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Investuvannya - Peresada A.A.


3.1. The process of investment capital

In case of financial investment, the main respect is fixed on the assessment of the investment vibra , for the understanding of the permissive, and of which theoretically correct methods can be brought about without interruption to the maximum, so that the maximum is possible. The person who wants to take care of oneself is one who wants to take a look, who wants to know more, one who knows how to do it. Yakimos, with the rank of ideally well-informed investment, is at the end of the day, penniless flows and scattered appropriations are scattered. Rizik to insure the discount formulas, for which the value of the pure current version of the project (NPV) is deducted. The most significant NPV is positive, the proposition has become a part of the list of accepted investment capacities. Tsey perelіk u podshimuyu revisyuvatsya a whim of evaluation of mutual projects for the wisdom of witty marriage between financial capital, which is necessary.

Such an approach to the budget for capital is sovereign:

  • Investment is simple.
  • The project can be looked at more easily, so that the project is not є interdependent.
  • Rizik can improve the insurance coverage of purely current interests.
  • Nekіlkіsnі zauvazhennya schodo investuvannya to respect not to undertake.
  • Evaluation of groshy streams є uninterrupted.

For such an allowance, and I will vote for myself on the investment estimates, and not as a whole on the process of investing, we can get the situation out of the way, if it’s impossible to get the most out of the way for the investment program. The given situations can provide better insights, with a kind of organization can I break down the conceptual framework, spinning on the yak, can you realize solid and successful investment projects? Tse not obov'yazkovo vimagaє vikoristannya of superfluous methods in any procedures. The manager needs to reevaluate the procedure for investing in the organization not for the sake of visibility, the idea is theoretically correct, but for the sake of visibility, you can allow the manager of the United Kingdom to take a very short notice.

The process of investing can be done in some basic ways.

  • Generation of the project :
  • a shook of investment opportunities within the framework of a strategic company;

b) the presentation of the item for the subject of more detailed information;

c) designation (specification) of projects;

d) the value of the available affordable alternative investments;

d) the information and information system.

  • Assessment of the project :
  • rozrahunok zagalnyh discrete streams nadhodzhen;

b) viznazhennya net nadhodhen;

c) assessment of the excitement of the recession to gain the project results;

d) analysis of the project;

d) a special offer for the strategic and strategic purposes of the project with an open mind and organization for the organization.

  • Project Completed :
  • preparation and hardening of the overseas capital vitrates, which are planned for the next budgets;

b) zvornennya iz with power for hardened clothes on leather із propositions with abovementioned of the necessary additional materials on the leather hardened vernier hardened at the structures of the organization;

c) accept the adoption of the presently investuvannya (accept, vidkinuti, zmіniti).

  • Realization of the project :
  • reporting and control of phases of implementation;

b) an assessment of the implementation of the result of the investment decision.

The acquisitions process of illustrating in fig. 3.1 i rozglanyutii dalі.

The process of investment capital

Fig. 3.1. The process of investment capital