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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

5.4.2. Rosvinen form of commodity distribution.

At the highest historical levels, the development of commodity and virology is very special and the role is important for us to be identified in front of the forms of moisture. We have forgiven slavish and feudal and economical formations of commodity virobnitsvo bullo and not a little panіvnogo value. Vono wondered about the role. Panimi boules are more natural virobnizti and natural vidnosini. However, commodity trade and commodity exchange tezh mali suttnoe value. In the slave-slavish stench, the stinks were often bent on business, engaging in the operation of slaves (reduction to the minimum consumer needs, slavery bargaining, slave bargaining, surrender). For feudalism, the stench was turned around by vidnosini, due to the operation of the most important villagers by the feudal lords.

At the XIV — XV centuries z'yavlyayutsya elementi rozvinenoї form of commodity virobnitsva . This one step is such a camp of cultivation, if the goods are not just resources and products, which can be human, but such a resource, like a working force. In addition, winnings and support the commodity form of shares, regional bonds, credit resources. The purchase and sale of flocks of factories, backwaters, mines, as well as gigant corporations. To the classical superelevation of the form of commodity virobnitz є capitalistic method of virobnitz. Capitalistic operations are conducted on the basis of the hired labor force. The rozvineny form of commodity gospodarstvo is characteristic of the form of a wide domestic market, as well as the rapid development of light trading, the form and the more convenient light market. Rosvinen form of commodity gospodarstva є characteristic i zmіshanoї economy (div. Topic 22).

We’ll forgive and excuse commodity-based viral cooperation so that we have the following:

1) to a simple commodity distribution authority, directly related to the distribution of virobods, and to a guilty, unpaid, authority to increase the number of virobods, to redistribute and redistribution of knowledge,

2) simpler commodity virobnitstvo is based on special practices, and moreover, commodity virobnitstvo is based on recruiting, legal services;

3) in the minds of simple commodity kinship of the peasants and remisniki, the goods are displayed in the same way, and when the goods are freed on the skin, dozens of hundreds, hundreds and thousands of hired laborers collectively;

4) simple commodity gospodorodstvo to breed є є вин ене ене товар ство товар товар товар госп госп одар одар одар ство ство ство ство,,,,,, ство ство ство ство ство ство ство ство ство ство ство ство ство ство ство ство ство ство ство ство ство ство ство ство, товар е вин товар товар товар товар товар товар товар товар товар товар товар товар, ити вин прост товар товар товар товар товар товар госп товар товар товар товар товар товар товар товар товар товар пород прост прост госп госп госп госп госп госп госп госп.

It’s independent on the basis of simplicity, simple and rozvinene commodity virobnitstvo to have one and that very economical basis - private power on all resources and products.

A cut of rice of simple and excused commodity virobnitztva - isnuvannya market and pennies.