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International Rose and Currency Operations - Savluk M.І.

5.1.5. Credit letter of credit

After the contract is signed and signed by the parties, the importer and the bank have been instructed to issue a letter of credit for the sale of the seller (exporter). Ask the importer to ask the bank to give the goods to the post-ochachnik the goiter’s work of health insurance. The Bank shall be entrusted with the need for less than one, if the creditor has a minimum amount of activity and a credit line, credit card in new.

The importer is guilty of a long time to formally formulate a letter of credit. As soon as I get married, I am in the storage of letters of credit, but the letters of credit, as well as singing nuances, and I don’t need to be bawled for a consultation before the bank special. Now and then I’m not talking about those who want to think about the payment of the post-shipper bully in the form and type of the letter of credit; not less important, so that they would be able to consume an importer. Repeat and read the letter of credit to ensure that the timely replacement of the goods in the annual stand is at the agreed price, but the service is available to the house.

The need for a retirement formula of the minds of the letter of credit is considered by the principle of independence, mainly for the treaty: a letter of credit for its nature - for the benefit of both parties, as a rule of law is agreed upon in a purchase-sale agreement. For a bank, it means that documents are always covered by the goods, you must lie in the basis of the letter of credit, so that the banks may be in possession of documents, not goods, services and / or other types of documents and documents.

Yakshcho bank vidkriv letter of credit, then є a single mind for the cob of the weekend of paying payables з yazannya є subday at the lines of documents, scho vіdpovіdayut minds of the letter of credit. A letter of credit cannot transfer payments through those who supply goods to us because they are beneficial, as long as they are available, they don’t go round the contract.

For ease of compilation of letters of credit for handing over banks, give importers a special application form for a credit letter of credit.

The application form must be filled in with the letter of credit of the third party at the three primaries. The statement will include all necessary requisites:

  • number rakhunku klіnta - punishment of the letter of credit, for which a sum of foreign currency is written off for the credit of the letter of credit;
  • the number of the current rakhunka, for which the payment is paid to the bank account (postal telegraph card);
  • form of letter of credit (indemnity chi non-indemnity);
  • the way of transferring the benefit to the beneficiary about the credit of the letter of credit (fallow the term of the visa - by post or telegraph);
  • name and sum of foreign currency in numbers and in words;
  • the name of the avisuyu jar;
  • the name of the bank, a kind of Viscount letter of credit (exactly the name of the name of the Bank of foreign origin, address);
  • name of the beneficiary address (foreign mine);
  • terminology of a letter of credit (date of termination of the term, wait for the invasion to remain the same day, if the beneficiary can be a short-term letter of credit, that is, a document);
  • private delivery / re-installation (as a rule, private delivery or re-installation is not transferable, then it is clearly indicated in the letter of credit);
  • termin payment, termin payment;
  • the name of the product (cans not be guilty, please take a more detailed description of the product in the letter of credit; for help, forgiveness and forgiveness, I will be able to find out the signs of the product, its name);
  • think of deliveries to the goods (victorious tlumachenny rules ІNКОТЕРМС);
  • a list of necessary documents to pay for documents (rakhunok invoice, insurance documents, transport documents so thin);
  • signature of the deputy;
  • Inіsі requisites, yakі strictly vіdpovіdayut minds of the contract.

Improvement of the requisites of the transaction of the bankruptcy card of import letters of credit to the bank-issuer, having rejected the form of punishment of the letter of credit, I declare a second credit. As a rule, I don’t have to go to the application form to declare a letter of credit, I’m punished by Vykorist’s addition to the minds of the letter of credit, which is stored in the same archival form in such a self-written form, as I say. The original endorsement is to be subscribed to by the new persons of punishment and to be sealed by the seal in such a way as if with a registered letter of credit.

Application for credit letter A ____

(Name of organization)


(Name to the jar)

(name of address)


We ask you vіdkriti

Date that month

by telegraph

zakіnchennya termіnu

by post

letter of credit


Suma (in numbers in words)

transferable documentary documentation

Avizuyuchy Bank

Letter of credit to go round (kim)

Pidvertverzhuyuchy Bank

Chastkovі vіdvantazhennya

not permissible not permissible

through payment acceptance of German documents, I’ll be given the lower and lower costs (and) the benefit of terminology (o) for

Vіdvantazhennya (vіdravlenlennya) accept up to ________ s / a ________________

for transportation at ______________________________________________

Description of goods um oshi postachannya _____________________________________

Transfer of documents _________________________________________________

Refusal of foreign currency costs for the cordon of primary business, not to overstate its Statute.

Special Instructions

Documents may be given in terms of ____ days after the expiration date of the documents, and at the time of the term of the letter of credit.

Please write off the cover for the letter of credit from our rakhunka No. ___________

Correspondent's comission and that viti from our rakhunka No. ______________


general director

Head Accountant

If there are any irregularities of any song pardons, you may turn around the punishment without a picture and identify the motives for turning to make the necessary corrections.

Yakshcho іsnuє neobhodimy угprittya ugody abo limity credit and first hand on vidkrittya nemak nіyakih respect, then the letter of credit vіdkrivaєtsya. A bank, which has issued a letter of credit, has a large number of loans for an advance payment from a correspondent bank, which, as a rule, relocates to the beneficiary's country. Less often, in special vipads, homelessness is strengthened seamlessly at the beneficiary address. Buyer I’ll cancel the confirmation of the end date of the Yak pіdtverdzhenny vіdkrittya letter of credit.

At the first, this is a robot with an application for a credit certificate of import letter of credit sent to the bank as a lender and verification of the correctness of registration issued to sign up a way to receive the second letter of credit and reinstate the bank loan. The letter of credit is deposited with the financial interests of a previously advised bank, but you can enter credit to the foreign foreign bank, and not to the one issued by the punisher at the credit certificate. Taka zmіna mzhliva tіlki pislya reprimanding the right of punishment of the letter of credit for understanding, who left us with the benefit of the beneficiary and denying the benefit to the return of the aviable and vikonuyuchy bank. Write a letter of credit on the form to start worrying, write a letter, put a name on the letter and put a letter on the letter - a punitive letter of credit, with a certain price.

The official bank shall be punished on the basis of a filed application for a letter of credit and a letter of guarantee and a regular bank account and a letter of credit at once from the application for official loan to the bank. Having rejected the application and reconciled the correct letter of credit, the letter of credit of the import letter of credit and the statement of currency of the bank account for the identification of the cost of the foreign currency loan. Upon completion of the letter of credit (the application and the letter of credit itself), registered in the special journal for the established form, the transfer number is assigned, as well as the term number, the name is punishable, the sum is in foreign currency.