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Model of economics - Vіtlіnsky V.V.

12.1.2. Penny market

Theory is for pennies (not financially important to see financial assets) for classic models for loans, for which it is used for pennies, which is a function of penniless income, which is a natural product. ), qya funktsiya ( f ) - lіnіyna і directly proportional to the penny income:

M 0 = k Yp , (12.3)

de propositional pennies MS look like the value is fixed, exogenously set. In fig. 12.2 image of a line of food and proposition of pennies. For cutaneous Y, its own crooked popita (12.3).

Fig. 12.2

As for fixed Y, the price is p < p 0, then the supernumerary proposition of pennies MS - MD ( p )> 0 is obvious, for the whole time there is a hypothesis, for such a price it goes to the p 0.