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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

2. An economical thought in the period of crisis and liquidity

Until the middle of the 19th century in Russia, signs of crisis criticism clearly appeared. The feudal monopoly of the nobility, which was protected by the autocracy, falsified the development of productive forces in the countryside. The capital has obscured the development of capitalistic virology in commercials, which has encouraged the introduction of the Russian capital of the Sunset.

Kriza of Ukraine has become the reason for the significant increase in the number of ideas in the world, and there are new ones. Tse as a result, the bulo is zoomed in by a whole low change of mind. The most advanced, economical and economical camp of Russia, having demanded the most important guest of social and economic problems, is the need for further development of the country. It significantly activated the development of suspension thought.

Straightforwardly thought-provoking thoughts, which were manifested and laid down for these minds, they blundered unceasingly in connection with the problems of cropping up. Prior to the resolution of the problem, the noblemen-kriposniki and the noble-liberal were posed in a different way. Democratic direct form at critical criticism.