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Tsini tsinova polіtika - Tormosa Yu.G.

6.3. System of new books

An effective tool for a new strategic strategy is a system of new books . The main meta is the discovery of the low value of the pole at the front of the incentive incentives for buyers at the bottom line of goods. Rozmіr znizhok to lay down in the nature of the land, the minds of deliveries that payment, the market at the time of signing the contract, the characteristics of the goods and the last official.

In practice, the establishment of the most widespread price range has shown the following small books: for the small number of products, for the quick payment, seasonal, dealerships, and lower books for the complex purchase of goods, goods exchange.

Znizhka for the number of added products - a change in price for the buyer, a kind of buying a lot of goods, a change in the way I translate the song value. Such a low, as a rule, is established at the lowest price in natural units of goods, which can be used without shipment. The above-mentioned books are explained in terms of sales of goods in large batches leading to change of sales, sale and transportation of products, and sale of goods. To this, the value of this booklet is not to be reverted to the sum of the sales, yak of the Wiklikana real goods product in significant batches.

Znizhki for the number of added products lasted for sound and cumulative. Zvichayna znizhka vstremlyu кожєєsya okremo on the leather batch of goods and not to lay down the obidyu obedyu forward and early sales. The scheme of a sound book is even simpler, for example, a mother like this: with a one-time consignment of goods up to 500 pcs. a book of buying is not to be hoped, from 501 to 600 pcs. - the book becomes 10% price, 601 601 to 700 pcs. - 15% and so on.

Viznachayuchi the minimum batch of goods, when overdone, you will have to put on a little book, you can use the formula for free downloads sold for the best price (6.1). When there is a boundary between small books on leather party products є sum of economy, I’ve been cleared out of realizatsii. But it’s very difficult to establish a specific value for saving the sale of goods and consuming party goods, and it’s practically impotent to do so in cheap vipads (with a significant assortment). For these minds, going around on the assigned formula, you can see the amount of the purchase і відповідну їй ліжку, as you can bring the seller a full advance in the form of realizable such party goods. Holding a profit in the whole sale will reach you, so that your income will be lower and lower, you will be overtaken by the income and your sale, as the Wikipedia has introduced.

Let’s take a look at the clever butt, if you have the right to scatter the scale of great books. It’s permissible that I’m planning to fix a 2% low on a batch of goods, but I’ll re-distribute 15 thousand. virobiv. Only the price of one product is 40 UAH, and if the standard price in the warehouse is 15 UAH, then the loss-free price will be sold at a higher price by 2%, and by 0.8 UAH it will become 3.3%

Observing a little

abo 495 pcs. Thus, if you think of a 2% decrease in price, the realization of a single skin product, I will transfer a party of 15495 pcs., If you bring an additional income to the company. For example, as a rule, there is a real_party for a product in k_lkost_ 16 yew. pcs., then the pre-tax recession ії sale of stock 12.2 thousand. UAH [(39.2 - 15) • 505].

It’s permissible that I’ll start a little plan to get 5% of the price, and to become 2 UAH. Todd bezbitkovy oath sale will be more expensive 8.7%

Conducting analogous rozrahunkіv

abo 1305 pcs. Zvidsi can be used to garrison the bows, while a low price of 2% can be installed on the party at goods between 15495 - 16305 pcs. Carrying out analogous rozrakhunіv for the minds, setting the books on the river 8% and 12% yielded zmogu, with a singing world rounded, to scatter the scale of small books (table 6.4).

If you are trying to find a batch of goods and that value is a little lower, you should not expect to buy more products in significant batches, so you can take more time to complete the required sales. In a row vipadkiv

Table 6.4


The value of one-time partії product, yew. PCS.

Znizhka z price,%

up to 15,5


15.51 - 16.31


16.32 - 17.21


17.22 - 18.57


ponad 18.57


zososuvannya great children's books for the great oath of a one-time purchase of a doctor є its stimulating role. At the end of the year, there is an effective way of storing cumulative books, so that you want to bring in more small products. The cumulative book (which is also called the bonus one, but the lower one for the turnover) is rewarded to regular customers at a time when they bribe them for a song period of a party product, but I re-install the site. This is a little to Vrakhov’s not only the size of the new dairy products, but the whole oversight of the front purchases. That is the sum of payment for a dandy of a new-skinned party product to be reinsured due to insane rosemary.

There is a rooted mechanism of accumulation of cumulative books on the applied scale of the image on the table. 6.5.

Table 6.5


The amount of procurement by a draw of rock, yew. PCS.

Book for the whole procurement oversight, urakhovuchi forward,%



5.1 - 7.0


7.1 - 9.0


ponad 9.0


It is permissible that sch_priprimstvo realized the purchase of the goods intended for the party of the goods in size 5 thousand. PCS. for the price of 40 UAH per unit. With an 8% decrease in wartiness, one product should become 36.8 UAH, and 184 thousand were paid for the whole batch of bulo. UAH Pislya realizatsії given the goods buyer vir_shiv pridbati dodatkovo 1,5 yew. PCS. for umovy 10% znizhki z price. As a matter of fact, the book was not cumulative, but sound, the price of one product of a new party became 36 UAH, and for some, it would cost 54 thousand. UAH Aly znizhka is a little accumulative character and that’s a lot of money for the seller; for the price is 36 UAH; for the rest of the season, some products are added.

For the whole mind for all the additions, the product has a rosemary of 6.5 yew. PCS. the buyer is guilty of splitting 234 yew. UAH (36 • 6500). Urakhovucci, who already paid 184 thousand for the first part of the party. UAH, a new part of the product yomu koshtuvatime tіlki 50 tis. UAH (234 - 184). Todays price of one new product will be not 36, but less than 33.3 UAH (50: 1.5), so it’s important to secure a purchase by reprieve the price of the new product in the amount of 4 thousand. UAH Thus, the discovery of cumulative books gives me the opportunity to buy new party products on the grandfather of the big minds.

The cumulative books of the most extensive were scored during the realization of the products, the short term washer, the dear and expensive goods, as well as the machines, which were often bought with a significant amount.

The order with the small books in the market minds is widespread victories of the books for the payment of payments. It’s stinky to get hired by a buyer, who promptly ransoms a rakhunka, so that the ranks of the land established by the land of Kintsev terminus. A book for the payment of goods is stored in three parts: a lot of self-made books, a period of time and a last-minute payment of the necessary goods, but the buyer is not able to make a purchase. In Ukraine, with a standard economy, the standard stock of contracts for the supply of goods є umova is “2/10 net 30”. This means that payment has been made lasting 30 calendar days at the time the product is removed. Alya a buyer will be given a 2% rosemary; in fact, they will spend more time on products lasting 10 days.

The value of the book for the payment type is, as a rule, denoted by the equal bank interest rate for loans for the renewal of the money bills. It is not surprising that, as a rule, the virobnik doesn’t wipe away the pennies for realizing goods, then, in case of suggestions, add your own money for the bank loan In these minds, accelerated payment of the required amount of loans is required, but I would like to save you a lower rate of interest payments.

The value of the low for payroll (3) is calculated for the formula:

The value of the bookmark for payment payments (6.9)

de BS - bank rate for a loan,%;

D - the number of days, payment for the goods is quicker and faster at the same time as the terminal termination;

365 - number of days at the rocі.

In our application, 2% of the book will be given to the buyer, as if only a rozrahunkovy termin (30 days) will pass like a minimum for 20 days. For these minds, the interest rate for a bank loan becomes three times more than 36% of the average, and I will significantly overwhelm my credit card in most countries.

In this way, acquiring a low price for quick payment will speed up the cost of realizing product sales and speeding up sales, as well as increasing the number of debit bargains.

Seasonal books are set for those who like to buy a comrade in mid-season. Such incentives can be enjoyed on a seasonal basis, but I can help the seller to get the stable price of the sale and the sale of rock. The magnitude of the seasonal book is indicated by the seller’s vitra of the seller who bought the product in one and the same time that the product was added to the cob for the season of realizatsii. Therefore, the size of the given virobnik seasonal season cannot be retrieved from the sum of the goods in your warehouse. A water hour is such a little sign of saving purchases of economy, lower prices for seasonal goods to the cob of seasonal seasonal refreshments for a new one. When tsyomu seasonal season may be differentiated by the hour. Chim ranish before this season to fix sales of goods, Tim on the big rіvnі maє buti established a book.

Dealerships are rejoiced by virobniks to their permanent representatives, as well as middlemen for the weekend operations with realizable products to residents. Naychastishe such znizhki zatosovuyut when realizing cars, tractors and non-standard possession. So, in countries with a market economy dealer dealerships on cars, the brand name of the car brand is staggering and it becomes 15-20% of the average price at the average.

Acting firmi, like realizing each other’s comrade, victorious special books, you’ll be rewarded with complex purchases (for example, computer and software protection). The essence of such a poor record is that the price of the skin in the warehouse set is set to a lesser level, as long as the stink is sold okremo. If the company is realistically picking up the goods of a vibrant virobility (for example, a machine for the goal and the wood), then the value of the book can be shown on the basis of the highlighted idea of ​​the value of the scale. I have a variety of forms, which are stocked up with products of the highest-ranking virology and the latest companies (for example, copy and copy technology and papyrus to neo), the size of the book is enlarged by the magnitude of the realized sales book of the latest product.

A special kind of price books is the exchange of goods, as well as the change of price for a new product for purchase for understanding how to buy and receive old models of this company. Dealing with the business by way of selling the sale of your products is based on the analogous virobi of competitive companies, which are lower than the comrade of the most powerful virobility. Commodity exchange nabuv nabuvshogo wider in the sale of cars, televisions and tsirnymi virobami pre-Gostinokrova Victoria.

We order the zamosuvannyam of overlooked books, can be reinstated and foldable books, so that you can instantly re-learn the other words.

Significantly, in practice, there are more bonuses, more allowances, more products, faster delivery, more delivery, more than once to get the goods. Prior to them, there should also be allowances (lowers) on the production of additional galleys (wug_lya, nafta), deactivate characteristics of the goods, May mean differentiation, made up of natural officials. In these minds, the price is set for production with singular normative indicators of efficiency, and the change in price of the base option to the last one is for the additional allowances. So, in Ukraine, wholesale prices for vugilla are established for yakystyu, which is the average norm in vsty in nyu sol, vologians and circuses. In case of a vipad, as long as the actual indicators do not meet the required standards, then for a leather vidotok overdone (lower), for example, an extra charge, sols, up to wholesale prices an extra charge (lower) is 2.5%.