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Cystic fibrous mastopathy

What does it mean? If they talk about cystic fibrous mastopathy or breast dysplasia, chronic cystic mastitis, mastopathy, etc. there are not so many. “Cystic-fibrous mastopathy is the conditional name for a group of diseases, a basket where doctors throw any violation of the functioning of the mammary glands, if it is not a cancer,” says Susan Love, MD, head of the Falkner Center for Breast Diseases in Boston, as well as associate professor, surgeon Harvard Medical Institute. This terrifying term cystic fibrous mastopathy and its synonyms denote any impaired functioning and nothing more.
Until you figure out what's what, the diagnosis of “cystic fibrous mastopathy” sounds ominous, but you should not be scared.
Such a diagnosis is made when pain is felt in the mammary gland, a swelling appears, which can be painful. When the mammary glands swell and a small amount of fluid is secreted from the nipples. It's okay, although we know at least one case when a woman admitted that during menstruation she had moments when she wanted to “tear them off completely”.

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