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International Rose and Currency Operations - Savluk M.І.


Rozbudova in the Ukrainian economy and economy, integration in the economy of the world zoom in directly to the most important countries of the world, and there are a lot of international markets. Regular razrahunka with foreign partners, buying necessary for all foreign currency and sales of previously acquired foreign transactions have become a regular practice for baggage trading in Ukraine. In the near May May the dyalnost becomes more active and relevant, especially at the time of the development of the foreign exchange market and the expansion of opportunities for hedging and arbiting.

We have a special honor to fill in the discipline “International Risers and Currency Operations” with the preparation of economies for the use of public galleys, commercial banks, non-bank loans. Look at the good news about the complexity of folding foreign currency transactions and at the same time specific transactions in the field of international trading and foreign exchange markets. Virishennyu zadavlennogo zavdannya conceiem tsey vavchalny posbnik. It is sponsored by the єcladachian and practical practices, as well as read the most comprehensive courses at the Ukrainian Financial and Banking School at the Kyiv National University of Economics.

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