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Investuvannya - Peresada A.A.

4.6. Tendering

Tenders (bidding) - this is the form of exchange of money for work, transfer of money, payment of a contractor by a competitive bidder for a short bid (offer) for criteria, which will become a deputy.

By the new Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine September 01.09.98 No. 1369 “On Conducting Tenders (Tenders) at Budgets” it was established that there are contract contracts for new facilities, upgrades, renovations, and other technical equipment. , restoration of the memory of the architecture and the city, especially for the budget of the Sovereign budget, budgetary funds, sovereign over-the-budget funds, money for property and expenses, 50% of the state fund x kreditіv scho pid zaluchayutsya garantії Kabіnetu Mіnіstrіv Ukraine, ukladayutsya tіlki the results torgіv (tenderіv).

The decision about the tender to be taken by the assistant for obvious availability of investment for healthy weekly documents and financial guarantees for the timely purchase of necessary supplies for the weekend. A substitution for work can be done with a hat, a tender for a complete project for the whole project, and for a significant loss of work - for an equipment complex, a ready service, a separate work order, and design documentation. It is not allowed to file a partial change by the method of piece-wise change of the wartest and unique tender.

Bidding was carried out by the deputy, who was not guilty of any discriminatory visits and pretenders and pretenders. Participants are not allowed to participate in tenders; otherwise, the fate of tenders can be butted out at times, if the stench is ruined by bankrupt money, but the bankruptcy certificate has been ruined; interchange at the stage іnіkіvіdatsії; pinned their gospodar dіyalіst; do not have licenses for the weekend of work in Ukraine; filed inactive information about their professional preparedness for the completion of the substitution, as well as the manifestation of virological squeezes, financial supremacy.

There are three ways to conduct a tender . Razі ochіkuvanoї (rozrahunkovoї) vartostі budіvnitstva, scho dorіvnyuє but I re-transfer 200 thousand UAH., Tenders can be as follows: vіdkritimi, if all interested parties are entitled to submit tenders; by submitting forward qualifications , if they have tenders , they may have the right to submit only applicants, as well as the results of the advance qualifications allowed to participate in tenders; close , if the tendering proposition is granted, the right to submit funds is given to the contractor, who won the request of the deputy before the tender.

The main form of the tender is є vіdkritiy way. Відкриті tenders with forward qualifications are held at different times, if there are more applicants than 6 candidates, but if they are transferred with the minds of tenders. Close tenders are held at different times, if: number of contractors, the entire contract is closed, it is encumbered; vitrati for the conduct of tender tenders will not be true by the great ones since the release; conducted tender of tenders is unsuccessful through the main reasons (tax, term robots). I will ask the assistant for the value of the hassle to participate in the tenders, such as the contractor, since I would have saved the competition, a minimum of at least three. The decision was made to close the tenders to be taken by the assistant for the weather and the authority, which would be safe to finance.

More important is the tendering of the work of the assistant robot . I’m preparing and holding tenders for the safety of the deputy, but for the second hand, the organizer, who will form the tender committee, should include representatives of the deputy, the ministry, the central government, the government, and the government Warehouse of the tender committee hardened by the assistant. With the head of the tender committee ер kerivnik pidprimstva, set up the organization-deputy of the tender as well as insha posadova, I’ll be named him.

Deputy assistant organizer of health: publication about tendering about tendering, but for asking about request; accepting and registering applications for participation in tenders; preparation of documents for the future qualifications of applicants and a proposal for applicants; preparation of tender documents and supreme information for applicants; organizing vіdvіduvannya applicants awakening maydanchik.

The tender committee shall be paid: the holding of forward-looking candidates; accepting, registering and bidding tenders (offers) of bidders; open tender tenders (offers) that олkh naked; clarified with the applicants, at times of consumption, okremich nourishment and tendering propositions; evaluation of tender proposals (offers) and acceptance of the evaluation results; viznazhennya re-negotiation of tenders; Documentary execution of information about the procedure and results of the tender, preparation of the call for the tender.

The assistant to control the work of the robot, due to the conducted tenders, the virshuє nayvavlivshi nutrition, who go through the process, confirm the documents, tender the results, tender, I will notify you Contract.

A bid about tender bidding and asking for bidders to participate in closed tenders for competitive negotiations should be submitted by the deputy as the organizer for knowing the readiness of the tender documents. I’m grateful about tenders, except for newspapers and newsletters, for publication of official publications in official reports, I’m very clear that I’ve got a chance to transfer 1 million dollars. USA.

Publication of the bidding tender, but the bidding request to bidders to participate in closed tenders is available for 1-6 months prior to closing the bidder and closing of the tender. Awakened, but the requested guilty information taku information: name, address, phone number of the deputy of the organizer and the tender committee; what is the name of the description; dzherelo yogo financialsuvannya; strings, addresses and methods of submission of tender offerings (offers)

At the time of the conducted tender, with the previous qualification of the bidders, the tender committee is the visitor of the warehouse of information, as well as the grant of the bidder, which is ready and submitted. Information, to submit to the applicants, guilty of the law: copy of documents, general legal status, limited registration, additional information about third-party payments; transfer of the main weekly materials, such as transferring for the day for the weekend, for the replacement of the assigned virobnik; vidomostі about kvalіfіkatsіyu and dosvіd special_alіstіv, as a brother, have a fate in the viconial confusion; sound about financial-main mill, financial results and balance of the bidder (applicant); Propositions of the best subcontractor.

After the previous qualifications are completed, a list of applicants is available, so that you can take part in the tender. Їх кількість thoroughly separate 6 participants. The list is hardened by the deputy and dermis of applicants, they are left out of the list, and the officials requested to take part from the tender are stronger.

The tender of documents is the same for all applicants, and also for non-discrimination, unequivocally for information, information for information, necessary for opening offers, and it is necessary to open the door for more information. Do not mess up. The tender of documents shall be confirmed by an assistant and including such documents: instructions for applicants, form of a contract, form of tender offer (offer), form of qualification evaluation of applicants, design documentation, and a second tender. Transfer of bidding documents to applicants for a reasonable fee, avenging a return, uninterrupted communication with third-party bidders and bidders. Vitrati deputy, due to the tender of tender documents, the fee is not included in the value.

Tender of the offer (offer) is guilty of submitting vimogam, we will identify the tender documentation. Kozhen the applicant can give only one tender proposal. Remaining to rely on me, voznoznennoy deputy in the headquarters and instructors for applicants. Tender of the offer, which is given to the applicant, guilty of the following: two examples of the reserved form of the tender (offer), the tender of the tender, two examples of the closed form, the possibility of alternating

At rozrahunku price, for yak the applicant is worthy of complete confusion, you can see everything, see how much work is done at that, so that number, so you can get help for the subcontractors. The applicant for the dermal appearance is a robotic visnacha roztsіnku that yogo ignore the wart. The bidder is not covered by the guarantee that the office has not been paid by the deputy okremo, but it is necessary to spend the same time on the second week to pay the rent to the foreign price of the tender offer. All bidders of the bidder are included in the bidder’s price, including direct bills and bills, a fee for the plan, and a fee for robots that will be handed over to the subcontractors.

In order to ensure that the applicant has the seriosity to take part in the tenders, they will be required to submit the tender to the tender. Rozmir tender security become deputy as a whole no more than 1% ochіkuvanoї (rozrahunkovoї) price indemnity. The deputy has the right to accept the decision about the tender without the bidders bidding tender. The deputy is guilty of having to sign the tender documents with the tender bid security (with a signed check, bill of exchange, guarantee bank, and sovereign state registers). The deputy of the turnaround for the applicants ї their tender tenure lasting 10 days after receiving one of these solutions: non-official bidder qualifications; the applicant is not involved in the negotiation of tenders; Dostrokove prinenenny tenders.

The order of subscription and submission of tender propositions . Tender proposals are especially special, by updating the documents for order, establishing instructions for applicants, and submitting to the tender committee for the appointed deputy addressee. The deputy is guilty of terminating the registration of tenders and assignments of the dates and hours of their dismissal and confirmation of the bidder in a way that we transmit from the tender documents. Bidder goiter'assign tender tendering at the ruling for the whole row. The pretender has the right to make a reservation and submit their tender offer in letters to the end of the termination term, without losing their tender protection.

Vivchennya tender propositions poleuga such. Roskrittya envelope with tender proposals of bidders in order to be tender by the order of the procedure transmitted to the bidders for bidders. The first hour of revealing envelopes is reassigned to the appearance of the necessary documents, the correctness of their design and the need to declare the name of the applicant, the price of the tender products, the price of the alternative offer (as a whole). The procedure for opening tender tenders and the unflagged request for registration is made out in a protocol, a copy of a tender committee is liable for the bidders for the fifth loss.

After disclosing the tender offerings and the unflagged main indicators of the bidders, the tender committee should conduct more detailed bidding offers, so that they can be repaired due to the bidder’s right to participate in tenders. At the time of inadequacy of the applicant, qualifications have been received because they were not submitted tender tenders and tender tenders have been submitted.

Vіdpovіdalnim Etap Je otsіnka that zіstavlennya propozitsіy the tender (offer). Criteria for evaluating tender proposals are indicated in the instructions for applicants. Tseche buti: price vikonannya zamovlennya; termini vikonannya zamovlennya; Exploitation of Vitrati, due to the victories of the completed Oblast; Rivne vikoristannya mіstsevyh material and labor resources; profitability, technical innovation of new virological funds, economic indicators. As a rule, the price of the contest was closed, which was reserved at the tender positions of the Ukrainian bidders, I was redeeming the price, I was reprimanded by the foreign applicant, not less than 15% less, I was more attentive to the reprimand. Tender proposals for the evaluation and evaluation are entered prior to the list by the order of the specified number of criteria with established criteria.

The bidder will be recognized as the winner of the tender, who is behind the estimate and the number of tender proposals taken from the list first. At the time of the bidder’s bidding contract by the contractor, the bidder will enter into the bidder, who will take the next month. As a rule, the price of the tendering propositions is redefined, it may be designated as deputy, the tendering proposition may be better, and the tenders are such that they did not signify redemption.

Rishennya about the results of tenders to be drawn up by the protocol and to be confirmed by the deputy for the weather, with the authority, I kind of save the financial statements from the rows, transmitting the minds of the tenders, but I don’t need to notice the deadline after 45 calendar days. More about acceptance of tender proposition of re-negotiation of bids as soon as possible no more than three days later confirmation of the results about tenders. Rebidding tenders after accepting the acceptance of tender tenders for the Deputy Guarantor of the contract of the contract goiter'yazan, after which the parties remain undecided and arrange the contract.

The contract, written by the deputy, is encouraged by the redemption of tenders with a duration of 10 calendar days after the acceptance of a tender offer. Change of tenders for goiters and signing a contract with a duration of 14 calendar days after the completion of the deputy deputy. When signing the contract, if the tenders were signed in such a way that they didn’t signify the redemption, the deputy was guilty of stretching out five days to the applicants, they took part in the tenders, they didn’t become renegotiates, there’s a copy of the decision, I’ve forgotten, information.

Vitrati on organizing and that tender is held for the bosom of the assistant’s clothes and insurance at the office. Koshtoris for organizing and holding tenders to be stocked and hardened by the deputy for the weather department and the authority, which is kind of securing financing. At times, if the tender didn’t take place, but if you didn’t want to see the tender, I would like to know the deputy would be glad to have a good day, please show me the assistant for the tender: I’ll get it all the way; managing (viddlamami) capital budgets of the municipality of the Viconaval government - for the racket of money to the budget; directors of business, I’ll be awake, - for a round of money for business or for a dzherel, signaled by the authority, having adjusted the assigned direction. Vitrati contractor for the preparation of a tender proposition shall be submitted to the other invoice vitrati.