom of Tsoi straightforward mystery, the savior of Freud s S. Dalі - most appreciated by the old practitioner of surrealism. Christmas surrealistic poshuki can be seen practically in all kinds of mysteries.

Do not be too fond of saying that surrealism is also a kind of artist’s psychoanalysis. Surrealistically, they freedly thought Freud’s thought about the lack of independence of one’s most active people in life. Breton rozglyadє creativity of the yak stan “in the future of spontaneous processes”. The process of creativity, at a thought, is the process of mysteries and not to be interpreted logically. To that, the reference artist is much less associative, an illogical method, spinning in the direction of a dream.

Surrealism, an absolute dream, something to shock at once with one’s own smiles, one’s ability, the effect of an illogical and one-handed one, one is tempted to bring the zagolodny character of the mystery inspired by the method of imaginative interpretation. Rozpovіdі about power from the bottom for a surrealist creative studio. Images of picturesque, literary, cinematographic, theatrical surrealistic works are practically practical with a single jerel - a dream.

Already the first experiments of surrealist boules are called okremim critics as “divine anomalies”. Prote ce didn’t overwhelm the surrealist. I acted upon, with active pidrimrimist bourgeois theorists, surrealism becoming one of the most prolific direct culture of the West.

Creatures of nature, the birth of sympathetic fantasies, symbols, and more deceitful creators — such as these are the works of M. Ernst, G. Arpa, S Dalі, X. Miro, P. Rua, E. Inesco, S. Becket, M. Zimmerman that bagatokh ikh shih. Substantially, scho surrealistic create nikoli do not have an optimistic zmіstu. ix is ​​the main theme - the affection of people. The main psychological motives for surrealism are impunity, the minting of death, the ruin of all, which I will give the people away. Thank you so much for surrealism of your life to watch the signs of your works, To often bring in such creative creatures is such a symbol “dead yearbook”, an unhappy hour display. In this way, the priests of the current world are pretending to bring their ignorance of mystery, philosophy, power, as if to stink to show, all the same - it’s irreplaceable for an hour or so to think about suspension.

Having assigned the theory of psychoanalysis to surrealism, it is easy to follow the steps of formulating directly. Surrealism, having seen the promise of dada, create some kind of bullet with your own kind of artists and poets, "Live and create, curious child psychology." Winik Dadaism in 1916-1918 pp. in Switzerland, Nimechchinі, France. The current has developed in a way that has become more and more common for young mitzvahs, who have reconciled, who can open up the “utopian, middle-class partnership of exploitation”, since I asked you to give me the call for help.

It’s mine hour, the number of gifts D. de Kiriko, K. Carra and the rest will talk about dada and that transformation, and surrealism is about “God blessed in 1914”. We analyze the moral and psychological camp of young mitzvos of that period, we can state that, not having reached the stage of a progressive mystery, we cannot but take up the revolutionary struggle of the populace, modernity still cannot accept aggressive ideas. Vinikaє mriya about the supraclassical position, about the “omnipotent” mystery, as if you could help to develop all the folding life situations.

Persh. Svіtova vіynu mі mitsі і spryanyali yak rebuilding a demonstration of deity born of intellect, yak "divine і zvіryachu vistava." Having interrupted at the polony of the surface, a primitive approach to the analysis of causal and probing sounds, stink of the vinuvatius, shchu vidvuvalosa, vouch for the rosum and joke about the antiquity. Behind the figurative bastard of the German mysterious scholar J. Schwartz, the rebel against the rationalism of the intellect is repaired. As a result of the “rebellion”, I became a postal issue until the surrealism of the surrealist. Since dadaism came up “against everything and all”, then surrealists sounded like “everything”, “everything” to understand “rational”, “rosum”, “intellect”.

Recovering from the 1921 p. The majority of French dads have switched to posits surrealism. Yogo theorist and "spiritual" Old Man became A. Breton. The Breton group included M. Rey, M. Ernst, J. Baron, I. Tangі, F- Pre-ver. Until the age of the group, which was a big deal, I wanted to have a little more internal sounds and creative help, I got the “Charity from Belgium” - R. Magritte and the Catalan S. Dal. Two artists became a place for all-round dominance, and the very creativity of surrealism is bagato, which is why its most popular. Partnership surrealist organizatsionno approved mіzh 1921 і 1924 pp. At this time, the political orthopedic surrealism of this program was introduced. Shchodo politically platform surrealistic, then A. Breton is constantly heavy to Trotsky. In 1925 p. I became aware of Trotsky’s pamphlet about Lenin. Vaughn celebrated Breton’s great hostility and spirited the so-called surrealism of politization. In 1927 p. Breton and the part of the yogi cryo-cemetery became members of the Communist Party of France. Tsey krok wiklikav protest іshshih surrealistіv, secre Arto i Supo, yakі categorically re-called the process of politizatsії surrealism.

The sounds of Breton and Trotsky were torn to the end of the 30th rock. At 1928 p. stink at once wrote the manifesto “For the Independently Revolutionary Mystery”, a kind of response to the “anarchist freedom” of mystery and creativity. In theory of surrealism, the response has come more and more to the "principle of permissiveness." Yshlosia is not out of the question about freedom to those whose artistic interests are creativity. "All-permissiveness" has transferred us ahead of time for the lack of individuality for political identity. The direct creativity of the word means the ruin of any moral standards in the mysteries.

Skladnі polіtichnі hitannya syurrealіzmu, anarhіstske rebelliousness, yak dehto of molodі spriymav yak revolyutsіynіst formally antiburzhuaznіst for yakoyu often stood lishe Bazhannya vraziti uyavu bourgeois porodzhuvali skladnі, tragіchnі kolіzії in dolі okremih mittsіv scho far odrazu zbagnuli i critical otsіnili psevdorevolyutsіynіst syurrealіzmu. Typical є share of the prominent French poet P. Eluard,

As a rule, the platform of surrealism is designated by singing transformations; , if Dalі vіdvіdav Freuda in emigratsii at Londonі. Positive assessment by Freud Dahl as a people and artist, by expressing his creativity and surrealism yes, you can’t talk not only about the surrealist theory of Freud’s surrealism, but about your blessed surreal psychologist.

The sound of psychoanalysis with surrealism, which was theoretically throttled by the rozumіnny creative process in the course of the year, was transformed from a number of mysterious programs and declarations, as well as inadvertising the word of ekvіlіbristika. Independently, the view of the mystery (surrealism has been developed one after the other in painting, literature, theater, film) is theoretically just the basis for redefining the visuals of the most important and the most varied ideas. Artistic transformation of a particular creature, on the absolutization of “major associations” and symbolism.

The principles of surrealism have almost certainly poured into the development of an old theater mystery. In ZO — the 40th rocky, the French theater critic and playwright A. Artaud wished to watch the “theater of horror”, the essence of which was felt by the viewer of the image of the reality. Usuperech to the classical Arto mriyav open the theater, on the whistles of a kind of glee at the price of near the light of the house. Such a rise in price is guilty of a show to show the hopelessness of the human being, the urgency of the human suffering. Arto was pretended to “truly portray from below,” de heavy to grief, erotic thoughts, barbarism, chimera, utopian smysl but-> gya, navigating cannibalism didn’t appear in the sight of it, but inwardly.

In connection with other holy events in Arto, there were numerical followers - A. Adamov, S. Becket, E. Inesco and that. The “reformers” of the theater were beaten up to ensure that people in the theatrical vistavas have better, more realistically, propagandized the philosophy of prirechenosti, vidchayu, human autonomy.

At p'єsi "Rhinoceros" 5 Ionesco demonstrates a clenched glance of the re-creation of people on a rhinoceros. Crazy wondrously, piece by piece, simplified symbolism of the playwright to get to convey to the audience more concrete idea: service to huge people and interests to rob people of the same type, dumb head herd. Tsіkavo, scho vіdoma artist-surrealist S. Kahn in the picture “Pamyati Ionesko” (1970 p.) Depicted the fact that vishukanuyu svitlomu hired, with quietly folded human hands (in one of them - a card) with one's nose. Such an understanding of “the image of Inesco” is Danina p'єsi “Rhinoceros”, as well as the most European critics to recognize the pinnacle of the playwright’s creativity.

Traditions of surrealistic dramatic drama and sound thoughts of Freud about those who are all spheres of the psychic life of people who are less than above the sphere of the dominant. Vdtvorennya hallucinations, cherished dreams of people who have spent a lot of people reproaching them and having lost the power of the creature’s instincts, - the axis of what you carry is surrealism.

Mistetsvo, as I swear by Freud’s recipes, rely on accentuations of respect for the analysis of vipadkovy situations, but on the Roskritti of the mysterious powers of the human psyche. Such are the motives of the ruling power of S. Dalí, E. Fuchs, R. Loner, S. Kahn, X. Weske, R. Schroeder-Sonnestern and others.

It’s often even more central in the picture that is no less compositional, but from the point of view of the philosophical understanding, they will occupy divine skeletons, but probably more expensive to land. The hand is microscopic to stand people, on the eyes of a yak @ ї zgoraє nevidomo kim piddaleniy giraffe, but rosirvane zhinochё tilo, bіlya yakogo lie lying skull, wrists skinny. Such a terrible light is a picture

5 Day: Ionesco E. Rhino: Plays and Stories M. 1991

Dali. Lyudin, you can’t know your own middle of fears, but you otii otii.

Zhah, pesimism wikklyayut tsi create. It is possible to “read it” in the deposits of sili uavi ix. That’s the way to wait for the Freud’s position regarding the importance of people for the fall. I want to know how to do it, dream, make it possible to transfer the tragedy.

The heroes of surrealistic creatures are psychologically ill people, dreams and symbols carry the main philosophical vantage. Freud’s follower, current American philosopher N. Brown, developing freedom of confession of people and suspension, to bring, but suspension should not strangle instinct, as if he respected Freud, and I have to carry it. The process of connecting the instinct to bring to the pan of the abstract to understand the sphere of culture. Lyudina zvikaє to symbols, as a step forward to perceive lively living, living life. Pіdnesennya іnstinktu turned є lyudin to the child’s light-receiving, there you live radically, without turbot, ідей, without borotbi.