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Rhetoric - T. Gritsenko

Lecture 6. Practical aspects of foreign rhetoric

Technique and etapi

Be-yak promova chimos podibna to science dosledzhennya. Otzhe, I’m promising a sl_ buduvati like a song problem. The speaker, in front of the auditor, wait for your voice to be new. Vistup maє buti relevant, serpentine. Tilki for such minds yogo hear a bit.

The speaker is guilty of groundwater by the main aspects of the problem. That, who is in front of the audience, some words of praise in the knowledge of the audience, and I can speak with my dear listeners. On the surface and poor performance, once a speaker, such a speaker is not a wikid.

Promova, as a rule, will require early preparation.

Promote preparation is a creative process that can be done like this: vibration with those - folding up a plan - collection of material - recording a promo - rose with text with musical score signs - trenuvannya. Let us see the skin block of the algorithm.

1) Vibir those.

Often, lecturers will speak on a clear topic. So, academic opportunities in higher education institutions are recognized as the primary plan for science curriculum; Church preaching is marked ahead with the єvangel text.

2) Fold out the plan.

Plans to buy triple views: simple, folding and quoting . A simple plan is, by the day, a series of unexpanded speeches.

Collapsible plan - in order to extend the simple plan with a hat to rozgoluzhennya basic food. In addition, call on you to enter the entrance and the bridle (although you don’t need to enter).

The citation plan is the whole plan, the basic one, as a rule, to a simple, but rather unshakable, quotes get accustomed here, as well as the essence of the whole nutrition is condensed.

3) Zbirannya material.

Material for Promoting Moisture Condensation and Foreign Acquisition. The material from the life of the living can be buti: the thoughts of water, sincerely, emotionally. Material, who wants to take revenge on someone else’s escort, is, for example, books, magazines, newspapers (I want to be able to get more information from life, friends, etc., etc.). As soon as you promote the thoughts with quotes, then you’ll stink out for more.

4) Promote a note.

Pochatkivets (the one and not the least) to waste time writing robots to record the matirial in the text of the loud text. When writing a note, it is necessary to respectfully revoke the denials of the text. First, on scho slid deign respect - Chi correctly bulo dibrano words. Farther than the robot over style: chi vіdpovіdayut cut off the words meti promovi? auditorium, until you won’t be cruel? chi there will be no deyakі words "vipadati" from the text stylistically? Look for those who have not lost the logic and evidence of thoughts, who haven’t changed your text with quotes and butts.

5) Rose to the text with score signs.

To get some more information, the speaker, without seeming much about cobbing, sticking to the need for singing graphical preparation of the written text: see what’s possible and how much you need for inaccurate language learning, it’s fine. For the whole word the score signs are victorious, so as to suppose the word is unshakable, I’m correct to intonation, pause and so on.

The signs of the score for the musician ix rostashuvannya in the text are divided into three groups: rows, nadryadkovі, p_dryadkovі.

Row signs

1. Phrase Pause: | short (for one round); || into two rachunas (one, two); ||| into three rachunks (one, two, three).

2. The arches of rhombic <>, with yakimi warto, meaning inserted words anyway.

3. Square arches [] live, as if varto add the word (s), it would have been able to use the non-singing serpent speech to know the intonation.

4. Paws "", in yakі take words, scho vimyvlyayutsya with іntonatsіyu іronії.

Nadryadkovі signs

5. I will mark the sign. As for you, the words in the text are new and you don’t know, de-correctly put the votes, marvel at the vocabulary, and then write the votes for the letters.

6. Pіdvishchenny tone. Tsey sign vikoristovuєtsya for ntonuvannya і means вис incomplete vislovu, nutrition, nepnevnist, vikoristovuetsya in ochlichnymi speeches, with the skinned at skinny.

7. Lowering the tone. Lowering the tone of the victorist is to designate the intonation, which signifies the completion of the fifth part of the song.

8. The Evil of Intonation. . To be victorious in the wickedness of the Intonational Malyunka (wіd pіdvishchennya to lower chi navpaki).

Pidryadkov signs

9. Logic vote _________. Logical vote is not possible to swindle with a grammatical vote: it is the sign of the score, which can be seen as the semantic center of the phrase (the word abo group slіv). On the video of a grammatical vote, the video can be readily marked, I want to reach the speaker. Zazvichay mіstse logіchnogo vyolosu p_dkazuє context.

10. Improving the pace_ _ __ __. Tsey priyom vikoristovitsya in order that zaf_ksuvati respect in words (words), scho for promo є key.

11. Accelerated pace. To be victorious for the designation of the secondary, supplementary character of information (the inserted speech or the words are skinny).

12. Legato. To be victorious for the meaning of evil in words of Vimov, as though they stink in one way. The sign is good, but the pause is impassable here.

6) Trenuvannya

Tim, who’s been a speaker, you need to have a good time at a promoted house, and first go to the audience with her. You can vocalize voices chi "to yourself". To help you make this an hour, sound a promo, orintuyuchis approximately 100-120 words for hvilina (the very same pace is acceptable for the audience). Here, with the help of the great helpers, there is a video recorder, recorder and mirror. With your help, you can evaluate yourselves "sideways", break the gesture system, and cross over the viral skin revealingly.