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International markets and foreign exchange operations - Savluk M.І.


Pislya vivchenny tsy rozdіlu v you can:

  • lay down for conversion operations on the international currency market and the foreign exchange market of Ukraine, read the quote of the exchange rate;
  • you can rozrahovuvati cross-kursi and currency position;
  • fold tiketi and add warrants for conversion operations.

10.1. Сутність, see that value conversion operations

Conversion operations - please contact the foreign exchange market agents for the purchase / sale (conversion) of singing sums of pennies from one country to the currency of the other country for a fixed rate on the song date.

You can view the number of conversion operations:

  • exchange of currencies during international trade, healthy tourism, investment;
  • speculative operations;
  • hedge currency exchange rates.

Buying or selling sales of goth currency in the “Exchange currency” kiosk - reference conversion operations. Kupuyuchi abo selling Gotivka Dolar, you sell abo buying Kotivka hryvnia, I’ve freed the currency and Vykoristovte for my own purposes - vitrachate for my own consumption, but for the benefit of the public.

There is a need to exchange one currency on another winnings as well at international trade, financial investments in the economy of the Czech Republic, and international tourism. Rіznі financial іnnіdinіsіnny average be-yakії kraїiny vimagayut razrahunkіv tіlki in national currencies. Whatever is ahead of the economy of the country for the purpose of securing and securing the highest national currency. For example: a European trader with the purchase of valuable shares of an American property selling sellers of Euro and buying American dollars, and then the price is already paid for dollars. When selling valuable folders to a European trader, gain US dollars, as if at your place, exchange for Euro.

One of the main conversion operations in the United States is gaining a profit from the exchange rate, which is why speculation is necessary. For example, the US dollar for the day can be completely owned by the German brand for a cent, just to be sure that the first one is in conversion operations, then you can gain a significant margin.

Currency rinok - a whole series of usable conversion operations, razrahunki and nadannya in a bit of foreign currency on singing minds. Streamline conversion operations to become the main part of foreign exchange transactions; in English, the term Foreign Exchange Operations is used to live, Forex abo FX has been revised.

Conversion operations are divided into two groups:

  • operations with non-delivery of currencies; but flow-through conversion operations;
  • terminology currency conversion operations.

At your place of business, operations with a non-delivery supply can be submitted to operations with the date of currency change today (today it is tod shortened), tomorrow (tomorrow it is shortened tom) and the date of currency two hours later banking operations on the spot.

Terminovny currency operations are forwards, swaps, futures, options, options for futures, swaps. The basis of this transaction is the simple financial instruments for the currency market for the conversion of transactions on the minds of the spot.

The participants in the Forex market are ahead of the banks, which generally offer the basic operations for applying for their customers - exporters and importers, investment funds, insurance companies, hedgers and speculators. At commercial banks, koshty clients are accumulated, yakimi stinks can be controlled, and before that, they can get a look at the operations of their interests for a lot of ballet clothes.

The Forex market also actively take the fate of the currency exchange , central banks. Remain to manage the level of the exchange rate, on a daily basis from foreign currency reserves of the country, so as to conduct interventions for the purpose of monitoring the currency strategy. The largest supply of foreign currency market is managed by the central banks in the USA - the United States Federal Reserve, Nimechchini - the Bundesbank, Japan - Bank of Tokyo and the United Kingdom - Bank of England England). In Ukraine, the largest influx on the national currency rate is the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU).

Cream bank, an active role in the market is to broker brokers companies and brokers houses. Stink є intermediaries between the magnificent participants of the market - commercial banks, investment funds, insurance companies, dealer centers and private investors.

The main currencies of the Forex ку market:

  • USD (greenback) - US dollar;
  • GBP (cable) - English pound sterling;
  • EUR - Euro (international currency);
  • CHF - Swiss franc;
  • JPY - Japanese є on;
  • CAD - Canadian Dolar;
  • AUD - Australian dollar.

З Січень 1999 р. in Europe introduced the “one currency - Euro." Exchange rates for 11 European currencies, as they went to the Euro warehouse, privately to the Euro rate. For example, for example, you need to signify the current exchange rate of the German brand to the US dollar, requiring you to take the conversion rate of DEM to EUR 1,95583 and the exchange rate for the euro to US dollar.

З 1 Січень 1999 р. boules ogoloshenі takі conversion rates of currencies to euro:

  • Nimetska brand (DEM) - 1,95583;
  • French franc (FRF) - 6.55957;
  • італійська ліра (ITL) - 1936.27;
  • іspanska peseta (ESP) - 166.386;
  • Portuguese Escudo (PTE) - 200,482;
  • financial brand (FIM) - 5.94573;
  • Irish pound (IEP) - 0.787564;
  • Belgian franc (BEF) - 40.3399;
  • Luxembourg franc (LUF) - 40.3399;
  • Austrian Shilling (ATS) - 13.7603;
  • Netherlands Guilders (NLG) - 2.20371.

At sichnі 2001 r. in the European Union, the Greek drachma (GRD), the rate of up to € buf of fixed income on the river is 340.75 dram for 1 euro, and even 1 week 2002 p. Euro has become the only payment problem in Eurozone, all foreign currency has become history, and you can’t handle it better.