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Amy Glasse says that she doesn’t remember her first date, she doesn’t remember the day she graduated from college, she cannot remember half of the men she met before marriage. “But I remember my first visit to the gynecologist as if it was only yesterday,” says the 41-year-old schoolteacher.
She was 19 years old when she became close with the man she was going to marry; then she wanted to start using birth control pills.
“I was one of those girls who could not undress even in the presence of a sister or best friend,” she recalls. When I was lying in the chair, I felt my face burning and my heart beating. When the doctor asked me to push my knees apart, I almost burst into tears of embarrassment. I spread my knees one to two inches, and he had to part them himself, as required. For him it was a matter of course. He did not know what a nightmare it was for me. ”
Twenty years later, being the mother of three children, Amy is still afraid of an annual checkup by a gynecologist. And she is not the only one. Even female gynecologists hate to undergo a gynecological examination.

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