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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

Great terror

The industrialization and collective education led to the grandfather of a greater degree of ownership near Moscow. In Ukraine, ts meant that mriy, іlіuzії that even reached success in samovryaduvannі, scho characterized chronoveni nadiy 20-ti rock, blamed prirechenim. Systematically knowing even the whole aspects of autonomy, Stalin, having started to repulse the republic simply into the administrative unit of the Radyansky Union. І leather, hto having put on a yogi’s hat, іdlyagav lіkvіdatsії.

At the first attack, Stalin was opposed to potential opposition in Ukraine (the real strongest one was weak). th science. ODPU, the factory “local anti-children’s organizations”, zatosochny physical and psychological terror, killed their victims to recognize their membership in them at a wide range of shows. At such a way the police have violated the desire to sue, discredit all, that is, look at them completely, until the last season.

Up to the price of tactics in Ukraine, they rushed from 1929-1930 rr., As long as the traditional national organization had the title “The Ukrainian Language List ”, I had 45 representatives, Andriy Nikovskogo, Josip Germayze, Mikhail Slabchenko, Grigory Goloskevich and Lyudmila Staritsk-Chernyakhіvsk. The “manifestation” of the organization was attributed to the meta: for the assistance of foreign powers, emigrant forces, the settlement of villages against the collectives, the incursion of Stalin and his associate in Ukraine with the Soviet Union of Social Democratic Republics. The victorious court process for creating an atmosphere of anticipation and reluctance, rejoicing authorities, went over to a wide attack on the intellectual elite.

Yak is possible in a bland manner, with one of the first instincts, they recognized the head strike in the first attack, the Bula All-Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. After the IED process, the name of the member of the Academy was named after half an hour, the detachment censored the third view, becoming a curious member of the “section of the bourgeois nationalists”. At 1931 p. they released the historical section of M. Grushevsky , and the most insightful drive of the one that was accountable to one and the same organization, hung up to Russia, de 1919 p. died. Nabagato suvorishih peresl_duvan recognized bagato yogo colleges and even all scholars.

The VCA process also became a signal to the perception of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church . Sound at the meeting with the organisation of the organization, the church hierarchy of the boulevard of the cliche at the church 1930 p. Cathedral and self-desolation. By the outrage of Metropolitan Mikola Boretsky , dozens of bishops and hundreds of priests were sent to labor camps.

In 1933, as far as the perspiration of praising represii did not see, Stalin received new ones. Now the stench of the boules is hidden on the face of the front party members. The purges were not new, they were periodically carried out at the 1920s for the party parties, the opportunistic, the love-giving and the unfriendly for the struggle of the members. Ale in the 1930s, the stench rock filled with evil, fearful rice. The members of the party included mainly for the “ideological pardon of the first bastard,” because for those who were rightly justified, they didn’t bother with the politics of Stalin. The inclusion of a party led to the release of the order. As a result, terror has become a sign of life not less than widespread mas, but the first communist leadership.

The Radyansky Union as a whole culminated in the Stalinist purges instructed in 1937–1938, prote, as he meant Lev Kopelєv, “in Ukraine thirty thirty roms came in the thirty-third.” Ymovirno, who is not a problem for national communism, on one side, and the demoralization of the Ukrainian communes, because of the fears of collective collectives and hunger, on the other hand, they especially regained respect before Ukraine. About the closest burden of meeting the ideological emphasis of Moscow. Rocky party repeated through the mouths of its leaders, which has a great deal of headache for the joyful harmony є rosyysky chauvinism, at the same time as the nationalism of the non-Russian people is a little less concern, more so than ever before. However, in 1933 p. I’ve already been convinced that Ukrainian nationalism has become stronger than usual at the side of Kurkul, and I’m calling it Ukraine’s problem. So, having hatred before repeating quietly the Ukrainian communes, as well as having a good time with the politics of Ukraine.

Chervonoarmіytsі ruin the church. Ear of 30s rock

Chervonoarmіytsі ruin the church. Ear of 30s rock

The dissatisfaction of Stalin with the Ukrainians did not scream the grace. Ukranian village of Nicholas didn’t make the big bargain, but in the middle of that time - the traditional traditions of the commune - the majority of the villagers poured in and became a real threat to the prosperity of the land. Namіri Stalina cleanse the Communist Party (b) We explained ahead of time that we won’t think so, I didn’t show myself the regular rank and hour of the student’s hour. Virshivshi zrobiti communes of Ukraine "goats vіdputchennya" for the failures of 1932-1933 rr., Stalin punishing piddati ikh vidkritіy criticism. As a result, the Ukrainian communes were judged in the editorials of Pravdi and the resolutions of the Central Committee. for lack of pilnost and m'yakotіlіst before the curls and in the conducted grain harvest.

The Ukrainian Communists faced a tragic dilemma. Having reckoned among the vimogs of Stalin, from one side, that terrible share of the population of Ukraine - from the first, they didn’t stink out of the cold to satisfy the Persians, but help them stay. Having lost the whims of Moscow and didn’t want to give a message to the people, the Communist Party (b) U became dishonest. The found shock of the third bulo was taken over in 1933, if Stalin designated him as his special representative in Ukraine, and in fact, as the “vice king”, Pavel Postishev . At once iz Postishevim came the new head of the ODPU Vsevolod Balitsky і thousand rosіyskikh funktsionerіv. It became clear that the days had gone by, if the Ukrainian Communities themselves “ruled the ball” in Ukraine.

Postishev was commissioned to complete the collection without looking at the cost, to clean the communal party and to fix the Ukrainian. Thousands of civil servants in the village vіn vіnіniv their people. Vodnoch hour vin rozchav attack in Ukraine. Sue pіdkreslyuvannya "natsіonalnoї spetsifіki" yak "nebazhannya pіdporyadkovuvatisya іnteresam All-Union", talking about vіn ukraїnіzatsіyu yak about "cultural kontrrevolyutsіyu" natsіlenu on rozpalyuvannya "natsіonalnoї vorozhnechі in proletarіatі" to "іzolyatsіyu of Ukrainian robіtnikіv od beneficial vplivu rosіyskoї culture."

The main object of this cascade is the boulevard boulevard sanctuary M. Skripnik . Do not be bazayuchi to become worse policies of Ukrainian, 7 Lipnya 1933 p. Vin nakladaє hands on himself. So itself k_lkoma months to tsoy having reproached M. Khvilovy. The senior ideologist of the Ukrainian National Communism Shumsky died. Accordingly, yak was gaining the rightfulness to the Terror of Postishev, there were people who were screaming, and thousands of new representatives of the Intellectuals, who appeared in 20 rockies. For the deceitful fellow, from 240 Ukrainian writers, there were 200 of them. Out of 85, they were cognitively recognized 62. They shook their ears with shpigunami and artists, artist, editor. Prior to the Siberian camps, they sent Matviy Yavorsky and those representatives from the Ukrainian Institute of Marxism-Leninism, who have scattered the Marxist history of Ukraine. The experimental theater of Kurbas “Berezil” was shouted, and Kurbas himself, as the playwright M. Kulish , was also lost in labor camps . Glorified for the whole world of film Dovzhenko was known for hire, and the film director himself was moved to Moscow. Hundreds of kobzars were requested for Kobzarsky Z'Izd Bulo, they started talking, and then, like they did, they rebuilt. Schob uryatuvatisya, deyak scribes, such as Yak P. Tichina and M. Bazhan, began to write the dictation of Moscow.

Roschat in 1930 p. the perception of the Ukrainian attitudes has now reduced its apogee. The representatives of society, state sponsorship, justice, the city of Krasnodar Academy, editorial boards of newspapers, literary hours, encyclopedias, and business studios were null and void of national rights. At the leaf fall of 1933, we’ve been giving pouches to our friends, Postishev whirled up, shcho, “they have fallen off the nationalist scribbler of Skrypnyk, we’ve been able to zvilniti ... the structure of the Ukrainian socialist culture ... Bula Viconana is a great robot. To tell a story, just one extra People’s Commissariat of Ecology cleared two thousand people, they belonged to national elements, including about 300 entries and scribes. ” When clearing Postishev’s boulevard, it’s not just the culture of culture, but the political top of Ukraine. For zvukovvachennymi in natsionalializmі victims of purges were ponad 15 yew. відповідальних працівників. Crimean nationalism, members of the party have been calling out for “fascism”, “trotskyism” . "All-inclusive bilshovitskoy sawnness" and "zvyazk with emigrant colas and foreign powers." As a result, between 1933 and 1934 p. KP (b) Have spent nearly 100 yew. member_v. After posting, meaning that even after all, they had put them up, they would hang them up. Navigate L. Trotsky, having recognized that “there are no more repressions, cleansing, humiliating, and ignoring every kind of bureaucratic hooliganism, they have not scored such fearful incidents, as in Ukraine, there are many unavailable domesticities in Ukraine.

Stanislav Kosior i Mikita Khrushchov. 1927 p.

Stanislav Kosior i Mikita Khrushchov. 1927 p.

As a matter of fact , praised reporters , which were scattered across Ukraine, on the cob of the 1930s rock bully, mostly hidden against Ukrainians, the Great Purge 1937-1938 pp. covered the entire Radyansky Union. Vaughn put the method of revenge on all real and obvious enemies Stalin and permeate all the equal joy of the slavish, especially on the other hand, on the slightest loss, slave obedience to the great rulers, and on the lower the number of the most important ships. "Bilshovizmu (i potenzіynі superniki Stalіna). Political police, now called the NKVS (NKVD) , without upin, they fabricated the "serpents" of terrorist groups, and because of them they were far more numerous. The sonic wilderness of Buv is a mortal wrock, who has suddenly gone round, having a short vipad of trivals termin uv'yaznennya in Siberian concentration camps . So that you can protect yourself from the unlimited supply of “zradnikіv” , the NKVS’s team got into the idea of ​​“Who hired you?” And “Whom did you get?” Otrimanі "business" often rushed vipadkovyh know, friends and members of the family. If there is a growing threat of danger in Europe, Bula Rosstrilyana is a significant part of the command, the United Base of Potential Opposition.

First of all, Ukraine was in the midst of the republic, and they found the most important blows. On vidmіnu vid purges of 1933 p., An hour and a half there were opponents of collectives and Ukrainians, from 1937 p. Stalin virishuє lіkvіduvati all kerіvnitsvo KP (b) That all Ukrainian Radyansky squad. Postishev (who receives messages from Russia, the mercilessly cleansing vikonavets purge of 1933), after starving the famine, obviously, having become more and more involved in the correctness of the steel methods and the basis for the Ukrainian economy. I vin, and Kerivnitsvo Ukrainian Communist Party vidmovilis to carry out cleaning on such a scale, such as vimagav Stalin. Navigate after that, they put Yak Postishev, and to Ukraine in sickle 1937 p. Three special representatives of Stalin arrived - Vyacheslav Molotov, Mikola Єzhov and Mikita Khrushchov , the communal council of Ukraine at the warehouse of Stanislav Kosior, Grigory Petrovsky and Panas Lyubchenka, who relied on cleanings. As a result, before the worm 1938 p. 17 minutes of the Ukrainian Radyansky detachment Bulo was reparted and frightened. Prem'єr-minіstr Lyubchenko having lived by suicide. All members of the Central Committee and the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) took up their turn. Nearly 37% of the members of the Communist Party (b) U have recognized for their fellow tribes and represi, nearly 170 yew. Cholovik. For the words of the new “viceroy” of Moscow by Kyiv Mikiti Khrushchov, the Ukrainian Communist Party “the Bula has been cleaned to shine”.

The NKVS has planned to know the values ​​of the population, the yak, the clergy, the priest, the number of participants in the anti-Bolshevik’s countries, be quiet, because he’ve been born behind the cordon, there are relatives from Galicia; to navigate the simplest people drove off at the magnificent little villages. About the scale of the Great Cleansing, see, see, have a look at the Vinnytsia pid hour of another holy vіyni masové ten thousand. rosstrilyanykh from 1937-1938 Moscow residents. Looking back at the marriage of information to older students, it’s important to ignore the number of people’s gates, who seem to have ignored Stalin’s terror. Behind the Adam Ulam’s fellow runners-up, in Usyom Radyansky Union _ between 1937 and 1939 nearly 500 yew the owner of the bulletin was bought here 3 to 12 million was sent to the tabor. We can allow the number of victims to the terror to be borne out of sight in Ukraine with the highest number of civil servants.

Until the 1930s, those people were obzhmee self-liberating, like the Mali, Ukrainian and non-Russian people, but it’s a lot more familiar. Now control over all the parties to life in the city of Moscow at the center of intercourse. Nekhtuyuchi by reprimands, bajazhenny protests of Ukrainian communes, Stalin ruled in Ukraine through his own special emisaries, such as Postishev Khrushchov. Despite its great economic importance, Ukraine has lost control over its resources, capital investments, development of business contributions, and more, over social policy. Navigate the Holodomor The Ukrainian Radyansky detachment didn’t migrate without Moscow’s permission to order a kilogram of grain. Cultural mortgages were curled up, or they had gone wild. Bulo was packaged in the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Belarus system of food safety, and instead of that, the Union of Foreigners were introduced by the Skrypnik of school children’s hands. Centralization and standardization have gone so far, so that they would most closely discuss the food about those who wish to save the republican structure of the Radyansky Union.

Stalin liked having loved the dragon policy with minor propaganda actions. So, in 1934, if the campaign was centralized, the capital of Ukraine from Kharkov, bulo was transferred to the traditional center of Kyiv - Kyiv. At 1936 p. Steel repeating svіy hіd. Along the front of the Great Purge, it bestowed on the peoples of the Soviet Socialist Republic the new constitution, who secured all rightful rights, and the bulk of the "bourgeois democracies" were so visible. Winning the Verkhovna Rada, it was stocked up in the House of the Union and the House of Nationalities, the most attractive body of sovereign power. Win the same by confirming the right of the Republic of the Union to the Union and the Union to the World Bank from 4 to 1 1, giving the Middle East and the Caucasus Region. The phrase “became more famous” was said in the apogee of 30-year-old fear: “Life has become more beautiful, life has become more fun”.