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Hepatotropic drugs

Until recently, agents specifically used to treat diseases of the liver and biliary tract were referred to as "choleretic drugs".
Currently, in connection with the new data received, it is advisable to clarify the classification of these funds, dividing them into 3 subgroups:

K - choleretic drugs;
- hepatoprotective agents;
- <cholelitolitic> funds.

The group as a whole should be designated as U “hepatotropic drugs”.
Cholagogue is a means of increasing the secretion of bile and contributing to its release into the duodenum.
Hepatoprotective agents improve metabolic processes in the liver, increase its resistance to pathogenic effects, accelerate the restoration of its functions in various injuries.
"Cholelitolitic" means contribute to the dissolution of gallstones.
The hepatotropic drugs group includes subgroups: