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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest


The stretch of ice is not only the XIX century. new ideas, political coups and suspension reforms have brought to themselves the respect of Europe, the same Ukrainian. However, in parallel with this, the lesser, the richer the smoother, the smoother process was, and the Promislovskaya Revolution itself. Now, there’s a little vid cam'yanogo viku, if ludin tried to dig the earth, didn’t fight so much in the kings of the people of life, so that they would have blown around with the appearance of a machine. On the other hand, in the Ukrainian industrialization, there was a great deal of disruption, and the great population of Ukraine was deprived of such a kind of bosom that stretched out for thousands of people, such as choppers. Ale, at first, having excused himself for the whole XIX century in the regions of Ukraine, the industrialization began to rapidly gain widespread access. There is no reference to the complete conflict between the two houses as a whole of different systems of virobnostva, suspension organizations, values, one thing, a new one, machines, and more, a lot of tradition. Losses, super-transcendence and dilemmas, which cried out for the sake of protest, formulated a Ukrainian history with a stretch of more than one decade of the XX century.

Necessity village

I want kasasuvannya krіpachchini at 1861 p . it rang the villagers of the Russian Empire of Russia , but it didn’t shorten the economy of the country. Inventories of the life of the villagers pislya rozkrіpachennya shit unhappiness weeping over the bibles. The unreasonable cause of the dear ones from them was the bosom of the khibni rozrakhunka of the architects of reforms. Wrongfulness of mercy was the taxation of the villagers occupied by the great financial pull for the brains of the screaming debris of the land. There are a lot of heavy wages for villagers, villagers to pay premium taxes, as well as indirect taxes for tsukor, tea, tyutyun, Bavnovna, metal and iron, which is especially important for wine. Під кінець XIX century Uryadova commission advised that due to the compensation for land, the villagers paid 10 times more taxes, and noblemen. Navigation of the cassation of the capitation at 1886 p. that compensation bills in 1905 p. the greater part of the pitiable peasant pennies was indirectly taxed.

The door for the visceration of its own finances, the deeds, the villagers ako posed for pennies among the sovereign sousids, but, especially, stood on the Right Bank, - from the Jews. Ale oskilki percenti often overdid 150, the villagers, as a rule, tilki glibsha were better at the Borg. The Russians were pretended to sell their insignificant excess product, but Ale dribne didn’t give an allowance in the situation, if he drinks a little, the markets are completely low, and the price is low. Wrestle-resht, the most peasants for super low pay are often hired to work until their number of helpers was paid to the villagers.

Zrozumіlo, scho chronichny marriage of pennies, characteristic of 90% of the population of Ukraine, but the most significant benefits for the economy. Most of the villagers could not allow themselves to buy any additional land for the extension of the land, or for an instant reminder (even though it doesn’t seem like a car) for the increased productivity. In Livot, the Right Bank, about half of the villagers are not small, not horses, not a clear remanent. A peasant, harnessing to a wooden plow, Buv in Ukraine with a zvayichnoy zavischem. The increase in the availability of small pennies weakened the internal market of Ukraine and shifted to the development of trade, promises and revenues, and overturning the cost of economic imprisonment.

Proteus from the point of view of the peasant’s main reason for the lack of marriage is not pennies, but Orno land. Vreshti-resht without pennies can you live by thinking of wine, but how can you live without land? Krikhіtnі nadіl 1861 p., Yakі in Ukraine were smaller, less so if they were in empire, they could satisfy the modest consumption of their owners. And the natural element accelerated the problems to catastrophic rozmіrіv. The other half of the XIX century. The Russian empire, such as most of Europe, was experiencing a demographic vibration. Mizh 1861 and 1897 pp. її population grew from 73 million to 125 million. In 1917 p. it won over 170 million. In Ukraine, the population in less than 40 cities has grown by 72%.

Oskіlki bіlshіst Ukrainians lived in the village, demographically growing in number here. At 1890 p. on a leather acre of ornate land Right and Liberazhny. Why did you become a raptic fungus? We reiterated that the zavdyaki, the polls of medical attendance, allegedly spied the zemstvos, the number of children’s mortality rates had suddenly changed, and the population had grown up with a significant amount of peace. First of all, respect, but in spite of all the abbreviations for medical attendants, mortality for the skin of thousands of people of the Russian Federation, the number of residents is lower, and the average is shown in Western Europe.

After suffering from all kinds of problems — overpopulated and unstable lands — they recklessly gave themselves the opportunity to go to the Ukrainian village in Ukraine. In deyaki regions, and in front of the steppes, in 1900 p. the stinks of three-chotiri razi re-examined the prices of 1861, more often having made more room for the villagers to buy the Dodatovo land, since they so stoutly demanded that they stink. The last inheritance of overpopulation became unemployment. It was promised that in the 1890s, the wobbling power in Ukraine, while working in Ukraine, weakened more than 10.7 million people. Of these, state sponsorship demanded 2.3 million, and in the remaining gallows of the economy, 1.1 million was needed. Reshta - 7.3 million, and 68% of the work force, became an excess, and in the great fortune, it was unprofitable and not busy. Napolodnaya isnuvannya. It’s not marvelous that, behind the rivals of life, the Ukrainians went far behind the Sunset. For example, at 1900 p. the average statistical Danes lived in close proximity to 2166 pounds of bread, Nimets - 1119, and Madars - 1264 pounds. Protein in Ukraine, de jlib being the most important, lower on the Zakhod, component of the race, the middle price of life, becoming less than 867 pounds - and in Ukraine, they called it the breadbasket of Europe.

Relocated to Scheid . In the middle of the country’s peasant landings, all the villains are ruining everything, for the mother of Latvia is bigger. One way, having settled in the sample of the Great House of land without land, pay in return for the right to grant the state a little less. I want such a camp of speeches to be made even after having cropped up the bagato, the bagato villagers are not the least of the vibrator, so you can wait for it. A radical change from the situation of emigration. Along with the view of the world’s most Ukrainian people, like in the land of bugs and robots, they could get drunk overseas, while the other Ukrainians did not need to spend a lot of time between the Russian cities. The stinks could run dry by the way (often long as they were, mostly from Europe and America) uninhabited lands of the Russian Far Descent, especially in the Amur basin, near Primorsky Krai.

Mizh 1896 and 1906 rubles., After the equipment of the Trans-Siberian Hall, about 1.6 million Ukrainians moved to Scheid. Suvorov umi zmusili bagayoch turn to the house. І all, independent on the shop floor, at 1914 p. Nearly 2 million Ukrainians lived on Far Skhody. Prior to that, on Skhid, at the land plots, Ukrainians, twice Rosiyan, moved twice. In this way, if the premiere of the Western Canada were mastered by the Ukrainian citizens of the Habsurian Empire, the Ukrainian people shouted the lands of the Pacific Uzbek coast of Russia. As a result, let’s do the same for those who were ready to go, the Ukrainian villagers, abi deny the land.

Rosharuvannya settlement . Behind the back burner, without hope, the camp of the villagers did deyak from them, as usual, they praised more beautifully for the Inshih. Unusloc tsogo mayne rossharuvannya between the villagers has become a memorable reform. The social and economic structure of the Ukrainian (Yak and Rosii) village sat on a daily basis in the famous Aldous Huxley about those people who want to spend their time on the middle, the lower and the lower. In the Ukranian countryside, settlement began to take shape because it was clearly bugging, who were called curculea; gospodarіv the middle class, tobto the middle class; that b_dnikh villagers, but b_dnyakіv.

Zavdyaki on the basis of strained practice, initiative, and digging talent with (often to spend money on) livelihood alone, about 15-20% of the villagers were removed, and there was little time for them to lose their time. In the middle of their ranks, they came to the aid of the smokers for the benefit of the extended generations of the coming generations to utter their freedom. The average representative of the Central Asian Republic is 65 to 75 acres of land, the number of horses and the techno-technical equipment. The stench often hired laborers and conducted commercial offerings. The service for Lenin’s happy days was especially welcomed by these villagers, by the way they looked like the bourgeoisie and the operating class. Prote bagato students who have gone to school to learn more social and economic outbreaks between the curlers and the villagers. I want to curry, they exploited the best compatriots, and often I hated them and cringed them, the curious ones encouraged themselves and promoted to lose their eyes in the eyes of the villagers, since they were not far from home. And bridnoya mrіyala not about the liquidation of the Kurkulіv, but about those who themselves should be such.

The middle faith of the Bula villagers is apparently great and stored approximately 30% of the population. 8–25 acres of land belonged to Serednyakov, which was distributed to those who want to blow out their homeland. Until then, the middle peasants were often mali kіlka of horses and kіlka golіv thinness. Even longer than a stink they could buy their own technology. Such middle and middle peasants, with their dirty and tidy huts, who spoke with their own eyes about the pride of their power and independence, were especially widespread on Liberezhzhzh.

Ale Koodi is the number of bully b_dnyaki. Piling up about half of the village settlement, the stinks were not taken up by the land, but they had taken up a whole acre, not enough for Abi to be happy. They didn’t die, bdnyaki hired themselves before the bustling villagers and helpers who violated seasonal souvenirs. Sim'ya could come from different reasons. Often such misfortune, like twig, the death of someone of natural daredevil villagers to sell part of the land, and then I will scatter my land, having amused myself with such a rank of supreme economic base. For an hour, the stinks consumed their resources from the wealthy gospodaruvannya. Neridko lіnoshchі that piyatstvo brought sіm'yu to the brink of disaster.

For the sake of time, with so many people and so many children, the people of the peaceful village have become more and more stressed and unhappy. Tomorrow, they respected the bachelors, since if the Russian Empire and the Revolution are vibrating, then it will be possible to revel in the countryside.

The economy of the nobility . In spite of the generous amount of land, financial support for the order of the first row, the nobility and privilege were no longer included in the period of 1861 p. The reason was denied by the main leader in that the supporters didn’t try to redirect their dolls to the commercial business. Instead of contributing pennies to technology, the stench has grown up in the middle of life; Prizvichivshis to gratuitous krіpatskoj pracі, stink not healthy bully hire the additional strength; But the necessary for the successful state discipline, initiation and practicality of the bagato nobility simply did not know.

Schaub virishity their financial problems, the nobles took poems. At 1877 p. close to 77% of the nobles of Mali are the great Borgs, and to that they sold their land to them at home. Vidtak mizh 1862 and 1914 pp. gentry zemlevolodіnnya in Ukraine decreased by 53%. However, without the right bank, dearly speaking, the Polish magnates could more easily add to the difficulty and utterly wield their magnificent mats.

The share of the nobility was about those traditional tradition in Ukraine, as in the empire, steadily came from the sky. Having sold their land, the nobles moved to Mist, and became officials, officers and representatives of Intellectuals. Well, the stinky and nadal corridors were in great suspenseful passages, and in their hands until 1917. relinquished the bulk of the land. But the days of the nobility were like a class, even though they didn’t have any control over the settlement and steadily lost control over the land, they broke into pieces.

Komertsіyne sіlske statehood . It’s not paradoxical, I wish the Ukrainian village suffered stagnation and non-fall, the role of the “European breadbasket” promoted growth. All the same, to the small amount of the nobility at once, removing all the best classes, in spite of the upward trends, overturning your mats on great agricultural enterprises, you have shipped the goods to the world. Abnormality of the whole camp by catching the Imperial Minister of Finance Vishnegradsky , who praised: “It’s not enough, it’s vivezemo!”

However, the export of products of food products and the nature of character. They took the fate of the deceitful deeds of the Ukrainian region from a new, but small, population. The center of commercial digging on the soil ^ і to \ XIX century became the steppes of the private land with easy access to the Chornomorsk ports. Generally, the villagers of the region’s region actively sought out the area, investing in technical equipment and technical equipment to Naiman Praciu. Pislya 1861 p., If the wittingly working power of the grown up has become more and more ruined, and the community has become more thorough, Ukraine has begun to step up the regiony of the zokrem and have gotten the most out of the product. On the cob of XX century. 90% of the main export product of the empire - wheat - fell to Ukraine. Here, 43% of the barley was harvested, 20% of wheat and 10% of corn.

Proteus is not wheat, the main commodity culture in Ukraine. The buryaks have been guarding the function - the main syrovine for virobnitz tsukru for the empire and the great part of Europe. In Europe, it’s important to know the land, to be more beautiful, to the right bank, were pleased to consume large-scale virochuvannya chukrovyh buryakiv, scho rooted here until the 1840s. Yak i was the owner of the check, the largest tukrovarny Volodya was polishi Rodi, Yak Branitsky and Pototsky. Before the "chinch barons" of the Right Bank, there were also the Rosiyans, - for example, the same Bobrynsky; Ukrainian - Tereshchenki, Simirenka and Yakhnenki, as well as Hebrew - Brodsky and Galperіni. A water hour with a valuable commodity culture on Livoberezhі buv tyutyun, having shaved 50% of the largest virology in the empire. By offending the sides of the Dnieper, the viral collapse of the statehood became the viral collusion of statehood. Looking at such a major contribution to the economics of the empire, it’s not marvelous that Ukraine was respected by the private sector.