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Audit of foreign countries - Petrik O. A., Fenchenko M. T.


For self-made students from the course “Audit at foreign countries” with a special course of special literature and vineyards take food:

  1. Understand the cycle of activity.
  2. Subscribe to the balance sheet by the auditor.
  3. Analysis of financial relations in the auditing process.
  4. Audit procurement cycle.
  5. Audit process virobnitstva.
  6. Audit of the process of real production, after service.
  7. Audit of debtors' debts, creditors and rosrahunks with budget.
  8. Audit capital.
  9. Audit financial results.
  10. The structure of the system of internal control and internal audit of the company.
  11. Audit unfinished virobnitstva.
  12. Assessment of the auditor to the system of internal control of the company.
  13. Contract for an audit; yogo zm_st i structure.
  14. Detailed classification of robust auditory documents.
  15. Leaf-zobov'yazannya ta yogo zm_st.

Ci nutrition may be done by the students posture intercourse to the materiel. Forms of control knowledge can be used: zatennomu podutiuvannya, control robots, promіnne and p_sumkove testuvannya, written that uhhist essays, short dopovіdі ta presentations.

Dodatkovі nutrition for self-wise vivchennya, krіm zaznachenyh at the induced crossover, are designated by vikladachi, supposedly lead lektsіynі that practical zanyattya.