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Фізіологія і psychological psychology - Krushelnitska Ya.V.

M'yazova vitrivality and prazdatatnіst people

Efficiency of vikoristannya rukhovoy apparatus of people in the process of pricing should not be less than all kinds of power, but the same kind of vitality. M'yazova’s vitriviality - the whole time of trials of the hour of economic triumph on the permanent level. The maximum of vitality can be seen in the interpretation of the maximum muscular stretch of one hvilin. Fix the value of the maximum zusill on the cob i through one hvilin. Koefіtsієnt vitrivalostі be counted for by the formula:

Koefіtsієnt vitrivalostі

de a - on the cob max. zusilla, kgf; b - zusilla through one hvilina, kgf.

Stress on the maximum rivne is less than a stretch of a short hour, that’s why it’s practically impossible to see the maximum rivile maximum. Vitrivality is up to the static, and the hour will be estimated by an hour of human creativity at a level of 50-75% of the maximum. Vitality to the dynamic navigation is to become apparent the rhythmic robots on equal half the maximum speed at a time in one second.

Otsіnka vitrivalostі m'yazіv to be reduced to the value of kofіtsієnta Ks. Grapevine. For the sake of recognition, the maximum load of the language was reduced by one hlina, and to bring the value to the middle absolute value of the load:

lower static zusilla

de a - cob ryven napruzhennya m'yaza, kgf; b - Kintsevsky ryven napruzhennya m'yaza, kgf.

On the first note of the vimiryuvannya m'yazovoi force (maximally through one hvilin), you can calculate the number of static zusill:

kofіtsієnt static zusilla

Sponsored relationship with man's power and vitality of people characterizing their prazdatatnost. Vimiryuvannya m'yazovoi power and recognition of the number of static forces of the practitioners with a long working day allows you to evaluate the dynamics of the principles of independence and the stability of the practice. As I do not overstate the lower vitality of the praxivnikє 10% are equally dear to the beloved, then such prazia is characterized by insignificant physical stresses; Type 10–35% - average, ponad 35% - to strong people.

The middle of the word is the inertia and the balance is inverted proportionality. When there’s a trivial trial, the work of the robot will change. It has been brought out that the most important thing is to double the speed of the robot 4 times. From now on, with a physiological look, I’m giving people the greatest effect for the average and normal intensity.