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Investuvannya - Peresada A.A.

3.1.1. Investments

It is economical theory of investing and investing in the way of offering capital and the flow of investment capacities. Bulo would have mercy to go on a visco, which is uninterrupted flow of investment opportunities for self-esteem. Tilki investment problems “manifest” to oneself at the sight of a broken property, as though it’s also impotent to repair, if you have to, if you want to get rid of the clue of the best-known customer. Zagaglі, what we can see earlier is the opportunity to invest, and the larger is the scale of the winery.

For the organization of potential opportunities for investment, you can take advantage of your goals with strategic goals and strategic company. Zavdannya kerivnitsta polega itself is that, so that you can create a creative joke on the basis of such a set. Bagato of medium and great companies to improve their speech and to earnestly vote for innovation and development, give priority to regional organizations, and we want to be able to identify them early. It’s important that you notice that it’s like a big time to come up with a generation project. Vartіgn іngnorovanih abilities do not appear directly at zvіt income, on vіdmіnu vіd vitrat on poshuk and doslіdzhennya. Most of the business is ready for the capital budget, in some respects there are investment projects, which can be changed for skin care (propositions “from the bottom to the top”), all at once with strategic projects, scheduled. Zarubіzhny dosvіd svіdchit, scho z doslіdzhuvanih firm ponad 65% to get the capital budget for two rockies in advance. Bogatom companies need to be sure to pay attention to the capital of the Vitrats for the period of ponad p'yat rock and to navigate the ten-month prom. The capital budget, as long as the preparations are made, are overlooked and overlooked by the highest quality of the company and the financial statements of the company and the company will be solidified as the basis for planning for the oncoming river. Zazvichay nemaє consume zhverdzhuvati vitrati on okremі project in the framework of the capital budget. All the while, it’s been probed all the time through the procedure of consolidation of financial assistance and practical payment of significantly greater analysis, moreover, it is necessary to spend money at the budget. Kerivnitstvo virishuє, to a certain degree, it is necessary to decentralize the investment process. Here we can see a detailed analysis and detailed analysis (including the development of a close capital budget) of investment projects, which are completely transferred to the employees of the public order. One of the simplest methods is є delegation of all investment proposals, I don’t overwhelm the song, I’ve marked the sum in advance. Inshi methods of delegating according to the nature of the project, for example, strategic projects, horizontal planning and design, which are not included in the budget and require consolidation on the other side. Most of the great companies (74% of the total cost) have special offers for the budget, include the instructions and control lists, and important procedures for the investment process.