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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest


Until the middle of the XVI century. the feudal lord viroblyav products is crucial for satisfying the needs of his home, for thinness on the offensive rock. The fate of the trial campaigns, as well as the marriage of the market and the pennies, were beaten by the feudal lords of the village of Bazhannya to engage in commercial commerce. For a vignette of land, de є є є є є є є,,,, зв, the nobility rang out to the villagers in a zest for their land. For the villagers tse buv zolotiy vіk. To know did not get involved in the help, the colony made it possible to gain land, and in the near future the best practice was given to them. Yakshko goiters and the quitrent of peasants of the feudal lords lost their invariables, then the profits of the land grew.

For the peremptory peasant, and it’s bulo bagato, the whole zvichine is the best bulo to grow on 8-12 hectares, mothers of one or two horses, chi voliva, two or three cows, kilka pigs and dozens of hens and geese. The daytime region of the cross-border Ukrainian formed about 0.6 kg of beer and 2.5 liters of beer. With the broadest bread products, porridge, sir, eggs, at the time of the ripe fruit season. M'yaso іli rydko, as a rule, is sacred to the great. The region of the peresichny gentry didn’t have much to do, after the vignette of the one whose motherland had lived more than meat and an hour, there were such loving vegetables, like foreign seasoning, food, and butter. Solodoschi boulevard іdkіstyu, th nav bagat to know more to the holy could allow their own wine. Naybіdnіshі villagers and townspeople went simply hungry. Through the filthy deaths, wash the death of a child with a high school, and the middle death rate, with the rest of the life, did not overreach 25 — ZO rock_v.

For the city of the XIV and XV centuries, sometimes they also got good. The stink osklyki came upon a reckoning of the first potential allies of the nobility, the Polish and Lithuanian rulers established new ones and rose the ground. For mother's allowance, rulers often set up for the city’s temple of mito, and especially for the sale of hats, which allowed them to sell imported goods to a certain extent. Prote, as it was already supposed, the stench also gave Mistam signified autonomy, which is why it spurred a fresh growth. On the cob of the XV century. by the largest place in Ukraine, the city of Lviv, but nearly 10 thousand. Meshkantsіv (Kiev, lying lying dubious before the assaults of the Tatars and through which no more important trade hats passed, populated only 3 thousand people).

The population of Lviv, ob'єdnane at 14 shops, engaged in 36 crafts. Requests in Ukraine by the Ukrainian immigrants Workshops were corporate remisniks, they seized the goods and they stole 'for goods and goods, they smelled so much. Less than one Lviv nalichuvalosa ponad 500 maystr-remіsnikіv, who entered before their own almost controversial workshop. Oskіlki mіstam іz ikhіnіm to the growing populations needed products, but the village was struck by singing virobi, regular fairs were held at regular fairs, which supported all the commerce. Also, it proceeded to trade in foreign goods, especially in Western Ukraine, apart from the fact that such a place, like Lviv and Kamyanets, lay close to the main trading grooms between Europe and the Crimea.

However, independent of intensive development, there are a lot of little widespread in Ukraine. So, in the densely populated Volin in leather 300 square meters. km fell just one misto. Not too small is the small number, and the first warehouse of the city has separated the role of the Ukrainian people. With great charm, the greater population of such great cities, Yak Lviv, began to accumulate the number of immigrants - Nimtsi, Uvrei, Poles, Virmeni, Greeks, requested by the rulers to raise the ground in Ukraine. Naybilsho Bulo Poles and nimtsіv, vіrospovіdannya yakih, Catholicism, became more and more common among the cities. Pislya was recognized before the Polish Galicia, and in the city of the greater regions of Ukraine, the middle of the population was actively engaged in a new cultural polonization.

Tse called to suvorich obmezhen for mishchans-Ukrainians. Closers, first of all the laws of Moscow, exceptionally Catholic, the polish name of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Ukraine is polished, the Ukrainian court has established that judgment. Vaughn also divorced the number of Ukrainians, who had little right to live in the city. Zokrem, at the Lviv ZO of the Ukrainian homelands of Mali, the right to live on behalf of the Moscow city and then only on a small and small Russian street. Navigation of the Orthodox Religion process was carried out by the fence, while Orthodox Christianity tempted to pay obedience to Catholic priests. In a word, the city became the first one lost the stretch of bagatel to lay down foreign land for the greater part of the Ukrainian.

Great grain boom . 16th century at bagatokh in the European countries appeared gospodarska dyal'nіst, ikhnє the population shvidko grew up. Zrostali and price on kharchі. Mizh 1500 and 1600 pp. so called the revolution price, caused by the supply of middle gold from New Svitu, called up to unhappened half price for grubby products - by 400-500%, and save money by 800-1000%. Bagatolyni zhіdnі mіsta demanded zbіzhzhya. On the spot, the land lovers of the first and central regions of the Commonwealth, the delivery of chimraz and the largest part of grain for the whole Zakhidnіv Europe. At the same hour, in the pivdennyh regions of the Commonwealth, such as Podill, roztasovany far away in the river. Vyslі, vipasali great herds of thinness, which were then driven to Pivdenna Nіmechchina and Italy. Great shydnoєevropeiska food was taken over by the addict, and in Ukraine the role of Ukraine was important.

Schyob viroblyat food efficiently at greater number, feudal lords began to retake their volodyynnya on the commercial commencement of state donations, scho called fіlvarkami. Pragnuchi put the villagers in front of their control without interruption, the stinks included them before their maturity and replaced the duty in vimagali, the villagers had more rights. On vidmіnu vid polshchі, de fіlvarkovo statehood shvidko scored a significant increase, in ukraine tse vdbuvalosa povіlnіsh. For the disclosure of such gratuities of sutthes, the necessary access to the markets meant robust strength. Though you want to know, we often found ourselves in Galichin, on Volyn and Podilli, who, for some reason, won’t feel sorry for the wisdom of the Lord, and they’ve stole the bulletin from Central Ukraine. Persh nizzh ustoryvoryvat there gratitude thanks to the development of land.

When zadlyanyany colonyzatsії polish abo polonizovanny magnates, chizy zvyazki allowed them to easily wipe off the gift of the great unpopulated lands of Ukraine, I felt the villagers occupied the land. Thou shalt more privilege the villagers, the stench sounded like it was called a settlement (that is, settling, calling off pay off any duties and dues with a length of 1'5 to ZO rokіv). From now on, in the sparsely populated Dnieper, the system of felvar state thanksgiving has begun to evolve. On the face of it, having appeared, there was a significant increase in the intensity of the minds.