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Culturology - T. Gritsenko


Musical mystery. Opera in the XIX century

In Italy, on the cob of the XIX century. the most prominent opera composer bouv Dzhoakkino Rossіnі . We twist the creators of the opera Сев The Sevilsky Barber ’and і Wilhelm Tell’.

The opera “Sevilsky Barber” , as well as Mozart’s opera “Vesilla Figaro”, is written on the Beaumarchais storyline. In many musical images in the opera, the cheerful, spritny, and distant barber of Figaro is shown. The opera Wilhelm Tell is written on the plot of the legend of the era of the struggle of the Swiss people for their freedom. N_y bagato has long-lived folk scenes, pictures of nature, a bit of a bit, folk melody is characteristic.

The other half of the XIX century. I play a role in the opera mystery of the Italian vidigra itali composer Giuseppe Verdi , one of the most beloved and most popular opera composers. Yogo music melodin, available, schira. Plots Verdi, as a rule, taking advantage of life. The most popular operas є Traviata , Rigoletto and Aida .

According to the hat, the Russian Verdi sent the representatives of the opera mystery of the XIX Century, the cob of the XX century. Tse, to the best of chergu, composer Puccini , (opera Madame Butterfly (Chio-Chio-san), Bohemia, Floria Tosca, and Leoncovallo (opera Payatzi)).

At the first half of the XIX century great glory zdobuv іtalіysky violin-virtuoz i composer Nіkolo Paganіnі . Yogo Vikonavska Maystrіst and creativity celebrated a great infusion on the upcoming development of instrumental music.