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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

The concept of "collective capitalism"

The concept of “collective capitalism” by G. Minza and A. Berlі . The concept of collective capitalism took shape at 60-rr. The twentieth century, proteges of cobs take 30 rubles, if the American economy G. Minz and A. Berlis hung up an idea about those that are not private, but collective. In the case of a treaty corporation with an organization of private property, it will merge into a “social institute”, and it will not be possible to get out of it by maximizing profit.

The concept of “collective capitalism” is the basis for the theory of “national capitalism”. For the sake of unity, we are ahead of the pole in that, with an important warehouse concept both of the theory of “revolutionary management”. “Vlasnіst і control, - I’m keeping my eyes, - have been keen to interchange and wrestle at the hands of the other” * 29. The concept of “collective capitalism” is taken up to respect, only indicators (rozmіri korporatsії), aly ignored social and economic zmіst. The ministry meant that, at the great corporations today, thousands of robots and services, victorious people, capital comrades, they’re sold for millions. The mustache has led to the fact that a great corporation has ceased to promote "a new legal model of power", as well as an economical model for the competitive market. From now on, the corporation, at the thought of deachen students, ceased to be an autonomous method of suspension, and became a social institute, a social force, which would secure the development of suspension problems. I not vipadkovo itself on the whole ground in the 60-70's pp. the concept of “social security” of the corporation in front of suspension was formed.

* 29: {Means G. Pricing Power and the Public Interest. - N.-Y., 1962. - P. XIX.}