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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

The economy of the conservative nobility

The noblemen-krіposniki navigate for the minds of krizi krіposnitstva magnetized to protect the old ekonomichny way. Already in the 40s of rock, actively negotiated visits were recovered, hidden on the basis of the appreciation of corvée patronage. On the sidelines of magazines and newspapers, the opportunity to improve the business of the nobility of their manufactories, the strength of their operations, and the regional distribution of their homes has been constantly improved.

Naybilsh pomnimnye ekonom_isty in the camp of krіposnikіv boulevard D. Shelekhov and A. Butovsky. Shelekhov at his lectures, read on the sidelines of the “Great Economic Partnership” and in the name of the course “The course of the pre-rooted Russian statehood”, I will describe the corporeal system of statehood. I will explain to the crisis of winners the independence of the cherubic mothers, organizing a rational introduction of state gratitude, I will need knowledge from the political economy. The lack of such knowledge Shelekhov zvynuvavuvav noblemen. From now on, with the help of many political and economic wins, I was able to know a great deal of crisis, having embraced corpulent gratitude to the minds of commodity virobnitstva.

A. Butovskiy at prazі "Dosvіd about popular buggery, but About the basis of political economy" to enter into the position of monopolistic monopolies on the ground and praxis. Zahist ambush krіpososnitva maє ny nadto tsinіchny, hypocritical character. Praciu krіpakіv for help in winding up the name of the winemaking helpers for helping the villagers for their help.

Butovskiy , aka Shelekhov, is of great importance to the knowledge of the political economy for the appreciation of the goodwill, the ordering of the holy statehood. I am politically saving the name of science, which can take into account the moral and sovereign order, as well as the feudal lord of the kingdom.

With the crises of crises, the ability of the newly-inscended zest to become more and more problematic. The protesters were left behind by other ideologists of the Republic of Yakutia, as if they were directly in favor of their birth protection. The other half of the 50s rr. members of the “Great Economic Partnership” Є. Ladizhinsky i G. Blank. The stinks hypocritically portrayed vidnosini among the helpers and the villagers, as well as a blessing for the villagers, and stood up for their saving. The form has been characterized by characterizing the main character of the social form, in order to preserve harmony and interest, the villagers and the powers.

The Advocate and Vidavets to the “Journal of Zemlyuvlasnikіv” A. Zheltukhin without having stepped through the textbook against liquidation. Winning the system of obyazkovy wikupu "corvéeous servitude", therefore, valued for the prices of self-employed. Tse, at a thought, secured the help of cats, sufficient for the hiring of working robots. Schob at the workers didn’t have any problems with hiring a robot, but the whole project didn’t mean that all the villagers were over land. Landless villagers became cheaper than dzherelo vilnonaymano pracі. From now on, as a rule, krposniks and poguzhuvalis on the liquidation of special deposits of the villagers, then they were magnetized as much as possible to preserve the economic possession of the village.

Economy look at the liberal nobility. On the other side of the conservative, liberals saw the main idea of ​​the suspension of the rosette, the stench was meant, by no means, to the nobility themselves. At the 40th pp. The economic program of the liberal nobility was scattered by the group of economists, who were praised in the ministry of the sovereign lane, enchanted by A. Zablotsky-Desyatovsky and K. Veselovsky. The group of churches split up the designs of bourgeois reforms, as a rule, having regained health in the 1960s. They stink of the need for liquidation of the feudal lords and ogolovuvali ikh their "anti-economic", such as sho zakogrovali nobility, so the sovereign fret. In this way, normal, natural (to bourgeois) vidnosini were resisted.

Vidbivayuchi bourgeois tendencies of economic development, the group went for the development of capital industry and trading, for the development of farming in the countryside.

At the period of preparation of the rural reform by the weekday, the idea of ​​the noble liberal liberalism B. Chicherin, K. Cavelin, I. Gorlov.

B. Chicherin, having examined the reform of the village as a progressive act, secured freedom of economic dyalnost, ale having spelled out a thought about the preservation of the fundamental fret and the rule of the nobility.

Chicherin stepping up for the supra-population of the villagers by the land for the wikup, for the protection of the peasant statehood. Protein negatively evaluating it, meaning that it was not uncommon for progress. Zereberezhenya selyanskogo gospodarstvo deprived him of the need for more baiting zmіtsnennya pomіshchitsky gospodratnosti, zabechennogo yogo with timid force.

Chicherin Buv the enemy of the community. Winning up, we need to take care of the development of capitalism in villages for the wisdom of preserving power on the ground.

K. Cavelin yak liberal vistupa protiv krіpatstva. Win the inefficiency of statehood, which can be grounded on the territory of Ukraine. Vodnochas vin - an apologist for the nobility, as it is called naiosvіchenchenim and vnidnosno naybagatshim z usіh stanіv. Winning the new nobility the role of the Maybut bourgeois suspension. І the very same position, the best position for the interests of the nobility, the preservation of the holy class and the reform, the need to go to the right to receive food.

Cavelin - a cemetery zvіlnennya peasants іz land for wikup. Vikup mav buv vinagoroditi pomіshchika is not less for the land, she was lost among the villagers, and the first for the very call. On vidmina vid Chicherina, win over to protect the community zemlodolodіnnya yak zasіb pom'yakshhennya social conflicts and zapobіgannya differentsіatsіtsії villages.

І. Gorlov - professor of Kazan, and as the head of St. Petersburg University. The evolution of the holy eye was characterized by the transition from the position of the henchman of the capital to the position of the noble liberalism. Yak vykladach politically economical Gorlov to shy to the bourgeois ideas. Protein from the agricultural agrarian supply of winnings, even before the end of the 1950s, has been reduced to more frequent reform of business visas. Win vykupu vigil peasants of the land and large duties.

Gorlov will be reassured, by the way, of Western European economics for the greater agrarian problems of Russia, to protect the public before the consumer class, putting himself on the hats of the state-sponsored state grant. At the hand of the “Ambush Political Economy” (1859), he has heard the theory of factoring in the role of Seya, the winnings of the category of “praxia”, the invented category of “economical power of people”, and the improvement of the concept of power. I’m a zakhisnik of the interests of the nobility, a greater role, the naming of the “noble” I will become productive. Gorlov vistupaє yak zysitnik Malthusianism. Visiting is necessary, the villagers, wine, prote, the highest respect for good on quiet negative incidents, before which the reform could bring about. Littering the winners, winnings are not settled on additional rural settlements at Zakhidny Europe, but on the benefits of serviced slaves in English and French colonies: From now on, I will explain the economic loss of the colonies not to slavery, but to yogic slavery.

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