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Psycho-endocrine disorders

- a type of psychosomatic diseases.
On the one hand, the occurrence of endocrine diseases is often provoked by exposure to psychogenic factors (diabetes, thyrotoxicosis). On the other hand, any endocrine pathology is accompanied by deviations in the mental sphere that make up the psycho-endocrine syndrome or the endocrine psycho-syndrome. This syndrome is characterized by a change in mood, drive, activity. Depending on the nature of the disease, the mood can be depressed, upbeat, angry, apathetic, anxious. Attractions either increase (thirst, increased appetite, sexual desire, desire for vagrancy, passion for arson, theft), or decrease (lack of appetite, sexual desire, insomnia, easy fatigue and passivity to complete inactivity and inhibition). In severe and long-term endocrine diseases, impaired memory, thinking, loss of acquired knowledge and skills, a decrease in the critical attitude to one's condition, leading ultimately to the development of dementia, may appear.

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