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Ways to buy a plane ticket for the price of a movie ticket

Способы дешевых авиаперелетов

Low cost airline ( low cost airline , discounter ) ( eng. Low-cost carrier, low-cost airline, also eng. No-frills carrier, discount carrier, budget carrier ) - an airline that offers extremely low fare in exchange for the refusal of most traditional passenger services.

The birthplace of the low-cost concept is the United States, from where it spread to Europe in the early 1990s and later in many countries around the world. The term low-cost is borrowed from many languages ​​in the world from English, where it originally referred to all airlines with a lower operating cost structure than their competitors. While the term low-cost is often applied to any airline with low ticket prices and a limited range of services, regardless of their operating model, low-cost airlines should not be confused with regional airlines that operate on short flights without service or with airlines. with full service, but limiting the range of services.

Cheap flights can be searched in several ways, and the whole process directly depends on the destination, and more precisely, on the distance. Much depends on the region, the network of routes, the availability of airports and flights to them. In the resort regions, the season of the highest demand for recreation in the area is also of great importance. This significantly affects the density of flights and the cost of flights.

It seems to everyone that a plane ticket for 3 euros is something from a parallel universe, but this is absolutely not true if you know some of the secrets of the search. The editors of collected the most effective ways to find the cheapest option for your flight to anywhere in the world.

Выгодное время для покупки

  • Rule 60 days : look for flights no earlier and no later than 1.5–2 months before the intended trip.
  • Buy tickets from mid-January to early March (excluding the February holidays).
  • Try to purchase tickets on Tuesdays from 14:00 to 16:00 .
  • On Tuesdays and Wednesdays (afternoon) the lowest prices for flights.
  • If you are planning to fly away for the weekend, we recommend buying tickets on Friday evening or during Saturday .
Системные сбои в авиакомпаниях

Any pricing system is not perfect, and sometimes it fails. Most often this happens with difficult flight routes, but may be lucky with simple options.

This is not a pattern, but rather a coincidence, if not miracles. It is almost impossible to buy a ticket to the city you need with the help of a system error, but to spend a spontaneous vacation is very likely.

  • - has a section "50 best flights", which is updated daily.
  • - publishes a daily collection of fresh errors. To always be in the know, it is better to follow them on Facebook and follow twitter.
  • - there is an alert system for holiday flights and on weekends, as well as for a specific departure airport.
  • is a blog that tracks and publishes tempting offers for cheap flights, relocations and even “swam”.
Правило 24 часа

After booking a flight, check the tickets the next morning - often after the purchase the search engine drops filters and can give you cheaper offers .

In this case, you can change the reservation by paying a small fine on the first day or avoiding it altogether. It depends on the carrier and booking platform.

The service tracks the prices of a specific flight and helps in case of replacement.

Бюджетные авиакомпании

Or, as is customary, low-cost airlines are carriers based on the principle of economy.

One of the most popular European low-cost airlines, Ryanair is known for its crazy promotions. Not so long ago, she stated that her flights could be free by 2020.

How to use all the loukosterov chips on the example of Ryanair :

  • Study the price chart of your favorite operator. The cheapest Irish tickets are sold for 54 and 10 days before departure.
  • Avoid popular cities. If you really want to go to Paris, do not fly to the central airport, choose Champagne-Ardenne or Vatry. Prices for them are significantly lower.
  • Do not use to search only the official website of the low-cost airline, see other systems. They track budget airlines and study system errors. But do not forget to check flights on "direct" sites - rarely, but prices may differ in the smaller direction.
Скрытый город

This is a feature of experienced travelers. It consists in hiding the destination in the middle of the route .

If you need to Istanbul, do not immediately buy a ticket Kiev - Istanbul. Sometimes the flight Kiev - Chisinau with a transfer in Istanbul goes much cheaper than a direct flight .

Поисковики дешевых авиабилетов

Their work is simple - analysis of prices among hundreds of carriers according to the direction you need and sorting according to specified parameters: price, date, flight time, number of transfers, etc.

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