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Cruel treatment

It has been almost ten years, but she still experiences that horror, as if it were yesterday. For three years, Elizabeth was married to a man who beat her, strangled her, until she lost consciousness, forced her to take drugs and threatened to kill her. At times, marriage vows, prophetic, sounded in her head again and again, as she feared: "until death do us part."
Outbreaks of violence began suddenly. They were almost never predictable.
“I remember once, when he left home, he said:“ I love you more than anything in the world. ” The next time I see him dragging me off the couch and choking me until I lost consciousness. When I awoke, I saw that I was lying on the lawn in front of the house. I could die. "
Sometimes he threw her against the wall again and again, until she fell and could no longer rise. One day he dragged her to the basement and made her watch his ax.
“But the worst thing was when he forced me to stand still and literally tear me to pieces. I begged him: "Please, don't." He destroyed me. ”
But she didn’t tell anyone what was going on. Her friends and relatives lived far away. She was afraid that they would not believe her or refuse to help. The thought came to her head: “I am so terrible that anyone who is near loses his composure and he wants to beat me.” She did not work, so she did not have the money to find a way out with their help. “When you are held at gunpoint and tell you that you will not work, you do not have enough courage to get a job. There has never been a dime in my wallet, ”she recalls.
For three years, Elizabeth was held hostage by a terrorist who was considered her husband. She was afraid to leave, she was afraid for her life. “I could not escape, she says, as a deer cannot escape from a beam of light from car lights.”

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