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Managing Human Resources - Krasnoshapka V.V.


6.1 Key Trends in Personnel Development

The current stage of the science-and-technology revolution is calling up the most important roles in organizing people, having redirected them to the main factor of success and efficiency of organizational activities. So, for statistical data 85% of Japanese managers on the first place in their tasks set up a rosette of human resources at that hour, as well as new technologies took up 45%, and consumer products for new markets - 20%.

Today, the great official is guilty of the mother’s strategic prospects for developing the organization, as well as a wide range of resources, so that we can continuously support the staff, so that I can come and go, I’m more interested in

In the most recent corporations, staff development is a system of mutual exchanges, the main elements of which are: development of strategic staff development; forecasting and planning consumption for personnel іпіповідної кваліфікації; management of the car and professional professionals. I can help you to cherish all the rights of our parents, to find good results, to work efficiently, to improve morality, to relieve the process of delegation, to improve the tasks and control.

A staff transfer can be covered by the profession and the profession, and the very remaining є about the respect of the personnel service.

Proffesional development - the most important is the knowledge of new knowledge and skills, as well as the ability to do business in your own professional profession; All the same, the process of preparing a teacher to the new functions for the new ones, to take new ones and to improve the distribution between the two and the real ones. Win vimaga significant gains from the side of the priest, that win is impotent without hesitation on the other side. Motives for stimulating professional development can be better preserved, but better protection, better stability, more contact, more knowledge, I can help you to compete.

At the request of professional development of the prelate in significant numbers of energy, the dynamics of the traditional medium, that is, the need for new technology and technology, as well as the strategic strategy and structure of development, are necessary.

Vіdpovіdalnist for the staff to carry for development (Fig. 6.1):

  • adminstration of enterprises;
  • lіnііnі kerіvniki pіdrozdіlіv? *
  • Sami pracivniki, yaki guilty but active and hidden on the self-thoroughly.

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