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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.


22.1. The essence of agroindustrial integration, organization organization and social and economic significance

The word тегintegratsiya ’resembles the Latin word meaning реми ок н ок ок реми реми част в в в в в в. In a broad sense, the words integrate more fully and more economically and virally, among the lower regions (the butt of such links, the North and South), the surrounding areas, and the wide open spaces

The vivid word has the word integration means the organization of technological advancement of different kinds of activities with the result of the most important products. If yde-tsya about agropromislovu іntegratsіyu in a wide smislі word on toiled uvazі rozvitok virobnichih i ekonomіchnih zv'yazkіv mіzh Galuzo i pіdpriєmstvami agropromislovogo complex, SSMSC pov'yazanі mіzh him, tehnologіchno th ob'єktivno orієntovanі on poєdnannya їh materіalnih іnteresіv in protsesі virobnitstva і realizatsії kіntsevo products із ілікіскіпроподіїї sitirovini. Strength of such sounds є lawful apparition. In the process of attenuating the suspension of the praise of the state, self-sacrifice can’t be forgotten, even if you don’t save the lofty vidvorennya. It is timed for us to provide the most valuable information to all of us in the industry, supplying the village with the necessary amount of virobnitz. There are several types of resources in the structure of living material resources in the range of 35-38%, since the speed of the expanded activity in the city is great thanks to the significant amount of time, and there is no need to forget that is yakostі.

From the first side, the role of the most powerful statehood in the development of the sacrifice and the lost midway between the boundaries of the agro-industrial complex is clearly visible. Viroblen in the whole sphere of material virology products to come like a syrovin in a series of industrial hybrids for processing, moreover, there are a lot of high-quality products, there are 60% of them for industrial processing. I’m asking for more industrial education, 90% for some Danish people, as well as for some tendencies towards accelerated development of large virology, it’s not important to transfer it, but in May I’m more important to be able to do this.

As much as possible, there is a greater degree of expansion and attenuation of the middle-sized bells for two strands - on one side, as a result of the satisfaction of all-consuming hospitality with the production of merchandise supplies, and it is easy to get more and more Іsnuє takozh tretіy, Nadto vazhlivy eg rozshirennya mіzhgaluzevih zv'yazkіv - zdіysnennya rіznih vidіv dіyalnostі of obslugovuvannya sіlskogospodarskogo virobnitstva Shlyakhov stvorennya REPAIR, agrohіmіchnih, melіorativnih that іnshih agroservіsnih of companies organіzatsіy i scho in sukupnostі utvoryuyut virobnichu іnfrastrukturu agriculture. Функї functional designation - building the necessary minds for the normal functionalization of the main Lanka of the agro-industrial complex, as well as the other sphere - the Silkospodar region.

Agropromislova іntegratsіya in Vlasna smislі words oznachaє Pevnyi organіzatsіyne poєdnannya sіlskogospodarskogo i tehnologіchno pov'yazanogo of them Promyslova virobnitstva of metoyu possession kіntsevoї produktsії іz sіlskogospodarskoї sirovini i dosyagnennya bіlshoї ekonomіchnoї Vigoda zavdyaki vzaєmnіy materіalnіy zaіnteresovanostі i vіdpovіdalnostі vsіh uchasnikіv agropromislovogo virobnitstva for kіntsevі result gospodaryuvannya.

Denmark is a type of integration called vertical vertical integration. You can organize all the necessary basic stages of agroindustrial virological industry, view of the virological and synergy industry, transportation, processing, processing and sale of products.

In the state thanks to the development of the horizontal and horizontal integration, the form is the same as the previous one, for the greater reach of the economy and the loss of technology and the loss of technology. Such integration is, for example, applied to grain and grain by the establishment of organically and economically sound products, both reproductive and consumer goods and grain goods. With such a kind of integration-science-and-virology systems, as well as steel, they became hinged in the years 1986-1987. With the help of our participants, the strong and lucky gifts of the qualification, the support of the head companies, the science-based installation of the advanced technology and the improvement of the existing technology. On a daily basis, be-ya cooperate with the goods of the Kyrgyz Republic with the manifestation of horizontal integration.

Organizational form of agro-industrial integration і agro-industrial form . There are two types of prominent lines in the Ukrainian agricultural industry: regional and state. The regional agro-industrial form is represented by overwhelmingly agro-industrial associations, and the state-owned ones - by agro-industrial and agricultural enterprises. Peculiarities of incitement and functions of the names of the form are considered in the okrimich pidrozdilah given by those. For the most part, it is necessary to develop respect for such an important aspect of agro-industrial integration, as well as social and social significance.

In functionally low-tech agroindustrial forms, in front of the Gospodar, it is more realistic to realize the latest status of the industrial and industrial virology. In rezultatі tsogo virobnitstvo produktsії sіlskogo Gospodarstwa, її transportuvannya, pererobka i realіzatsіya of vіdokremlenih lanok peretvoryuєtsya on єdiny virobnichy protses scho s ekonomіchnoї point Zora harakterizuєtsya vzaєmnoyu materіalnoyu zaіnteresovanіstyu i vіdpovіdalnіstyu vsіh uchasnikіv agropromislovogo virobnitstva for the results dіyalnostі - virobnitstvo i realіzatsіyu kіntsevoї produktsії.

In the minds of real integration of industrial and industrial interests, a synergistic synergy effect is formed, which manifests itself in higher efficiency and integration of integrated technologies. Dzherelyami gained agribusiness form synergistic effect є:

  • There is no need to change the price of the product, change the price, shvy shy to shy, for the slider to keep at least the minimum amount of time for the industrial conversion;
  • greater liability for violated products for non-standard and non-standard products and for non-integrated, non-integrated, non-standard
  • shortened vitrate for transportation of products to the majority of processing in the great recycling and for the importation of food products for the living of the population. Tse is especially important in the minds of the high power industry.

The following also means that agroindustrial form should include a pre-emptive effect, which is not a warehouse synergistic effect, and a lot of mainstream and real products. This includes the number of profitable advances and advances required for the agricultural sector, the functionality of the final stage of the virology cycle, and the higher product range. Ajja of the rest, wait to see the food, not too much of the same thing, the big payback vitrat, reached by the rahun. In the minds of a fully-fledged virobnitzvtsya, a pre-Tatyana effect is gained by scrutinizing food products, and by the way, as a whole, agrarian pensions are added, amusements and resources can be gained from the whole world. In the minds of the newly-approved Sіlskogospodarsky і promislochny virobnitstva volsnikov given to the effect to set the agro-industrial form. Remain on your own to take advantage of the wide range of products and services to sell the goods to the business market, as well as to conduct necessary marketing activities in order to satisfy the need for good business.

We have more profitable incomes from the largest agricultural enterprises, better agricultural practices, more healthy food, more important, more important, more important, more Agroindustrial formulations are aimed at widespread wide technological base. Application of qualified praxis and at the same time keep yourself busy. Practice long stretch of rock, as well as easy to keep in mind the seasonal season.

With the largest number of agricultural enterprises - agricultural enterprises , agricultural firms , agricultural producers , they are also competing in the field of processing of agricultural products, as well as a large shareholder

Vzaєmna materіalna zaіnteresovanіst usіh uchasnikіv regіonalnih i gospodarskih organіzatsіynih forms agropromislovoї іntegratsії in dosyagnennі Visoko kіntsevih rezultatіv, of one side, i skin of them have zrostannі masshtabіv that efektivnostі virobnitstva Svoge mind dіyalnostі, of іnshogo, staє tієyu rushіynoyu strength, yak stvoryuє neobhіdne ekonomіchne seredovische for wider provision of virobnosis of the most recent reach of science and best practice, economically sponuka to save proportional development of the state thanks to the first and last ¯ promislovostі, bazi zberіgannya produktsії that її realіzatsії. As a result, I’m trying to keep up with the oversight of the virobiotic and polypropylene products, and for the regional vocation of the Syrovini, the protection of the processed food, and the widening of the assortment of food. All the whole economy of agribusiness form.

It is important to mean that the establishment of organizational forms of agroindustrial integration is more convenient because it is in itself not a universal way to enter an agroindustrial market for a new way of business. Effectiveness can be achieved on the basis of new intensive technologies, such as safety in the process of recycling syrovini, saving of lively products, speeding up their availability. Viryoshenya tsyogo zavdannya vimagaє permanent scientific science of agribusiness formations, a wide collection of ordinary calculating technology, the establishment of quiet mutual trading and technical partners. All of this, let’s take a look at the agroindustrial virobnitsva to an ordinary light house.

Before examining the features of the organizational structure and the specifics of the function, the environment has a clear view of the agroindustrial form, please do not worry about moving some of them over the ones at a time. In the process of piling up with these formulations of practical access to robots, relativities and weaknesses in the adopted organizational and viral structures, as well as increased mobility and increased prospects are manifested. Oznachaє Tse, scho minds in gospodarskoї i fіnansovoї samostіynostі sub'єktіv market analysis, rozvitku rіznih forms gospodaryuvannya i gnuchkogo poєdnannya rіznih forms vlasnostі posilen Ekonomichna zmagalnіst mіzh agropromislovimi formuvannyami, іnshimi sub'єktami AIC i in rezultatі utverdyatsya th nabudut priskorenogo poshirennya naybіlsh zhittєzdatnі Sered them. The water hour of the winery is real. It is possible to create new, more neat home formulations with a higher competitiveness of the virobluvanny products for the food market.