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Marketing Basics - Kotler Philip

The choice of properties that characterize the source of treatment

The impact of the appeal on the audience depends on how that audience perceives the sender. Appeals transmitted by sources that are highly trustworthy are most convincing. Pharmaceutical companies strive for doctors to speak out in favor of the benefits inherent in their products, as the words of doctors sound especially authoritative. Drug fighters attract former drug addicts who warn students against drug use. To express their appeals, market leaders attract well-known personalities, such as radio and television commentators and athletes.

And what factors make the source trustworthy? These three factors are most often called professionalism, integrity and attractiveness11. Professionalism is the perceived degree of due competence of the communicator in supporting the statements made by him. It is believed that doctors, scientists and teachers are distinguished by a high degree of professionalism in their fields of activity. Honesty is an indicator of how objective and honest the source is perceived. Friends are trusted more than strangers or sellers. By attractiveness they mean the favorable impression made by the source on the audience. The attractiveness of the source is enhanced by such inherent features as frankness, a sense of humor and naturalness. Consequently, the person with the highest number of points in all these three parameters will be the most trustworthy.