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The sound of low-cost installations - Tkachenko I.T.

ROZDIL H. Vikoristannya tests for students ’knowledge for additional computer technology

Vivchennya course "Soundness in budgetary settings" є an important element of professional training of students in specialty "Oblіk і control in the management of budgetary and financial institutions." For the minds of the market economy, the system of responsibility for keeping me safe, for free and for informing about the financial stand of budgetary establishments, is necessary not only for the internal, but also for the rest of the day. This means that you need to pay for practical acquisitions of specific methods and add up to budgetary attitudes, which will be based on the principles of the accounting industry.

The discipline "Soundness of budgetary attitudes" is intended for students who are inclined to take special care of 7106 and 8106 "Obligation and control in the management of budgetary and financial organizations" for the real estate management.

Meta vivchennyya disciplines - for theoretical and practical knowledge, the accumulation of znostnosti in budgetary installations, yogo methods and technology.

The result of vivchenennya discipline magistr guilty:

- the nobility of the order of prisoners in the flow region;

- nabuti practical little testament of folding znitnosti in the whole obzabі before transferring forms;

- Volodya methodology of conversion of the brains of the main indicators of the forms of soundness;

- add the notes to the sound of the notes;

- the nobility of the order given the sound of that yogo hardened.

Nowadays, students and those who are guilty of at the same time accumulate and analyze information, so that they can react to serials, and I’m in suspension. Significant peace of mind is for students, for the discipline “Sound Budget Establishments”, and for the discipline to establish an important role in preparing special services in a galaxy of accounting department.

The process of liquidation at the initial mortgages is super matched and secured by the most scientific know-how. It’s important to have widespread computer technology and computer technology, discounts for Denmark an hour, folding your calls is impossible to save without the need for automated technology processing from the UK for those who manage the most modern technology. Accountants are not only knowledgeable of operating and calculating technology, but rather rational methods of automated distribution of regional offices.

The course of the discipline of master training "Sound budgetary setting" was awarded for 162 years, and for the rest it was introduced for the indi- vidual to take that independent robot.

For an effective acquisition of the course “Sound Budget Establishments”, for students, it is necessary to establish new methods for controlling the knowledge of knowledge, and the basis for testing knowledge of students.

The main types of tests are power supply, which can be used for work, test power supply:

  • with a single vіdpovіddy;
  • with a lot of people;
  • alternative;
  • That is, the correct way to speak on the basis of knowledge of the clear post-days of the implementation of the robotic processes.

At the moment of Denmark, I have experienced a wide range of computer programs for testing, so that you can learn more about students. The robot has a primitive test lead for the course “Sound Budget Installs”.

To the author’s thought, one of the best views of the batch test є "Simulator". For the purpose of allowing the program to run the test, be sure that the power is supplied to the test, but with the same correct test, to redo the power in the test, enter the correct power, and keep it in mind. At the whole students are given the opportunity / lack of transition to the front meal.

Robot with the application program “Simulator Editor” and “Simulator”