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International markets and foreign exchange operations - Savluk M.І.

10.2. Currency operations on spot minds

For banks and foreign customers - international traders, exporters and importers, it is important to know not only the conversion rate of currencies, but the date on which, if the price is higher, insure the purchase of foreign currency. With great penniless revolutions you need to clearly control your liquidity and platospecificity. In fact, in the bank practice of the important importance of the “date of currency” (value date) - the date of the weekend of minds, please, that’s the physical change of value. The dates of the currency of the given currency can be used for working days, except for those and saints. It has been established in practice for banks to conduct conversion operations with banks on another working day, on the spot mind. Umovi rozrahunkіv spot is necessary for counterparties to please, so that you can manually stretch the necessary documents by drawing out the on-line and off-day days, draw up payment documents for the completion of the week of pleasing.

Operational date - see the date of completion, if the seller wants to sell, and the buyer pays for foreign currency. As of the date of the transaction, I’m imagining myself in the accounting department, I can also fix the increase in the result of the reimbursement of income (in kind).

For example: two banks on Monday 02/05/2001 p. stole the favor of conversion operation on the minds of the spot. Todi date of the currency of the seizureє on the middle of February 7, 2001 When zdіsnennі ugody on Thursday, February 9, 2001 Date of currency redemption at once on Monday, February 13, 2001 Days 02/05/01 and 02/09/01 get involved in dates of congestion.

Usa golovnі currency traded on the minds of the spot. Alya itself is the practice of converting operations from the date of the currency to the spot - “today” (today) and “tomorrow” (tomorrow). All rights reserved. Interested parties бо Interested in trading in national currencies of other countries. For example, the main trading in Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH) to the Russian ruble (RUR) before the American dollar is carried out with the date of the currency "Sogodnі". It is worth noting that, both in Ukraine and in Russia, banks are encouraged to receive all the required documents and to pay national currency on the day of the deposit, while the lottery in the US dollars should be repaired if necessary. p_dgotuvati necessary documents and v_dpravitit currency.

Conversion operations from Euro (EUR), British pound sterling (GBP), Swiss franc (CHF) to hryvnia Ukrainian banks have a good time to conduct weekly banking tom, there are several practical Ukrainian banks for the operation of payment documents.

For in-line conversion of dollars to Canadian dollars (USD / CAD), the date of currency conversion will be tomorrow, which is enriched by the territorial proximity of the United States and Canada.

Inodi on the currency market vinikayut vidhilenny vid accepted the rules for determining the date of spot for different reasons. Tse - Holy days in the country of one currency, technical moments, if it is unbecoming to spend time singing at a singing day. Todi banks mark the spot date on the first business day, which is a real day for a given currency bet. There are also situations where banks cannot convert one operation on one for one currency date (it’s not a matter of direct credit lines). Todd please spend with split date dates. For example, AAA Bank sold Swiss francs to YYY Bank for brand names, a few Germans to YYY Bank credit lines, to AAA Bank, I want to redeem Swiss francs, I won’t deny marks. On the other hand, you are dominated by the fact that YYY bank is covered by ntime marks on the mind spot, and AAA bank by Swiss francs with the date of the currency spot plus one day.