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50 kopecks. 1 GAM33. Estimated cost from 1500 UAH.

Coins of Ukraine are coins issued by the National Bank of Ukraine from 1991 to the present.

The first coins of modern Ukraine ( 1, 2, 5, 10, 25 and 50 kopecks ) appeared in circulation since September 2, 1996 - together with the introduction of the hryvnia. However, their design was approved in 1992, and they were minted at the end of 1993. During the period of the Kovybovan's conversion (1992-1996), which was formally divided into 100 kopecks, neither coins nor paper currency notes in kopecks were circulated. Since March 12, 1997, a coin with a nominal value of 1 hryvnia ( the 1995 model and trial coins of 1992 ) entered circulation. Until 1993, a number of coins ( 1, 5, 10 and 25 cents ) were issued at the Mint of Italy; Later all coins were produced at the Lugansk cartridge factory.

At present, the National Bank of Ukraine issues coins of 1, 2, 5, 10, 25 and 50 kopecks in denominations, as well as exchange (turnover) coins of 1 hryvnia .

50 kopecks. Estimated cost from 1500 UAH.

Price for catalogs: 1500 hrn.

Description: 50 kopecks in 2003 in Ukraine were minted in limited quantities especially for souvenir sets. Since the circulation is small, and the demand is large, the coin is quite expensive.

50 copecks of 2003 you will not meet in everyday life and it will not be given for delivery in the store. Therefore, leave all the ventures to find a coin in your piggy bank. Buy these 50 kopecks at auctions or collectors.

Circulation: 5 thousand copies

Metal: aluminum bronze.

50 kopecks. Estimated cost from 1500 UAH.

Features: the wreath is slightly removed from the edge, in the bunches number 1 and 3 - five berries. In the fifth cluster, the first on the left berry comes with a stalk.

50 kopecks in 2003 - a rare coin, and if you find it, in the future it will be very expensive to sell. The main thing is that the coin is well preserved.

General form

50 kopecks. Estimated cost from 1500 UAH.

Externally: it is more distinct than the usual 50 kopecks.

There is only 1 stamp (1 GAM33).

Alloy: aluminum bronze

50 kopecks. Estimated cost from 1500 UAH.

Font: relief, small berries, in bunches one and three - five berries, in cluster No. 5 - the stem approaches the first on the left berry.

The size of the picture: 20.3 mm, (the wreath is removed from the edge).

Price: starts from 700 UAH and above - up to 1300 UAH.

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