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Business plan: technology of cutting and obgruntuvannya - Pokropivniy S. F.,


  1. Business plan є a written document, in a certain dayclosure, hats and ways of realizing public relations; characterized the market, virological, organizational and financial aspects of the May business and the special features of it. Win є the basis for a healthy investment, the need for a better understanding of investors before the financing process and the implementation of a new project, to complete a new project.
  2. At the state system of state donations, a business plan is completed. Two important functions are: a project
  3. The business plan is to classify behind three main signs: the sphere of business - virobnitstvo, weekly business, bargaining, nadanny servant, in between dyyalnist dwelling; the scale of business - maliy, medium, great; the character of the business product is a traditional, fundamentally new, product of a virobiotic-technical and living designation. Violations of the skin and classic signs can be violated by: a) an up-to-date business plan for a commercial project and an investment project (for potential partners and investors); b) business plan of the company (for the sake of directors, as well as joint-stock companies); c) a business plan for structural pidrozdilu (for high-quality businesses). There may also be special business plans for the singing stake of interest, and also a business plan for developing a specific region for organizations with budgetary benefits.
  4. The specific goals of developing a business plan as a bagatofunctional document require the following:
  • the provision of communal services and Maybutnim postachalnikami, sellers and hired prazivnikami;
  • designing a system for managing and controlling business in a specific area of ​​virological care;
  • presently transferring the most probable problems and problems to a hat until you succeed in full help;
  • the form and the rosette of the governing brutes of pіdpriєmtsya;
  • the possibility of verifying the hearing of the vіlnіy pіdpriєmnitsky іdeї shche to її practical realizatsії.
  1. Obov'yazkovoi foreclosure of a high-profile business plan є form of a specific information field , so that it’s possible to make sure that there’s a good deal of information for you to have an informative business need (business plan). for the development of a business plan, such information is needed: marketing (competition, well-being, price, special features on the market); virobnich (technology, installation, virobnich square, syrovina material, personnel); finance (income and profitability, loans, contributions, insurance); zagalnoekonomіchny y galuzeva (economical situation, legislation, political and social wisdom, trendy development of galuzev). With all of this, it is important to ensure security, relevance, urgency, community, effectiveness and accuracy of information.
  2. May such a reference be given to informing you of a business plan: the highest level of practical practicality in the business sphere; direct contact with potential clients, post-overs, trading agents; statistical information about the stand and tendency of the development of the galaxy and the specific business sphere, the competitiveness of the competition; accurate analysis of the economic and market situation; advertising, informational and commercial materials of exhibitions (fairs), interiors, special scientific and practical conferences (seminars); vichtyznany and foreign publications from food business (business) dyalnost.
  3. The methodology for developing a business plan is irrelevant, as a rule, I will save three stages: the cob, the main preparation. Pochatkova stage є obov'yazkova, if you are a little new. at a different stage, the concept of a Mayday business is scrutinized, within the framework of a good practice, the idea of ​​a vibrant business, the vibrancy of the sphere of business and the formation of a business method are needed. At the preparation stage, the informational field is completely formed on Maybutny business; hidden factors appear and threaten from the side of the middle-aged; evaluate the strong and weak sides of the company; formulated її місія and specific values; vibrate strategy; possible strategic alternatives. Based on the main stage of the process, there will be a non-repudiation of a specific business plan.