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Culturology - T. Gritsenko


3 architec ture of buv'azyazaniy uzvitki ukrainskogo kam'yanogo rezblennya . The most characteristic butt of harmonious architecture is sculptures, sculptures, ornaments in stone, renaissance and Ukrainian folk motifs, ус lviv uzalnitsy - a cape Campanyan, a monument to G. II., - Horst that.).

The tombstone in the tsar’s tombs, magnates, and big-city townspeople is one of the most characteristic of realistic Renaissance sculptures, like in Italy, and so in Ukraine. З XVI Art. it was blandly framed to navigate the song system of such a monument, which was formed of a sculptured image of a dead man, a kind of nibi resting, lying on a sarcophase, framed by vibrant architectural and ornamental compositions. Before the most beautiful sculptures, there are tombs of princes of the Sinyavskys from the church-tombs of metro Berezhani (70-80th century, XVI century, sculptor J. Pfister and G. Gorst), Prince K. Ostrozky (1579), who was found in Uspensky Cathedral of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. At the tomb of Ganni Sinyavsko s Berezhan, the traditions of the Ukrainian national mysticism with new Renaissance principles were organically angry. The image of a woman’s life, a yak, died in a young woman of all kinds, sounding harmonious physical and spiritual brights, graceful forms, a decorative rhythm of treating her clothes, and she’s got some words from a jerel of a painted mystery.