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Aesthetics - Levchuk L.T.


Among the forms of aesthetic dyalnosti especially mіsse loan є mystery: professional and folklore. Appearance of the mystery as a self-shaped form of aesthetically dyalnosti their own history and logic.

Materialistic view of the nature of aesthetic activity and the possibility of familiarity with the basic laws of life, which enriched the appearance of mystery of this development. Yaki stink? In izayagalnihshih rice ix you can formulate such an order.

In the first place, the mystery wines on the basis of the rooted in the limits of the seamless practical practicality of the natural consumer and the natural health of the people. Roseworthy health and consumer needs spelled out the form of suspension of the necessary culture of natural experiences and the transfer to them of the center for practical and magical functions in the sphere of formality with the necessary suspension. When there is a sound of mystery with the material virobility, nothing is known about it, the fragments of the protruded corridor and the uninterested satisfaction are generally given the subject of disagreement with pleasure.

In a different way, in history, the mystery became the remaining phase of the right privilege on the physical and the rosum. The front and rear historical forms of praci - tse, vsne, filed in the sphere of material virobnitztva. Vidokremlennya spiritual virobnitstva vid of material vivilnilo yogi of direct severity and spirits with practice, gave to ymogu to develop more and more intensively, formulated the profession of science, there are a lot of areas of science.

He praised the physical and spiritual significance of the world by considering the emergence of a new social and economic situation: the wines are private and the public are engaged in public, public relations, and public relations.
On the other hand, it’s a historical fact that those who mystically cried tokens in suspension, divided into classes. Class, learn from the material virology, control the spiritual: ideally consume the panic class to learn with the panic ideas and needs. Furthermore, such laws do not diminish the cultural and aesthetic values ​​of the class spirit, the scraps of the leather class with all their classroom divisions of culture and humanity. At the same time, there is such a pidhid to the history of the need for the possibility of the reasons for the factual furnishing of the wisdom and the development of historical forms from the point of view, so long as there is no other way.

Fourthly, mysticism is less needed for the quieter of the social and economic and spiritual life of slavery. The sound of the link is not зал the direct occurrence of one kind of the other, but rather a folding of dialectical interconnection, which can be done through a concrete historical analysis. Istoriya Mistetstva let us give us a straightforward, so-and-so-called fallow deposit in the social and economic development of suspension. Insane є also a fact of growing role of the mystery, as well as all over-awakening in social development.

By and large, the functions of the reservoir in the form of a concrete historical form are generally visible; the importance of the mystery is to be felt in the skin age in a different way: it’s either vihovna, then hedonistic, or didactic, but it’s in principle funded.

At the same time, there is a great deal of mystery at home, wanting to have one, want to see the mystery, see the genres, the styles and the art of the school, the best way to live, to keep in touch with others, to keep in touch with others, Tsya sutnist mystestva polyagaє in creativity. Won itself, creativity, visibility and process of creation, mystery process.

For an entire hour, we drove a mov- ing about natural dyalnost, which was especially in the context of suspenseful practice, and talked about their creative character. Alya is aesthetically pleasing to significantly get involved, as long as practical and self-reliant, spriyayutsya development of creative health people. Soundly, the mystery of virosta in the greatest life needs. Protein consume nonsense can’t be realized through social-economic cooperation between the minds of the people living in concrete historical conflict. The very same thing is for the mystery (which is quite overwhelmingly spiritual in form of giving) the people of health can be invested in the ignorance of the development of suspension, realize the universal nature of life, be sure to practice. In the meantime, by the people themselves, I’m trying to think for the realization of the big potentialities of life in the skin of the skin.

Between me and pereshkody, which are posited by nature, and more generally, by unsurpassed uncomplicated furnishings, burdens over people. The mystery is that I change my mind and mortgage the parameters to the people and suspensions as a whole. Ale w vіdshtovhuєtsya vono od Zhittya,-od quiet specifically іstorichnih minds for yakih vіdbuvaєtsya hudozhnya dіyalnіst suspіlstva. The subject of artistic reinterpretation, creative conversion є, behind the lord M. Chernishev-sky, “all that is good for people in life” is that real life is real in a lot of people.

In the most significant mystery, the form of the image of the suspension booty, the form of the suspension of baptism. In order to ensure that you don’t have to have absolute control over the inner world of people, it’s spiritually not just a copy of the world, but a self-created creature of the human spirit.

Mystery, in advance of the position of the highest demand for the development of people, I have the idea, the ideal image, the ideal model, which is the only way to do it, as if it is an irrelevant need. An aesthetic idea, which means a mystery, visual images, laws and vimoges of real life, so that I can call reality. The axis to which mystery, may I help you to completely live peacefully, one by one at the creators of the imagination of ideas, ideas, consumerism, becoming the basis of spiritual culture, collective memory. For the help of mystery, it’s not only the sounds of people and people, but the first sound of generations, different nations and different cultures.

The whole potential of mystery can be increased to form and develop human specialties. But for the whole suspicion of lulling the booty, it’s the same thing for such a victorious person, and not just for giving up, but a manicured suspension. Also the reference scale of magnitude is revealed to be tilki todi, as long as it has become real power. And with such power, it’s unnecessarily more important for individuals, for suspension, to create harmony in life and people, nature and culture.