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A penny is a loan - Savluk M.I.

9.4. Interest rate

Pozichkovy percent іsnuv do not expect. Win win Todi, if marketable virobnitstvo has already reached the singing stage of development, it seems to me that the regular groovy obig and winners of the big deal are better. Percentage of impotent people without granting a loan, although they want to stay, like vignettes, you can rely on an interest-free basis. Proteus doesn’t mean, but it’s not the economic category, that’s how to maintain the deity of the economy. Obviously, such a thought was accumulated through a random number of economical categories, such as the rank of the singer: first category, penniless, the other - such penniless category, as well as financially, the same thing is necessary, etc.

The prototype of the commodity distribution and the fact that we owe them credit loans as the basis of the interest rate cannot explain the nature of the interest rate.

Percentage (wid lat. Pro centum - by one hundred) - a cell is a frequent part of a certain number, which is taken as a whole. In Ukrainian, the word synonym is the word "bankroll". This is often the case with the period when the loan is secured, so in the minds of the current market economy, if the loan is inconsequential, with the forms of the loan. Ale, independent of the similarity of the form, the essence of the percentage in the different ways of working out is necessary.

Likhvarsk credit, typical of slave and feudal slavery, boiled up to a higher interest rate, often led to a more uprooted position, higher price was explained because, as a rule, this is your main type of loan. The slaves of the feudal lords, and also the other virobniks, the remnants and villagers, were the pozichalniki boules. However, most of them persuaded more than one loan for the purchase of items for sale, the other for repaying the Borg, satisfying the impudent, well-to-do living people, needlessly. A high percentage for a lihvarsky loan is not a bit hard to sweep not only the entire pre-paid product, but the first part of the product you need.

A capital loan is granted for satisfying the demand of functional capital in time-consuming cats, so you can speed up a little while organizing the process of working out the goods. It is logical, here the interest rate is not guilty of damning the entire pre-product product. In addition, you won’t be bored with credit. Percentage can be such a milestone, a loan will be loaned for both the lender and the principal.

From now on, virobnichi vidnosini recognize the socially-economical nature of interest. In the minds of the market economy, there is a lack of interest in the fact that the interest rate is є the payment for the income is paid by the income capital. With a creditor and a clerk, the amount of interest is clear, the lines and the method of payment are used to cater to the singular, the percentage is the economic category.

The absolute value of income, which is a way to deny the appearance of pennies for the Borg at the be-forms, is called percentage pennies, or, shortly, percent. I kind of bi chi is similar to not a small percent, so expect a specific manifestation of such an economic category, as a percentage.

Vidnosin with a percentage drive is characterized by those who stink to imagine the unity of the first payment and the denial. Payment of interest for victorious living wartosti of posichkovy capital є transferring the singing part of vartosti without gaining equivalent. Percentage of the amount of interest to pass on to the lender. Tsey perehid idarty for direct protracted loan, to be rewarded, but to get credit to ruin, to turn around. Protea interest payment, as a rule, can not be paid in the hour of turning the loan. There can be more early on than before.

Dzherelom pay interest є Dodatkova’s affinity, I’m better at the process of virobnitz, and I’m only having to pay the highest rate, but the norm.

The norm of the interest rate is the sum of the sum of income earned on the income capital, up to the amount of money put on the money is multiplied by 100. For example, for example, the amount of money paid is 200 thousand. UAH., and denying a new life - 30 thousand. UAH., then the rate of interest becomes less than 15%

In practice, the rate of interest for interest at the form of the interest rate is the amount of income for fixed incomes per hour, that is, income per cent (pennies) to sum borg per unit hour. The interest rate is expressed as a percentage and in the appearance of a ten-decimal chintel. In the remaining order, there won’t be any agreements at the contracts with pointers with accuracy up to 1/16 chi 1/32.

Interval for an hour, until the interest rate is stalled, it is called the period of interest. For such a period, take rіk, pіvrіchchya, quarter, month a day. Schob become known at the interest rate, bring it up to the interest rate, multiplying the rate for pivr, quarter, month, day at 2, 4, 12 chi 365.

The norm of the pozichkovy percent of the interruption in the song pool is the norm of the margin: in the minds of minds, the average norm is the margin of the margin є the maximum boundary for the norm of percent. The lower (minimum) between the norms of interest is definitely not possible. Ale won’t be guilty of zero, more credit for a doctor’s loanє

any sense for the lender. Vidomo, schoch a profit on the percentage that pidprimnitsky dokhid. The first one is a creditor, and the other is a stub. Oskіlki percent yak price of a posichkovy capital is not a turnaround vartosti, but ше more than the price of a lively vartosti, the rate of norms of a poshichnogo percent cannot be recognized by the law of vartosti.

Rivny norm pozichichnogo percent vstanovlyuetsya p_d vplli-! You must compete in the market for postal capitals and lay down a special offer and offer for postal capitals. Chim greater drink on credit, Tim is the rate of interest. It is important to consider the rate of interest, which is especially important for the penny market, the average rate of interest, and the rate of interest for singing period. The interest rates of differentiation are irrelevant in the form of credit, one of the most important signs and the other, the third part and the number of lines, especially the number of people. Nainizhchu є interest rate for the "first class" posichalnikov (in the USA, for example, call it "prime rate"), so as to be established for the best of the great posichnikov. Won є basic for the establishment of lower interest rates.

In addition to the norm, on the other hand, the norm of the percentage of inflow of bagato of the most active and sub-active officials, and itself:

- rosemy groshovy piles and bonuses for suspension and commodity-groshov balance of balance;

- the scale of the virology, the level of special specialization and cooperation;

- spіvvіdoshennya mіzh internal and external cooperation of the state; - cycle counting virobnitztva;

- seasonality of minds and sales of products;

- Temperament of inflation, acceleration of certain wikimedia interest rate increases, and a servant of all kinds of capital interest. When there is a wide range of nominal and real interest rates (due to the increase in inflation) of the interest rate. As a rule of thumb, inflation will increase the interest rate, remaining “negative” (as a whole), so long as interest is contracted by the creditor;

- the accuracy of the loan;

- the risk of penny credit regulation of the economy by the central bank with the help of interest rates of the higher authorities and tools, differentiation of deposits and credit policy;

- international officials, especially large overflow of capital from the country to the country, transferring the so-called "hot" pennies.

In the minds of economical crisis, it is important to insure that the cost of capitals and percentages is higher in the lower phases of the production cycle. All of this is due to the fact that the pozichkovy capitals for servants are overwhelmingly round and round of functional capitals, and to that, the law of the whole is enriched by the change of the number of cycles. However, the dynamics of the posichkovy trade and commercial capital do not expect to be paid.

Hearing virobnitsva and surplus of free capital hour hour crisis superconducting gostroy unstable pozichkovy capital and high rate of interest rates. At the same time, investors are welcome to save their regards and money and get ready for it. All the way up to the annual change of contributions. In addition, you don’t have to go bankrupt, trade and business may have a great drink on a loan to pay off your borg.

In the period of stagnation (depression), as long as a part of the productive capital is numbered, a groovy uniform is rewarded with a posichichny capital, the concession is rewarded with a positive capital, the average profit rate and the norm of the interest rate are reduced. For periods of interest and industrial day, we characterize those who are very quick to drink on credit when there are not enough obedience to the premium capital, and the norm of the premium interest is paid.

In general, in general perspectives, the norm of the percentage of interest is the trend to low. All this is due, first, to the trend of average norms, a little bit to the change, in a different way, with the development of the economy of zrosta, a one-day surplus of posichichny capital. Zbіlshennya vyprezhnogo viperedzha pagromadzhennya dіysnogo capital. However, there is a surplus of winnings that is less during the singing phases of the pre-production cycle, redistributed in the period of depressions, and also in connection with the capital of the unproductive power, and the speculators are skinny.

From now on, the dynamics of the norm of the interest rate of the interest is identified by the simple market mechanism and the added value of the factor and the singer’s world to lay the foundation of the sovereign penny-credit regulation of the economy.

If you can understand how to increase interest, so as to lay down your mind to the contract. You can see the interest rate, interest rate, and other signs. Zokrema, percentages are different for the base, which is taken for the first time. Butt can be more than the highest national interest rates, so zakosovyvatsya є eurocurrency currencies. With the most significant invasion of London, the interbank offer rate is LIBOR (London interbank offered rate). An allowance (spread) for loans is reached before LIBOR. When tsomu for rozrahunkіv take post_yna abo postіdnovno zmіnna base. In the remaining order, a sum is taken for the base, scribbled on the front one, now it’s increased, but at the same time discounted, seemingly, percentages are worth a percentage. With a permanent base, the rate is simple, and with a permanent base - folding interest rates. Interest rates can be fixed or floating. In the remaining order, the rate is not the rate itself, but the base rate and the premium to it.

Margin (represented by French marge territory) - interest rate for interest rates for loans and resources. The rozmir margin to be deposited in the form of a financial stand for a person, a line of credit, interest rate, interest rate, yak pays off for borrowed credit resources, and may be extended in advance and terminated by a loan. Inkoli ії rozmіr can be ignored by the central bank of the country.

In the context of the Ponyattya “margin” in bank practice, it is important to use this method. There may also mean a loan interest rate for interest on loans, I’m hoping for a higher category of loans, more money for security, a credit card, a loan amount, and a large sale.

Pozichkovy percent of the income of the function and the savings of the posichkovy capital.

Shchodo rozpodіlnoї functions, then, as already indicated, a side-by-side repudiation by the clerk from the vicarious people of the coffin capital, divided into two parts - the percentage of interest and income. The proportionality of such a distribution is contemplated by the other factors, as well as by closed credit facilities. Therefore, the і і rosіmіr of pozichkovy percent may be іmperative in nature, tоto yo и лат в в в в в роз роз роз роз роз роз роз у у у в в в в в сп сп сп сп сп сп сп сп сп сп сп сп сп сп сп сп сп сп сп сп сп сп сп ’ This means that posichalnikov should be deprived of that part of the profit, in order to get lost after paying interest to the creditor.

Establish banks, generally, to trade pennies, to learn more and more for your operations, as well as to curry money for profits. One cannot smell money for loans, given loans, organizations, attitudes, and people living with extra money on reckoned coasters or string deposits, as well as more banks, by the way, by the way. The interest rate for credit resources, which osher to repay the banks, as a rule, lower than the interest rates for loans, which they offer to the banks, at a higher margin. отrimati dodatkov dokhid. Whose income must be paid to pay interest and gain a lucrative gain, please get a credit card by entering a credit card.

The function of preserving posichkovy capital of the bank is that, with an extra percentage of interest, the creditor will be able to take care of the position of the principal, such as minimum wartosti, credit card and credit. It is especially true that functions are manifested in the period of high rates of inflation. Aje inflation is interest rate - not inappropriately: lenders have the benefit of lower nominal and real interest rates for loans at a reasonable rate of inflation, and for borrowers - with higher interest rates. Interest rate bank in winniki and at times overpriced interest rates, they ought to rally with them for borrowed credit resources, over the rates for hired pozichki. For this hour, the interest rate for corridors is with interest rates. Such a method allows the creditor to transfer the prize to the posichkovy capital to the posichnik, and through him to all suspension, and even the unified percentage, the prizyschik will try to give him the price of his comrade.

To save money, I want to change my credit, banks in the period of inflow to freeze these methods: enter floating interest rates for the loan, keep your rates at the same time as you need to change your bank account at all times. (refinancing rates), anyway, at the constant rate of inflation; reluctant to press on not mid-term or pre-term loans, but rather short-term ones; to give loans is not a percent interest, but with a mental share in a side of a leaned-in entrance lean.

Functions of percent recognize the role in suspension. Nasamperid the percentage of interest to a more effective loan for the future, the most commercially available loan for the state. Adje turn a little sign and pay a percentage is easier than it would be if we could have smashed the biggest gain from the project credited. Ineffective design is just vіdsіkayutsya. The water hour is the percentage of income earned by banks, with the minimum interest rate.

Percentage of the most effective inequality in the subordinates of the state donation of their most powerful pennies. Trimayuchy ix at the bank on a flow chi deposit rahunku, stink out of money, you can choose to return income. The singing world is easy for them to get through with bank loans, and often on the bank’s minds, there’s a bigger commercial bank of interest for customers, so you can save it with penniless resources.

A great role is played by interest in the stimulated population of investing their interest in banks. In the first place, the percentage of abuses is rejected, the price is for the protection of the knowledge of the economy. In other words, the percentage on the contribution is є by the income income of the population. The interest rate on string deposits stimulates a depositor to increase their interest in banks in trivial lines, more than once to increase the ability of banks to pay more than the average number of pre-term loans for business and leisure.

Water hours are at a higher interest rate, like even a trivial hour, are stalled in Ukraine, do not give the opportunity to get more money from bank grants. The whole stream of economy, the wisdom of the economy crisis. I don’t miss out on any kind of loans, take advantage of the high interest rate, don’t let the product run out of the way, and often try not to compete on the market, but on the national market.