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Investuvannya - Peresada A.A.

4.7. Practical employment and control power

Busy 1

1. Macroeconomic regulation of the investment process.

2. Methods of the indicative plan and investment.

3. Strategy business plan, yogo distribution and indicators.

Busy 2

1. Methods of realizing investment projects.

2. Agree on how to regulate the investment process.

3. Understanding about tenders.

4. Tender documentation and order її opratsyuvannya.

Control Power

1. Why is the principle of principle of indicative planning of directive?

2. What are the main indicators of the business plan?

3. What is Yak Riznitsa’s middle-aged and state-owned method of realizing investment projects?

4. The essence of tender bidding.

4.8. Main terminology

Macroeconomic regulation

Indicative Planning

• Indicatori

• Business plan

• P_dryadnyi way

• Gospodarsky way

• Pidryadny contract

• Tender pleasing

• Tender bidding

4.9. Literature

1. About Investment: The Law of Ukraine dated 18.09.91.

2. The main vimogi to the business plan: Shutter. FDMU order v_d 08/15/97.

3. Transplant A.A. Investment process in Ukraine. - K .: Libra, 1998.

4. Peresada A.A. Fundamentals of investment activity. - K .: Libra, 1996.