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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V.Ya.

6.2. Zagalny ponchtyta that klasifіkatsіynі signs of a new product

Naychastishe with a new product to tie the result of a creative prank, a kind of sutturally polzhyuzv'yazannya singing even more vomdomy problems and live, but rozv'yazu problem, but earlier did not pose. Such a rosumny understanding of a “new product” has a small amount of sales, but there are three.

In the first place, the new impersonate be a certain virab, whose virobnitsvo got a little better. For the umpteenth time, for the criterion of novelty, take the hour, the need for the development of the virology, and not the freedom.

In a different way, viralize the signs of the new product of the new analogue and prototype. Such a sign, for example, may be more or less satisfied with the goods earlier than home consumption. A new product, an author’s authorization, to respect new things, to communicate with progressive winter goods, as well as to be able to see the goods in a quiet way, but they’ve seen an old one. Tsі zmіni can be able to cope with syrovini, materials, construction, technology, design, skinny.

In the third place, it’s not just the same signs, but the next sign that characterizes these aspects of the novelty. For such an approach, you can view the chiriri novelty of the product:

  • Zmіna zovnіshnogo issued for the preservation of the top surviving authorities;
  • chastkova zmіna living power authorities zavdyaki polіpshennyu basic technical characteristics, but without the principle of zmіn technology vigotovlennya;
  • The principle is that you have the rightful amount of authority, as to make the corrective corrections from the way you satisfy the consumer needs;
  • sale of goods, which is not the same.

In vіtchiznyanіy praktitsі nayposhirenіshim Je traktuvannya sutі novoї produktsії of pozitsіy virobnika: origіnalna, modernіzovana, modifіkovana, udoskonalena, іndivіdualnogo vikonannya, osvoєna virobnitstvom behind a cordon, osvoєna virobnitstvom on іnshih pіdpriєmstvah Ukraine, vіdremontovana, of vіdhodіv virobnitstva, re vikoristannya.

Original virib - a fundamentally new virib, as long as the university engineer doesn’t know the analogs of such a most constructive vision of the private warehouse of the surviving authorities. The originality of the law is visible on a patent by an author’s copyright.

Updates virib - tse virib, structurally better understood as often for saving even a small amount of living power.

Upgrades of virab - the price of upgrades, fragmentation of that, earlier viroblya. Numerous frequent parts of construction, health are based on new science and technology achievements. Against the front (vikhidnogo) modernization virib maє takі samі abo polіpshenі with good power.

Modification of the virus - as well as the modification of the virus, the fragmentation of the one that was earlier launched, by means of the expansion of the sphere of zososuvannya. Such virid vidrіznyatsya vid viddatkovym surviving authorities.

Appreciation of virib - the price of revision of virib, which is the same as the current authorities. Water time is available for constructive people, for the development of advanced technology and materials, for small winners and rational propositions.

In this way, from the perspective of the look for the best for marketing activities, the original and the modification of the work, and the fall-out of the novelty of the novelty can be seen in the new and polished goods.

Absolutely new goods With them, it’s preferable to redeem such a comrade, who wish to translate more people into reality. For all the history of the people of such goods nalichuєsya less than kilkasot. Zdebilshogo marketers may have the right to buy a full product, a kind of consumer advice, I appreciate the price (of the service), who were previously satisfied with the song consumption (modifications and upgrades of the virus). In the meantime, a new product (new product) will be clarified in order to choose the right type, the new functions, the form, design, packaging, which can be of great importance. The main focus of marketing is to sell buti directly on the market for novelty products. Such goods are guilty of complaint, but I’m just asking for new ones, but much more efficiently than consuming goods I’ll need every time, and even more so. Mostly, the product is a product of new technical solutions, a lot of satisfaction, a lot of consumption, and a lot of things, you can’t get into it a product of a market novelty. From now on, the very rink of the market novelty of goods is essential for the success of the innovation business. For the price of the new sign, a comrade, new for the galaxy as a whole, is the same for the group of enterprises. From now on, new comrades can take advantage of local, systemic and strategic parts of the market and mother alone and diffuse distribution. Naichastishe dzherelyami winery merchandise in market novelty є: bachennya vinakhidnika; signals to the market; logic galuzі development; results of scientific reports; competitive competition.

Let’s say, what about the American School of Marketing? Look at the classics of new products. So, American marketers, basing themselves on the results of a circumstance of 700 companies and 13,000 new customers and manufactured goods, have broken up such a classification:

- comrade svitovo novelty 10%

- new for company comrade 20%

- expansion of gami goods 26%

- onovleni comrade 26%

- zmіni in posits_yuvannі product 7%

- shortened vitrat (virobnicha innovation) 11%

At the price of a classic comrade of soviet novelty, do not get out with completely new (new) goods. The water hour is comrade with new positions of the zde_lshy to take responsibility for the characteristics of the goods by the purchasers.

Zagalnovіdomo, which is far from being a skinny idea for a new product to be included in a competitive product, a kind of profitable business success. To that, proceeding to the creation of a new product, you need to signify:

  • the scope of the possible acquisition of goods, the number of potential and the number of goods;
  • real resources virobnitstva and zbutu;
  • Necessary information for the company and for sale, due to the transition to the release of a new product, that is the required price;
  • You can choose from, among which there is competition for a new product with products that have been used for a long time (commodity channel);
  • they can sum up a new product for technology and methods of realizing goods, which are mastered by virobnitz.

At the international business, it’s not just one choice, but a rather wide parametric series - to the product line. For example, a set of drills of the same type, ale of other needs (5-10 days). Parametric rows for product types and drills at stock store stock assortment kit (product mix). Right now the widest assortment range, then more мов ymovirnist, but be a kind buyer, you know what necessary goods. A wide range of parameters can help a little to react to the transition of goods from one stage of the life cycle to the market. At the stages of testing the product for the market, we’ll give you the most reliable models, at the stage of growth - the wide range, at the stage - the delivery of the most wide range of parameters.
Please check back for a new product for a new product, and the producer will be able to prepare the product beforehand, to store the product in stock and to sell the latest product and marketing program. Significant peace of mind for the misfortunes of the additional assistance to the strategic plan and strategic product management. Effectively preconditioning the plan for the production of products I will need: systematic delivery and fragmentation; Vimog has settled down to products with company capabilities; great respect to the results of the evaluation of product parameters; suttvih vitrat hour and night; defense and offensive strategic rinkovyh dіy. By the method of strategic management є securing pre-competitive competitive moves. The main tool for strategic management is to get involved in matrix position and SWOT analysis, which I have discarded after the first letters of English words S trengths (Strength), W eakness (Weakness), O pportunities (Capability). A SWOT analysis of the transmission of an assessment of the internal strong and weak sides of the company, as well as the analysis of capacities and the threat of a common business middle ground.