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Audit of foreign countries - Petrik O. A., Fenchenko M. T.


Practical education for the course “Audit in foreign countries” was attended by students during the semester with programs from the course to the course of closing the theoretical knowledge. Vikladachem, aka Veda practical zanyattya, heydaynuyu precise control vikonannya practical zavda gates reprogramming naavnostі vikonanih zavan ta іndivіdualno spіvbesіdi zi student for leather zavdannyam. Kozhne zavdannya otts_nyuєsya okremo v_dpov_dno to vstanovlennykh krit_ііv otsіnki.

Viking the practical zavda creative spirit. In front of the student is guilty of those who are recommended by the literature, the list of references is drawn to the booklet of methodical guidelines.

For a student nutrition course, the student may be consulted by the discipline of the discipline of the school, after the graph, we will establish a chair.

Practical zavdnnyavikonuyuysya in the area zoshitі abo on standard arkusha pape, hidden in the folder. Wimogues before registration - analogous to vimogs before registration to the abstract. It is inevitable in the name of, name, number, vidpovіdnі explanation.

Practical zavdannya served to zakhista in systematized, ohaynom viglyadі.