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Model of economics - Vіtlіnsky V.V.


12.1. Classical model of market economy

A classic model of market economy can be seen as a system of reciprocal models, a leather model of one behavior, one of three markets: robust power, pennies, goods.

The model is the most suitable for describing the economy with a thorough competition. In the minds of the functional monopoly won not praц.

12.1.1. Rinoko Robotic Sealy

Tsei rinok, yak і інші, is described for the help of three different deposits: func tions, functions, and presentations. In classic models, I’ll get to work with the strength to get into these two hypotheses:

1) consumer goods (firms) are more competitive with respect to the manifestation of the offer of goods and the hiring of working forces;

2) for solving rivnyh minds, a marginal product has to be reduced due to robust work.

There is a hassle of billing, especially in the middle of the year, the border product is at the same time as the average rate of the average pay (for the price of the front-end material):


de p is the price of the product, F = F ( K , L ) is the macroeconomic virological function, in K is the funds, L is the number of loans.

Right, as it were, (12.1) didn’t stumble, say, bulo would then the enterprises were magnified in hiring, the fragments with the skin-prone skin unit were praised for i navpaki - yakshcho then the enterprises were recognized as zbitkіv and were magnetized by hiring. З (12.1), because it has a hypothesis of 1 and 2, the rate is lower, the lower the pay rates for the boundary product, and so the change will also decrease, but there’s no way to reach the bottom of the road.

Wikladen is the first place to start at the conceptual world, but you can bring it strictly mathematically.

Probably through P a little way (for the whole economy it looks like there is one big company), here, for the permissive, for the whole decision, the environment, the environment, for example:

P = pF ( K , L ) - wL , (12.2)

Neobkhodna Umova maximum profit:

ale oskilki


then, justly, a friend of the hypothesis - I’m wise to the maximum profit (to the maximum of func- tions, given to rivia (12.2)).

Rewriteable communication (12.1):

і differentiating between real wages and salaries



Tobto zrostannyam real gains pay drunk on the strength of the decline силу.

The position of the workforce is also the function of real pay.

To admit the postulate: what’s the greater pay will be real, what’s the greatest offer of working force.

For the hypothesis of a classical theory, the market for robotic power is presented in Fig. 12.1, on an LD - crooked popita, and LS - crooked proposition.

Fig. 12.1

Rivnovazi has a real pay for the road , and will be occupied - L 0.

Ya, it would be real, the pay was overreaching the most important value, to , then wikilo would be a redistribution of a proposition over drinking to work strength Therefore, the oversubscription suggested that the salary should be reduced to a lower level w w / vimushennogo unemployed; .

Yakshko w appeared b, scho , then the failure of the working force would have made it easier to pay the payment, and the new pool would reach the dynamic stage.